Roush 2010 Roush Mustang Hell Reliabilty

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  1. We love Mustangs and when the reviews came out on the 427R, it was time to open the piggy bank. Months latter we found our car,sterling gray with black stripes. The test drive confirmed what we read, simply a blast to drive and that rumble was enough to put an ear to ear grin on anyones face.
    Than the party was over. With less than 500 miles on the car the engine started taping, followed by the mufflers falling off melting the rear fascia. Than rust appeared on the inside of the car, followed by more rust on the entire body.Still trying to figure out how rust developed on a car nuts extreme detailing.
    Small other issues developed but we refused to go back to the dealer (80 plus mile round trip using two cars)and learned to ignore.

    Than the car turned into a slug and returned to the dealer who found a frozen caliper. 57 days latter ,after my friend lite a fire under Roushes tush,the parts arrived and the car returned. Roush had the parts but was using them to build new cars.

    So for a total of 66 days my garage was empty. No loaner car, letters and calls to Ford customer service fell on deaf ears,service, manager refused to answer and respond to my inquiry etc etc

    The car of my dreams turned into an expensive nightmare. So good bye to F ix
    O r R epair D aily and Roush.

    Good luck to all owners and hope you never ever need customer support, because it does not exist.
  2. 2 months in the shop waiting for parts and a fix is terrible, sorry to hear. This is one of my biggest worries with Ford and Roush. I understand cars will have problems but when you have problems with Ford/Roush that's a different level of pain.
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    Cars contain mechanical objects. Sometimes they fail. There sure have been lots of trolls registering lately. :shrug: