2010 Reveal - What a Joke

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  1. :mad:

    As a Mustang owner myself I hate to say this but does anyone else feel that Ford didn't do themselves any favours last night at the 2010 reveal? Could you have assembled a bigger bunch of Ford nerds (not the guests but the guys from Ford) to promote what's supposed to be a cool product. Among other distasteful insights, the shirts should have at least been fitted.

    I found it almost embarrassing to watch. How many times can you say Mustang in one sentence anyway?...it's something called "overselling" and it turns buyers away. With guys like that at the helm it's no wonder NA car mfrs are in deep $h!t.

    Sorry guys but you were trying too hard. It reminded me of someone who had no friends and had to pretend to be cool. I'm trying to forget the whole thing.

    I need to fire up the Fastback and go shred some pavement.
  2. Well i'm sorry you were "oversold" I don't care if they came out in bathrobes, it wouldn't affect what I think of the car. The fact that their shirts aren't fitted couldn't mean less to me. I find it odd that you were looking at the dudes rather than the car they were revealing? :shrug:

    wait...you're trying to forget it....but you make a thread to discuss it? :shrug:
  3. I could not agree more, 45 minutes of b.s. then they barely show the cars. It really stunk. They could have taken some of that time to reveal the "magic" behind the massive h.p. gains made for '10.....or not.
  4. I thought it was pretty cool...Ford actually showed alot of influential people in Mustang history, Including Billy Glidden and Joe Dasilva. Although I thought it was odd that Steve Saleen was left out...

  5. Well, since in your statement you made no actual mention of the car itself, I'm guessing it's the presentation you're disappointed with, rather than the 2010 Mustang itself.

    I think it kicks ass IMO. To be honest, I've been saving up to buy a used New Edge SN95 in the next year or two, but finally seeing the revamped S197 has me wondering if I should just save a little long and pick one of them up. The 2010 keeps all of the great parts of the '05-'09 and improves on the ones that many felt were lacking when the S197 hit the production.

    There is no doubt in my mind that like its predecessor, this will be the best Mustang built yet and I for one can't wait to see it in person. :nice:
  6. I kept on saying that to myself. What the heck happen to Steve Saleen, when I think of Jack Roush, I also think of Steve Saleen as well. They both take mustang platforms, and take it to a whole another level. Yeah, the reveal was a tad cheesy but who cares. The 2010 Stang looks great, and its growing on me, the rearend might take some time but overall I can dig it.
  7. Has anyone seen the 2010 Fusion or 2011 Fiesta on fords website? The interior on the Fiesta is unreal for a car that is going to be around 13K. Its nicer than my 20K mazda.

    The new fusion is awesome too. Check them out. Ford is on the right target man, if they can just make it through next year they have a lineup that has the quality, design, and appeal to compete with anyone. I am pumped to go to the Detroit auto show I can tell you that.

    The Fusion has a hybrid model that doesnt need the gas engine until it hits 47mph. That is just crazy.
  8. U Missed The Point

    That's not the point. I'm not slamming the car, I'm slamming what I thought was poor representation for a good product. As a Sales Rep myself that wouldn't have sold me...the car can sell itself, especially the 2005's and up. Ford's Marketing Dept just missed the ball. The guests were fantastic and I would love to get into the drivers seat of some of the Classics that were on the rack but IMO Ford didn't back that up with a quality sales pitch. Could have been done way better.

    As far as starting a thread....I'm the sort of person who will express my opinion if I don't like what I see. If no one does that, nothing ever changes.

    Like the car, didn't like the show. Ford Marketing should learn to step it up.