2010 Rear End Poll

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2010 Rear End

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  1. I love the new 2010 rear end

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  2. I really dislike the new 2010 rear end

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  3. I don't really like it but can live with it

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  1. I've seen and been in plenty. Nothing changes that rear end's ugliness. Yes, the rest of the car looks great! Just let a friend put the groceries in the trunk so you don't have to look at it.

    And man, that trunk badge! IT'S HUUUUGE!! What the hell! In all my complaing about the rear ends fat-dump-in-the-pants look I forgot about the pizza sized GT badge. Good grief.

    And guys...IT'S NOT JUST THE BUMPER. You can't just slap a new bumper on it to fix it. Although Roush tried. The entire rear quarter panels taper and then pinch in to that odd funky shape. The way it wraps the tail lights too, ugh. Yes the hips are sexy but where they terminate out back it is just unfixable in anything the aftermarket can do for a reasonable price.

    We need new stampings. Ford knows it, they'll fix it. ;)
  2. I started out really hating what I saw in photos and then..................... I saw a red and a Grabber Blue 2010 GT at the local ford dealer Friday and was blown away with how good it looked in person. I thought both the side profile and rear quarter view were an improvement. I still kind of like the way the tail lights looked on my 2009 (not slanted), I think they looked more retro.

    I have to say however that the new GT looked tough as Heck sitting there, really a nice looking car. I will always love the 2005 thru 2009 styling it will remain timeless and the 2010 will grow on more people as more hit the streets.

    BTW, I don't think I ever saw an ugly Mustang.:flag:

  3. I've seen a couple in person...and I agree the rear is much less nausea inducing than in pictures...but that's not much of a recommendation
  4. The new Rear as the entire car is awesome

    This car (2010 GT) is awesome. Just got mine last week and all i can tell you is be prepared to want to sleep in it. The entire car is FAR superior to the '09 and every way including how good it looks from every angle including the rear. If your not sure trust me it grows on you big time after living with it and the old looks so plain. Not saying the prior year looks bad. It is just totally different.

    Anyone considering buying the car just ask if you have any questions.
  5. I saw one in person for the first time yesterday and they are much better then the pictures. Still not 100% liking it but much better.
  6. Glad you're happy but it doesn't change that the rear end is a catastrophy. :D

    And although I prefer some of the "materials" in the new 2010, I like the layout and design of the previous far better. It's more Mustang and less generic.
  7. I can live with it. The bold backup lights are so-so, the sequential tail lights help.
    The rear bumper bulge is less noticeable with a proper fit exhaust... You can use 05-09 kits, but the tips sit in a bit much for my taste

    The black plastic for the GT grille is more of an issue for me, why couldn't they make it body color like the 05-09? :(
  8. Had a V6 pull in front of me yesterday and it still does not look "right"
    Checked it out at the dealer a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked okay.
    But not after yesterday....
    If I had to have a 2010 that would be okay, but I would paint the rear end to match the body color. That would help a bit.
  9. rear end needs help

    Well I dont like the rear end at all neither does my wife who is a stang owner as well!

    Watched its release live on tv and wasnt for sure about it. Checked it out in person at the 45th party in alabama and didnt like it at all there! Talked to one of the guys there from team mustang and told him the rear looked horrible and he spent all sorts of time trying to sell me on it. After all he said and all the different angles I looked at It still looked horrible.

    I sure hope they fix it when the "coyote" comes to town. If so I am so there! Will spend the night in front of the dealer to get that one!!
  10. I don't like the 2010 body style at all. The previous retro style looks much better. It just looks bigger and fatter. I am really sick of all the new cars and trucks having the bloated look. Also the new rear end design is not anywhere close to as good as before.
  11. I can see why people don't like the rear of the car when reading the magazine articles(pics of it do not do it justice), but it sure does look good when I step into my garage in the morning. Maybe because my car is black, it just looks meaner to me(especially when I pass someone and then hit the sequential turn signals!!!)
  12. I think the 05 I had looks more bloated by far than the new incoming model. And with the flares over the back wheels and the sequential signals and powerdome hood...I guess it's all opinion which looks better. Don't like it then don't buy it. I am, however, quite happy with my order, my build date is Monday.
  13. Maybe you guys will like this rear line `mo better ....

  14. That Saleen rear end is interesting looking and even a tad cool. But it doesn't look like a Mustang now. The entire car looks like some Lexus/Acura/Muscle car blend.
  15. That red Saleen is not good looking at all. Its borderline ugly. It looks like "tuner" junk.
  16. X2. I actually like the 2010's, wasn't sure till I saw them in person. Much better, and the Shelby really cleans up the lines on the rear IMO. Love the interior of the new ones compared to the 05-09's. No offense, but the 05-09's remind me of a Mustang you would of bought in 99.
  17. The red "Saleen" pictured is a complete photoshop job. The scoops, rear fascia, the wheels, nearly everything is computer generated. The original picture of the car can be seen on Ebay.

    Saleen, however, will be releasing their new ride this month at Mustang Week. It may....or may not resemble the one pictured.
  18. I would definitely have to say that the rear end has grown on me. If you realy look at the other lines of the car carefully, I think you'll find that the rear end tapers "in" nicely to take some bulk out of the rear. The front end styling is hands down phat, and the the style lines in the quarter panels and doors make the car look as though it's been carved out very carefully in a design studio. The S197 is a very aggressive looking car, however, the 2010 model takes away a degree of testosterone and adds back several degrees of sophistication. In addition, after a month of driving in the redesigned interior, I'm glad I bought the GT over both the Challenger and the Camaro.
  19. I hate it. I sat in a 2010 today in the dealer showroom. In person or in photos, the rear is miserable design. The competition, (camaro), looks amazing from every angle, so to have even one "debatable" angle is a huge problem.

    I think Ford is falling into a design trap here. They clearly need the trunk to be huge to fit the huge spare tire. So, they using slight of hand design techniques to try and make the trunk look smaller. Its not working. The result is a very odd looking rear. Instead, I say they put in a smaller spare, or just stick with a larger/longer looking rear like in the 2009.

    The rest of the car is spot on, and the interior is hard to believe. Ford has really nailed interiors in the recent models. I am tempted to upgrade to a 2010, but waiting for the coyote engine. I hope Ford changes the rear when they change the powertrains.
  20. as I've said here before, I've had issues the rear styling on every Mustang since `94 on ...

    They all had issues - but eventually we've learned to appreciate them.

    besides, if you want to buy a pony car for its lines you're probably gay .......

    Its a Mustang damnit! and that's all I care about.