2010 Reveal on speed

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  1. I dont know if this has been posted or if anyone cares but there is an hour long 2010 Mustang reveal show on the Speed Channel right now 11pm Eastern time
  2. This show is awesome how they are presenting it...
  3. Very good show. So they just said "we have a big surprise coming January that you won't want to miss", what could it be, new cobra, mach 1, Shelby, Boss, 400hp 5.0 GT option, I want to know lol.
  4. Did I just hear the chief engineer correctly???? He said you can get a FRPP blower from the factory in either a 400 hp or 500 hp version!!! Is this true???
  5. Yup that's what I heard.
  6. well **** me sideways and call me sally.....i want one!!!!
  7. Im going to Detroit for sure this year. I hope they have the stangs that you can actually get in.
  8. So is this going to be a forged shortblock that they're offering the FRPP blower on?? I find it hard to believe that that dealer will install a blower and make 500 hp on the current 4.6.
  9. The stock block can take it. A buddy of mine in our stang club has an automatic S197 pushing over 425rwhp (thats over 500 crank hp) with no other engine mods.
  10. They aleady offer a 500hp blower with intercooler for the 05-09 GT's with manual transmission, and a 400hp blower for the 05-09 GT's with either transmission. They are not (and will not be) factory installed, but dealer installed and bought seperately via FRPP.

    MM&FF magazine did a great write up on the 500hp FRPP blower about a year ago on a Legand Lime GT automatic. That blower was also in the 2008 Mustang brochures that you can get at your local dealer.

    I seriously doubt Ford's offering a forged shortblock, as the 500hp FRPP blower is tuned safely for the non-forged 100% stock 4.6L's in the 05-09 GT's.
  11. neat show...

    but did anybody else notice the distinct absence of anything Saleen?

    seems kinda odd that no mention was made of any of the Saleen sports car championships or anything when they mentioned almost every other Mustang racer that's still around :shrug:
  12. I hate ford right now cause of all the hypes on 5.0 400hp but now I have hope to see what might happen when january comes. I just cannot trust ford right now.
  13. x1
  14. +2!
    It would've been awesome to see Tim Allen on there as well! To bad the drift car couldn't smoke the tires on that slick floor:nonono:
    I could live with the tail lights, but I hope somebody makes a decent looking replacement rear bumper soon after release!!!!!
  15. Great reveal!!!

    The show was awsome, got it on tape. I guess I will wait to see what happens in January:nice:
  16. Saleen probably wasn't there due to the company being up for sale and Steve parting ways with them. Not the best time to put their name out there.

    I'm glad I watched it. I was really hating the exterior from the photos. While I still don't like the taillights and rear diffuser, the rest looks much better "in person".
  17. I must be the only one not impressed with the show. 55 minutes of fluff and commercials and barely any details of the new styles, including what looked to be a full glass roof. And why no V6 model on display? Last time I looked outside, I saw more 6's rollin around then GT's, etc... I'm curious as to how much they'll cheapen the V6 compared to minor glimpse that they actually showed of the GT.
  18. You can get glass roof on the 09's so its not really a new option. I think there also was a V6 in there, even if not there are pics of the V6 on the ford website and there are a bunch of pics already posted in a different thread.
  19. Orinignally posted by: "lvmustanggt":

    Why would you hate FORD for this? This "hype" that you speak of comes from Magazine editors and consumers. Ford did not hype this. Show me sources where FORD stated they were releasing the 5.0. I can show you Motortrend.com, edmunds, and lots of community websites that hyped the 5.0; but not FORD. It's kind of irresponsible to put FORD "to blame" for the 5.0 hype.