2011 Gt Installed S&r Springs And Having Horrible Sound With Rearend

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  1. Ok basically I was wondering if anyone had any problems with these springs, http://www.americanmuscle.com/sr-springs-0513gt.html.

    The fronts went on no problem, and so did the rears but now while riding around, when I hit a big bump or go over a speed bump, I hear this god awful smacking, like its bottoming out. Its not that low, its only on a 1.5 inch drop.

    My question is, has anyone else had this problem? I shouldn't need aftermarket shocks I've been told, and there was nothing else needed for the install for them to fit on 2011+ mustangs, despite what the website says about the strut mounts and dampers . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ill put up pic later!
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  3. Looks like it is rubbing on the left.


    I also noticed you don't have an adjustable panhard bar. You should probably install one, re-align to center, and then continue troubleshooting if the issue still persists.
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  4. Adjustable PHB, and trim a half inch off your rubber bumpstops. Mine is on K Springs (similar drop), and I have no issues. My old '95 bottomed out on the bumpstops, so that made me think to trim the stock ones when I lowered my '11. I just cut off that whole mushroom top if you will.
  5. I've just been told somewhere else it's the bump stops as well, the are only about an inch from the frame so it's probably why they are smacking it during a hard bump.

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  6. Thanks man, I'll do that. sadly the instructions never even mentioned it nor did American muscle.

    what exactly does the panhard bar do? just reduce flex?
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  7. It aligns the chassis back to center. It may be irrelevant for your issue in your original post, but you don't want the rear off-center.

    Check your wheel well gap on left and right rear using a plum and ruler; if they don't match, you are off center, and it is common when lowering these three link S197 rigs.
  8. good info, probably will help a lot since I take it to the strip often.

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