2010 Stang 80 Pics

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  1. As far as the Mustangs go...yes...the V6's outsell the V8's. The reason for this is the V6’s have always been simple and economical to buy and the V8’s were tailored more to a specific (and small) group of performance oriented buyers. As far as GM was concerned, the V6's were a piss poor attempt from the start and barely sold at all and the rest of the line up was pointed toward the very small target audience that opted for the V8’s package. Not enough of the econobox’s were sold and as such the line could not continue.

    Again, beefing up the power plant on the V6 is going about it the wrong way. It will also require enhancements on the braking, handling and drive train end, which again adds to the overall cost of the vehicle. So offering it at competitive V6 prices likely isn't going to be a reality. And in the end, you're still not saddles with V8 performance, nor are you paying V6 prices.

    GM has consistently made the mistake over the years of putting power first, over everything else....which has been a contributing factor as to what has landed them in the predicament they're in today. They need to stop building the car around an engine and start building the car first. I hope this is what they've done with the latest re-release of the Camaro, but something tells me its going to be the same old song and dance with a shiny new wrapper. I guess we'll see. :shrug:

    That would be nice, but I think dreaming about it is as far as you’ll get. This isn't the 60's anymore, so spending is tighter and more though out than it was even 20-years ago. Not to mention unlike 40, 30 or even 20-years past, competition from the Japanese market is fierce and dare I say in most circumstances dominant. The Domestic companies can't afford to have these little "inconsistencies" positive or negative (popping up all over the place). They need to lay out a plan and stick to it if they expect these vehicles to make any money.

    Remember, the performance market is a teeny, tiny, miniscule part of the puzzle. It’s the soccer moms, retirees and mid life crisis folk who are established and are plopping down the majority of the money on these cars now.....not the teens and early 20-somethings that want to see all kind of performance parts added, yet won’t be able to afford to buy one until they’re 4 or 5-years old and sitting on the used car lots. :shrug: