2010 Stang 80 Pics

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  1. If I ever come up with the money, that'll be my next Mustang. :nice:
  2. Has anyone noticed the engine bay is black and not body color?


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  3. Yeah I saw that. I wonder though if that will translate to the production model. My guess is it will not.

  4. I never noticed that.

    Did you also notice that they brought back the diffirent tone ground effect like the fox bodies?
  5. I think that's just a pre-production car. Notice the Grabber Blue one in the below link, the bay is body color and the STB is bare aluminum.

    2010 Ford Mustang - LIVE - Autoblog
  6. i like the new look alot but the thing that kills it for me is the fact the camaro v6 is only lacking 5 horse on this new gt and thr rs has 400hp i mean what is ford thinken with the low hp numbers but looks of the car is awesome the back end of the car looks a little weird with all the black plastic but other then that over all it looks bad ass
  7. I think I'd be more concerned with 0-60 and 1/4 mile time than horsepower numbers...dyno number really don't tell much of the story...

    I'm really liking the interior, but I'll have to see the outside in person to say for sure how I feel about it...
  8. well yeah 0-60 times and 1/4mi times are important to but that car with what ive seen from the 05-09 stangs is gonna do alot better with 380hp vs 315hp ya know what i mean with only 15 more hp it isnt gonna take out the camaro thats all im saying the look is great its more aggressive looking love the interior also its sweet as hell looks wise.... just worried about perfomance numbers not sayin its slow just sayin thats my biggest concern about the car itself..:flag:
  9. Anyone notice they moved the antenna to the rear passenger side near the rear wing... and its a retractable antenna now. Not bad. It seems that the finish its much improved over previous models, specially the 99-03 models. The V6 camaro is gonna have 300hp but according to camaro they are expecting it to run 14.8 (on chevy.com) because of the weight difference, so that will still get a good run for their money from the v6 mustang. As far the the v8 compared to the mustang gt, the price difference pushes you to compare the v8 to the gt500 or the 03 cobra (ford is said to be coming up with an upgraded engine package for the 2011 model to compete with the new muscle cars).
  10. Did any one notice that it will be almost impossible to put an aftermarket radio in the '10 Mustang? The whole face plate incoorporates the radio along with the climate controls. That's gunna suck.
  11. Yeah, someone pointed that out in an earlier thread. If that's the case, they'd better make the Shaker 1000 standard equipment.
  12. I hope this version sounds better then the last generation. The shaker 500 in the bullitt I looked at was terrible. It sounded flat and while it did have deep bass it was weak. I also didn't like to see the tweeters disappear that were standard with the mach audio system.

    Maybe I am getting old but I can't stand aftermarket radios anymore. I like the factory 6 cd in dash unit better, its easier to use.
  13. yeah i have to agree some what i mean i loved that 6 cd thing in my car but man was it a peice of ***** it always jamed and didnt wanna play somtimes....:mad: but i do love my pioneer deck sounds alot better than the stock one and i can hook up the ipod to it also and it is nicer than a six disc changer so id have to say aftermarkets better lol but you know some company will make a dash kit its just gonne cost a nutt and a nipple to get it.....:nice:
  14. The front shots of the red V-6 car kind of looks like a combo of 05-09 and 03-04 Cobra with the bulging fenders. Looks cool tho.

    The overall look of the 2010 looks "smaller" from front to rear.

    Ford should offer a 'no frills" V-6 car without sound deadener and all the extra weight crap to compete against the V-6 Camaro. That Camaro with the Cadillac V-6 will run well. Ford had better be ready.
  15. What exactly do they need to "compete" for? As far as Ford goes, the formula is simple....the GT is the performance model, the V6 is the econobox. Why would Ford waste their time and resources hopping up the V6 that would take sales away from the GT and in turn increase the over all price of the vehicle? I mean....the already sell like hotcakes to the budget concious? Its GM who needs to "compete"....not Ford.

    Fitting the V6 Camaro with a hopped up twin turbo engine, then trying to market it as an economy sports car is just another example of GM's piss poor over all business plan. It may look good on paper, but all they'll successfully accomplish with that is producing another overpriced car that nobody will buy. It’ll be too expensive for the economy crowd and too tame for the performance crowd. :nono:
  16. totally agree dude well said
  17. Good points. However, if I am not mistaken, don't the V-6 cars outsell the V-8 cars ? Alot of people buy V-6 cars because they CANNOT afford V-8 GTs.

    The Camaro is reported to be available with a 300 hp V-6. All motor, not turbo. If GM prices their "entry level" Camaro similar to Ford's V-6 Stang, alot of people might go for V-8 like horsepower from a base 6 cylinder car. ( not to mention the V-6 cars have lower insurance rates.)

    That was the point of my post.

    I still say that one car maker should build a sleeper that on paper looks like not enough power. Then have a press day for some car magazine editors.

    At that view/drive the car day, someone "accidently" leaks out that if you disconnect a certain wire, or hose, then the car picks up 50 hp....ooops

    The insurance companies would see the V-6 rated at 225 hp....but the gearheads find out that with that wire or hose disconnected....magically you have V-8 power. I think that would be cool.
  18. That sums it up for me.

  19. I loved the Mach460 in my Mach 1 and had hoped the Shaker 500 would be at least as good. Anyone compare the two?