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  1. I ordered the new MBRP axle back kit for my wife's '12 MCA and it took about 3 weeks from date of order to receive the actual "correct" kit. first off, i did order the cheaper of the two kits (not stainless) seeing how i don't keep vehicles long enough to actually need stainless because within 2 years i will bet we won't have this car anyway. let me just say, if you order this kit, don't be surprised that it looks CHEAP! this is basically 2 universal turbo mufflers with sections of pipe, yes you read that correctly, sections of pipe welded to the front of the mufflers. there is no mandrel bent pipe anywhere on this system. basically this is by far the cheapest axle back on the market, it's under $300 at most online retailers. but i bought it based on the sound clips on MBRP's website. after looking at it, i am sending this kit back for a refund. i don't think the welds that are on the pipes will last 2 weeks, let alone 2 years. very poor quality. so now...

    instead of buying the high dollar axle back kits that are out there, i have a friend who can do mandrel bends and he told me he'd install (weld) any mufflers i wanted with tips for $300. so my question to you guys is this. which mufflers do you prefer on the V6? do you like a turbo style muffler or a round bullet style muffler? i don't want a RICE sound but i know it won't sound like a V8 either. so throw out your opinions. right now my main choices are Borla, Magnaflow or Bassani.
  2. Also throwing in the Roush exhaust as well now. But if anyone has the Roush and wouldn't mind measuring the actual muffler for me I'd appreciate it a lot.
  3. Nobody? I can't believe nobody has an opinion. Oh well...I have decided to order the Roush axle back kit and be done with it.
  4. received the Roush axle back kit today. very happy with the purchase! great quality compared to MBRP and will definitely sound a lot better.
  5. I'm planning on getting the Pypes SFM79 setup. It's a stainless cat-back system with mid-mount mufflers and resonator tips. Based on youtube video clips, it sounds pretty good (and it's cheaper than any of the V6 axle-back systems).
  6. well, after driving around for a week with the Roush kit on, it is coming off and going up for sale. while it does sound great, it is too loud for my wife's taste. you can definitely hear this exhaust kit. it has a nice deep rumble at idle and sounds killer up thru the RPMs but above 3ooo it gets a little ricey until you mash it wide open then it just screams. it's not overly loud but just too loud for her. if anyone is interested in a "new" Roush kit i will make them a good deal on ours...
  7. Check out the DynoMax VT axle back system. Stainless steel construction, great sound and NO drone, also 90 day Sound and Performance guarantee as well.

    Good luck on your choice. :)
  8. ok, what is the difference between an axle-back exhaust and a cat-back exhaust? I'm a newb.
  9. In a generic sense:

    Axle-back means what you are buying will replace the exhuast from the rear axle, to the back.

    Cat-back means it will replace the exhaust all the way from the catalytic converter, to the back.
  10. I'm assuming cat-back allows greater airflow mods and axle-back is mainly about sound?
  11. I would like to know if the BOSS302 side exhaust mid pipe fits on the V6, I know it probably not likely but can anyone confirm? I don't have a new mustang but would like one & was just researching some different things about them
  12. I likethe sound of the OEM exhaust on my '13... I had the Magnaflow cat-back system on my '05 GT and it was great. No drone whatsoever and not raspy even when hammering on it.. Just all business mellow tones..
  13. In my opinion, the Ford Racing axle-back sounds the best on our cars. Although, it's very expensive.

    The axle-back systems with an actual muffler, and not just resonators, seem to give a more mellow tones.

    But, exhaust sound is very subjective...
  14. I'm really interested in this VT axle back! Can I get a discount code??

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  15. Well, I got the Pypes mid-mufflers last year (instead of the whole system), and I've hated them since they were installed. I just got some BBK headers/xpipe, and plane on replacing the pipes/mufflers with a Max stainless system.