2010 SOLD

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by stang_10, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. I'm sold on the revised design. I'm thinking a Black GT Prem. with Black leather interior, Track Package (67T). I do not need the Electronics Package (cause for glitches and may be obsolete in future). I may go for the Interior upgrade and security.

    I'm undecided on the coupe and/or glass top or topless. I have yet to get more detailed options available.

    What are you gonna get?
  2. For a second or two, I though about taking my Kenne Bell off...returning my car to stockish...and trading up to the 2010, then putting my Kenne Bell back on the 2010. But I just can't bring myself to sell my car. I'll just hafta be jealous of all you guys that are gonna get the 2010
  3. Over all, I like the new look. Solid 8 out of 10 for me.

    Going to wait for next years motor, then I'm sold. I love the interior and all the new electronics. Actually looks and has accessories that puts it a head of it's class.

    The rear still is ugly to me, and I think or I hope, that Saleen or Roush have their own bumper to put back there to replace it.

    Glass top, all the goodies, fix the rear bumper, and the 5.0 motor with a t56 6 speed, and I would spend 35k plus on the car all day and twice on sunday. :nice:
  4. I was going to buy a Shelby, but the lack of Alloy will make me wait until a better motor (yes sub-par power is worth a color)
  5. I'm most likely going to sell my engine and save up for a nice down payment on one. I want performance white..
  6. Disappointed that there is not 5.0 with 400hp, I am not going to buy this new mustang.
  7. I don't care for the bottom trim but overall I love it.:nice:

    But I won't be buying one until the 4.6 grows a little. There's no way I'd sell my current car and start all over with the bolt on's for another 4.6.