2010 Roush 427R vs. Shelby GT 500

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  1. pros and cons. This is the first Roush I have REALLY liked, must see in person. Obviously the motors are the first place to start. But how about the rest.
  2. Interested to hear from the owners of these cars.
  3. I really don't think there is going to be too much a difference between the 07-09 427R's and the 10's Now once a new 427R will come out with the 5.0L engine and supercharger package it'll be a different story.

    Still if you want to use current comparisons you can expect the Roush to be more nimble and have better cornering abilities then the GT500 but the power potential is pretty much capped with the M90 supercharger and stock internals. The GT500 will need only minimal tuning to make tons of power but it is heavy and will not be as precise as the 427R. Think of it as scalpel vs sledgehammer.
  4. The 2010 GT500 is actually suposed to have pirated the suspension tweeks from the previous GT500 KR, as well as the additional 40hp. So unless there have been any major changes to the suspension set up of the newest Roush, I bet the gap is a lot closer than one might thing in the handling dept.
  5. I always thought the 427R came with the Eaton M112 like the 03-04 Cobras. The M90 seems small with a 4.6. Are there any gains with porting the M90 like the M112 was able to get?

    In my opinion, the Roush is the ultimate bolt on GT. The Roush seems to be a great choice if you're into road racing. The engineers didn't overload the internals staying at 350-370rwhp and the upgraded suspension can put it to the ground. Haven't seen stats but I'm guessing high 12's to low 13's in the quarter at traps of around 110, which is pretty fast so you can run with the 6.2 camaros and 6.1 challengers in the 1/4, yet outrun them in the corners.

    For the price though, arent' the GT500's and 427R's close to the same in price? The GT500 might be 300lbs heavier, but with some practice it should be able to stay with the 427R on a road course. The GT500 is the ultimate Mustang. Forged 5.4 with a larger capacity SC that has room/volume to put out a lot more with a tune a pulley change than the M90 in the Roush is capable of. I've driven the previous generation GT500's and 427R's and yes the 427R feels more settled and lighter, yet the GT500 seems like it can take day to day romps on the throttle easier. The 427R, although very smooth, feels complete/maxed out where the GT500 is holding back if that makes any sense. I personally don't road race or drag race, but I do appreciate low end torque. Money not a factor, I'd get a GT500.
  6. I'm hitting 400 to the wheels with the little M90 Roushcharger. And, I'm still running the stock fuel pump; the shop and the tuner said there is more to be had; just I've maxed out the fuel pump.
  7. It depends on what you are into if you road race alot then a Roush might be better but if you like drag racing and having fun on the street then a GT500 will dominate.
    At the end of the day the Roush is still just a GT with a body kit and blower but the GT500 has so many upgrades that makes it a much better car especially for the money.
  8. Thanks all .... more inside.

    Lots of great input, I appreciate it. I can't wait to see the new Shelby in person. The local dealer isn't flinching about negotiating price, should be interesting. With the Shelby and Roush 427R priced within a few thou of each other, I would have to lean Shelby.

    By the way, it seems like all the dealers around here have left over KR's on the floor. 08's and 09's Bay Area Nor Cal. With the new Shelbys being near duplicates with an upgraded interior and exterior, what do you suppose they'll do if they keep sitting. The KR body style was great, but I don't see paying 70 to 90K for it.

    What do you think?
  9. Well you should be able to get a 2010 a sticker maybe slightly under with out a problem and the KRs I know selling for 5-10k under sticker.
  10. Bobby C

    I just bought a new 2009 Gt500 Shelby KR, blk with blk stripes, real bad ass on the streets. The car has 380 miles on it now and man do I love this car. I used to have a 2005 Mustang Gt with a HO VS2 Vortech Supercharger Power Cooler. That car was alot of fun also on the streets with Granatelli Hi Coil plugs and 0 degree spark plugs. The tuner was a Preadetor Diablo set on their Performance tune. It was a fast street machine, but the Shelby is a lot
    better in all ways.

    Bobby C