2011 Brembo wheels for sale

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  1. Like the title reads, I'm letting these bad boys go. I received my car in July. No burn outs they're very sticky, no need to. Upgrading my wheel setup, and no longer need these. So, $1600 + shipping. If the shipping gets to outrageous, I'll adjust the price for you accordingly. Thanks for your time reading this. :)


    This is pics as of the 24th, still in perfect condition, as you can see, I love my car, and take very good care of her.

    Very large detail pic #1

    Very large detail pic #2
  2. Still for sale?
  3. Are they still available?
  4. no offense but thats way too much considering its only about what, 1400 for the brembo package that INCLUDES the wheels?
  5. You are not taking into account the fact that the $1400 is the difference between the "standard" wheels, tires, and brakes and the brembo package.

    What does the "standard" brakes and wheels cost? Add that to the 1400 and you the true cost of the brembo package.

    From the ford website
    standard equiped GT

    front (does not include the upgraded rear brakes)
    calipers $133ea
    pads $139
    rotors $66ea
    wheels and tires $1849

    sub total $2386

    brembo Pkg. $1400

    Total $3786

    Wheels from the brembo package are $641ea. from ford and OE tires are $384ea. from tire rack which is $4100 Total.

    $4100 New
    $1600 Slightly used
    $2500 Savings

    Just wish I did not already have aftermarket wheels
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.