2010 Rear End Poll

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2010 Rear End

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  1. I love the new 2010 rear end

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  2. I really dislike the new 2010 rear end

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  3. I don't really like it but can live with it

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  1. You know, in looking at it. I think the major problem is just in the lights themselves. Here is a photochop that I think helps. With better lights, and better rear diffuser, I'm not sure Ford would even need to change the stamping. This could be fixed in the aftermarket. I just need to figure out how to manufacture lights...
  2. Kinda late to this thread but the rear has grown on me :p
    I didnt like it in pics but in person its quite nice. If I ever get one though it will be a black/black GT500 cause I think the flat black stripes really bring it all together. :shrug:
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  3. +1

    That's an awesome looking ride
  4. It looks just fine, I don't see the problem. And I am glad it has a spare, unlike Camaro SS.

  5. The problem with the Roush rear bumper cover is that for some silly reason they decided to retain all of the black plastic in their design. They could have easily made the black plastic look more like a diffuser that comes up and around the top of the tailpipe tips without extending all the way up and into the rear license plate cutout. Once an aftermarket company comes out with a bumper like I've described, you'll see them on a ton of 2010 Mustangs. I don't know what the hell Ford was thinking when they extended that black plastic diaper into the licensce plate area. They really blew it on that one...
  6. Well, most of the forum must be gay then because people definitely care about the styling of their Mustangs.

    Unfortunately, you can't fix ugly. Well, maybe with a ton of $$$ and an extremely talented autobody shop, but then you might have something that doesn't look like a Mustang.
  7. 2010 Mustang Rear End

    With that huge plastic bottom panel it looks like an old Toyoto Celica with its pants pulled down

    Oh, and you guys at Ford. Can you make that phony gas cap any bigger? It's only the size of a hubcap now.
  8. Dunno, only Camaro I've liked so far is a black one and even then I wouldn't own one. The all red one is ok I guess. The rest are flat out 100% ugly, inside and out. Especially the Yellow with black stripes.
  9. Retro is still the way to go!

    The 05-09 cars had a more "retro" look. The 2010 looks too much like the Challenger and the Camaro which are NOT very retro! They look like "transformers" that got stuck between retro and modern. I'd hate to see Mustang lose it's advantage in the market by trying to "keep up" with these less popular models!

    I wanted the 05 as soon as I first saw the ads for it. :hail2: I got mine in early 05 and I still think it's the best!
  10. Iv'e seen it in person on many cars and just can't get over it. I hate it. I was pondering buying a 09 429R Roush or an 10 427R Roush. They were side by side in the show room and that made my decision easier...I bought the 09!

    The reasons I do not like the rear end are:
    1. The angled ends just look awkward and no Mustang ever had one like that before.
    2. The Butt is too high. It looks like two different rear ends merged together; one a top half and one the bottom half.
    3. The crease that follows along the lines of the upper crease that extends to the rear quarter panel. I like the rear haunches they created in the quarter panels since it looks a lot like the old Mustangs but they should have left the crease off. Again, it looks like two styling cues that are at odds with each other.
  11. I just ( 2 weeks ago ) bought a 2010 Shelby . Just love the Vehicle . I have never had so many people give me thumbs up . Its like your driving something real special .
    Personally , i like the way the rear end blends with the car . It seems to be more in tune with the Hunkered down look . These cars look very Muscular now around the wheel arches , i think the rear end compliments it well .
  12. IT'LL GROW ON ALL OF YOU! Like it did on me!
  13. "Hate" is the word I would use to describe how I feel about the Pontiac Aztec or the Honda Element :D

    I love everything about the 2010, think I'll buy one - oh wait I already did!!!
  14. Like a lot of other people on here, I did not like it at all when I saw the pictures. Now that I've seen them in person (especially the GT500) I'm getting one.
  15. Good man! :nice:
  16. Personally I don't like the rear end that's why I bought an 09, but these pictures present a better alternative. These I could get along with. I still like my 09 better, but everything must change. That's why I got one (brand new) before they disappeared and I would be left having to buy a used one.
  17. I do not consider my 2010 Shelby's rear to be ugly. My car is silver and has the stripes deleted to prevent undue attention. I find that most people are interested in what it looks like under the hood and inside. Everyone has been very complimentary of its appearance and performance. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." And I love the exhaust note.