2010 Taurus Vs LX Mustang

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  1. your not thinking about trading in the ss for a 2010 Taurus are you????

    huh, cash for clunkers, is that what I'm hearing????

  2. The Taurus SHO is quite a nice car, my parents are in the market for a new car and are thinking about trading in their Mazda 6 for something new and I'm really trying to convince them that it's worth the 41k after you option it out lol
  3. WATCH IT PAL !!!!:D ....Besides...I dont have Ford label..the Clunker option is out:D
  4. Next July im in the Market for a Family Sedan. I got an 05 Equinox but the wife drives it. My Cars I been looking at are.

    Charger SRT8
    Chrysler 300 SRT8
    Pontiac GXP G8 - Or G8 GT
    and now... The Tauras SHO

    The Tauras on the inside is great, all the comforts with a great sporty luxury look. Hell besides the pontiacs, its running the same times as the SRT8s, but with better Fuel economy !!!
  5. why is the stupid taurus have more horsepower than the 2010 mustang gt??
  6. ^^^ well, I think the Tauras and Lincolns MKT are the test mules for the new Ecoboost engine. I also believe that ford would have a hard time selling their 315hp V8 next to a 365hp Ecoboost V6. Rumors are that 2011 Ford will have the Coyote Engine 5.0 400hp, and there will be two versions of the V6 model, one being the 365hp Ecoboost.

    Lets hope !!!
  7. Taurus might be too much for him, He is driving a SS with a auto,13.9 might be more then he could handle :rlaugh:
    But if he did he would most likely be posting videos of other Taurus's on LS1tech. and trying to tell everyone how fast they are. :nice:
  8. Because the mustang is about to get a new motor and they have run out of what they can do with the 3v 4.6 and keep it OEM reliable, fuel efficient and emmisions friendly

    Don't worry thbe less HP in the gt than the taurus problem is not going to last for long

    :rolleyes: 13.9 for even a 2.73 ls-1 auto is a horrible time..

    The only time a 2010 sho could beat his car is in the rain.

    I understand some of you guys dont like his threads but lets keep it real

    Plus I dont see anything offensive about his video.. So what the new sho is faster than a old foxbody... Lots of cars are faster than stock or close to stock foxes

  9. :lol: Auto - 3.42 might I add, if I wanted to run 13.90s bud I would have keep my 2000 and 2003 Mustang GTs:D
  10. There were easier ways to get to 13.4 than sell the mustangs and buy a Cheby!:D
  11. svttech76 it was a joke calm down it will be o.k. and ss02 still haven't seen any videos of your car at the track running so how do we know?? Maybe you should quit posting other peoples cars and go make you a video of yours!! com on you can do it. see now this is getting fun!!
  12. I am very calm..

    I just don't see a problem with his videos
  13. How about you just avoid my threads since you act like a rabid monkey throwing poo on every one of my threads.

    I got alot of videos, I dont think the admins would like them though....im a big fan of 70s disco music and 8mm film.:D

    Go make your own thread about how you dislike camaros, and I think its funny that as soon as Svttech comes on and basically calls BS to your claim of non low 13 runnin LS1s, your comment is "Its just a Joke", please..... Any one can read your other posts and see YOU actually Believed it !!!

    So, well just call it fun and end it, good ole buddy !!!:nice:
  14. I like all american cars... I dont get into this ford vs. chevy crap.. For me it's domestic vs. import

    I used to have a turbo regal and I had a Z28, and I have many friends with f-bodys they can run low 13's EASY stock
  15. I agree, it's also "Domestic Vs. Import" for me, too. When I go out in the morning, I have a Hell of a time trying to decide which one I wanna drive! :lol:
  16. I agree, I have no issues with Chevy or Dodge stuff. Just wont buy new is all. :)

    However, I come on this forum, specifically 2010 Mustang to read about, well DUH the 2010 Mustang. Not the Taurus, not the Camaro, etc etc. This forum has gone to **** IMO with all the off topic threads. Thank god the classics forum doesnt have this crap going on.
  17. You have a good point about the off topic stuff