2011 auto shifter aluminum strip

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  1. Kinda pissed... Wife drove my car and probably her ring got caught on the gear shift aluminum trim in the center. Unfortunately Ford only put an aluminum sticker over plastic for this strip. So mine is starting to peel.

    Anyone know where I can get the replacement aluminum strip?
  2. No, what I'm looking for is the center strip on the top of the Shifter knob. Mine peeled a bit at the edge on the top. and it irritates me.
    You can see it in the picture here:
  3. Yea! Handle it!
  4. Somewhat related to this, but does anyone know of any aftermarket auto shifters out there? Though my '13 looks better than that, it's still a god ugly shifter. I'm not really finding any outside of that one ratcheting shifter on AM.