2011-2012 DynoMax VT axle back exhaust system

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  1. I want to give it a shot; time to look for some vendors running a special
  2. Very cool, it might take a week or so for these system to get to the vendor. They are made and they are shipping now. If you do this, keep me posted please. I drove a SS Camaro with this across country (first experience with the VT) and I was impressed. I did make it "clunk" once when I down shifted poorly. :rlaugh::doh:

    Also some people have asked about the valve or spring failing, we have had prototypes on employee's cars/truck for over 50,000 miles in Michigan no problems. And if there is a problem, limited lifetime warranty. :nice:
  3. More pics added of the 2012 axle back system.

    So we are getting ready for the SEMA show in a few weeks and we installed the axle back VT system on our 2012 V6 Mustang. It is a super easy install!
    Here is the finished product up close.


    The black tube is the stock exhaust where our system slides on to. All you need to do is remove the stock clamps, spray a little WD40 and remove the restrictive stock mufflers.


    And here is a shot from the back. Brushed stainless steel for a long life.


    And our bench flow compared to others out there. You should see around 10 more HP and 9 more TQ as well.