2011 Faux Gas Cap Details!

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  1. Not finding an answer elsewhere, I thought I'd post all the details here for the Faux Gas Cap on the 2011's.

    *I was intending to replace it with a decal... :rolleyes:

    Here's the Faux Gas Cap:

    Here's what it looks like underneath:
    *Notice it is NOT a smooth surface under there! Any kind of a flat badge or decal will NOT work here!

    The back of the gas cap, and the 2 plastic collars that hold it in place:

    Close-up of the collars:

    I wanted to replace the cap completely, so I had a decal made to fit there. It's a flat decal, pretty good-quality, just what I wanted, too... :nice:

    The decal is 7" tall x 8" wide. The "3D effect" is printed on, looks pretty good in-person.

    **Anyone want to buy a custom decal? Tri-Bar Pony! $50 inc. shipping! :(
  2. Wow, I figured the trunk would be flat there, too.
  3. does the v6 fake gas cap with the pony logo fit as a replacement?
  4. ^ If it's for a 2010 or '11 model I believe it will.
  5. Thats odd. I wonder if the 2010 trunks are flat in that area. The reason is, there's a guy on one of the other forums that took his emblem off and covered it with a stick on blackout decal. I don't recall him having that issue.

    Anybody know for sure?
  6. Before I decided to replace the cap I checked on many websites how to remove it and fortunatly found out what it looked like underneath. This is what I decided on, it's genuine Ford panel I got from Blue Oval Industries

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  7. What does the finished product look like?? Heres a pic of mine.I masked off the whole car 'cuz I could NOT get it off.Have moved the Harley sticker lower and it looks awesome. Plate002.jpg
  8. I had to put the faux gas cap back on. :(

    Eventually I'll spend the money needed to get a smooth blackout panel, repaint it, and apply the decal on that... :bang:
  9. Right on...Keep on 'keepin on is what I do too.
  10. is it a pain to take the faux gas cap off?
  11. 2011 V6 Mustang - preparing car for decal installation this weekend.

    Newby here thanks for the assistance. I've been researching the removal of the fake gas cap and this thread appears to be one of the best. Some threads say to drill out the plastic pins while many report pry it off while heating the tape with NO mention of plastic pins or the collars.
    Is it a pain to take fake cas cover off? It appears (from your pics) it's JUST double sided tape attaching cap to the car? Maybe if I understand the pins and collars it will be much clearer so WHERE DO THE PLASTIC PINS AND COLLARS come into play? I will be keeping this fake gas cap so all I'll need is the double sided tape I guess?

  12. The collars go in the "big holes" on the left and right, then the pins in the back of the faux cap fit in those when it is put on. They do grip it some, but gently prying it off gets them out. Go slow and be careful not to gouge the paint on the trunk lid! :)
  13. Or you could do this. He actually sculpted it before he painted it. Looks 3D. image.jpg
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  14. Never changed my sig. Lol. This is on my 2012. He's finishing up the flaming ponies where the "5.0" was on the front fenders. I'll get pics up when it's done. FYI, holes under them too.