2011-12 Mustang 5.0L Nitrous Plate Kit

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  1. 2011-2012 Mustang 5.0L Nitrous Outlet Plate Nitrous Kit, Hardline System

    If you haven't seen this yet, then prepare yourself. This is the nicest Nitrous system on the market for the 2011-2012 Mustang 5.0L! This Nitrous Kit offers the cleanest install out there along with epic power production capabilities. This is the same kit we installed on our in house 2011 GT & it fits both the GT & Boss intake. Check out the Dyno vid below!
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    You too can take your 2011-2012 5.0L Mustang GT in to the 10's, & quicker, with Latemodel Restoration & Nitrous Outlet! The new 5-oh Mustang is a player in stock form, a potent performer with a few bolt ons, & untouchable on the spray. This kit utilizes a Mustang Specific solenoid bracket & pre-bent stainless hard lines to connect the solenoids to the plate. This is THE Nitrous Kit you want for your new Mustang! Here is what this monumental Mustang Nitrous Kit includes:

    Mustang Nitrous Kit Wet Plate
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    The star of the show. The .75" thick CNC machined billet aluminum masterpiece is black anodized for great looks & corrosion resistance. The internal fuel & nitrous passages as well as the discharge passages are precision drilled for precise flow & atomization. The design is based on over a year of R&D spanning 3 different designs before finding the perfect solution. It is sealed to the intake using factory o-ring gaskets & will support a 400+ horsepower shot. This is the only Mustang Nitrous Plate you need to look at.

    Mustang Nitrous Kit Nitrous & Fuel Solenoids
    A CNC Machined Stainless Steel Body is the basis of the Solenoids used in this Mustang Nitrous System. The heavy duty coils are encapsulated in Epoxy to resist the elements & vibration while the Solenoid lead wires are 14 ga. stranded wire with color coded insulation. The Nitrous Solenoid features a .125 orifice, a 1/4" NPT inlet, an 1/8" NPT Purge Port for that nifty Nitrous Purge Kit, & a 1/8" NPT bottom outlet. The Fuel Solenoid features a .187 orifice & an 1/8" NPT inlet & outlet. Both Solenoids will support a 400 horse shot. They feature a Lifetime Warranty.

    Mustang Nitrous Kit Nitrous Bottle
    The included Nitrous Bottle is of the 10lb variety & is covered in a gloss black powdercoat. The chromed Bottle Valve has a 45 degree outlet & will support up to an 800 horse shot! The Bottle Valve also features two 1/8" NPT ports in the side that allow easy additions of Nitrous Pressure Gauges or Nitrous Pressure Sensors. The Nitrous Bottle is held in place with dual Stainless Steel band type Bottle Brackets.

    Mustang Nitrous Kit Nitrous Jets
    Nitrous Jets & Fuel Jets are CNC Machined from Brass with precision ground orifice for the utmost in accuracy. 4 sets of Jets are included in the Nitrous Kit that allow for increases of 50, 100, 150, & 200 horsepower.

    Mustang Nitrous Kit Fuel Line Adapter
    The Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail Adapter makes it super easy to tap in to your fuel system for adequate fuel supply for your new Mustang Nitrous System. It is CNC Machined for a perfect fit & Black Anodized for long lasting good looks. It goes between the Fuel Supply Hose & the Fuel Rail & includes an extra 1/8" NPT Port for use with a pressure gauge (gauge not included).

    All The Rest
    This 2011-2012 5.0L Mustang Nitrous Kit Wet Plate System also includes all the braided lines, fittings, brackets, switches, relays, connectors & hardware you'll need for a basic installation. The kit is adjustable from 50-200 horsepower, but what if 200 horses not enough for you? Not a problem! The stainless braided lines, black anodized billet aluminum plate & super duty solenoids included in this Mustang Nitrous System will support up to a 400 horsepower shot, if your fuel system & engine are up to the task, & all you'd need to do is order up a new set of jets. (Don't be stupid, having a properly built engine & adequate fuel system along with a solid computer tune are all absolute necessities for horsepower increases over 150hp.)

    2011 Mustang V6 & 2011 5.0L GT Dyno Videos - YouTube

    Once we get out of the string of triple digit heat, we'll get to the track & put down some times!

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  2. :rlaugh: I love that audio for the v6 dyno

    Is that solenoid bracket sold seperately by chance? I had purchased the plate conversion kit quite some time ago :nice: