2011 GT on Order

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  1. So I ordered my 5.0 a couple weeks ago. Dealer said it should be in by the end of the month :D and I can't wait. I'm already looking into CAI and an axle back exhaust.. possibly a magnaflow or roush. Just curious on your thoughts...
  2. Keep us posted when you get yours. Alot of us have ordered our 2011's two months ago and still nothing. Mine has been sitting done since May 26th:nonono:
  3. So everything I've heard from the dealer suggests that there shouldn't be any delay with my order, but considering everything I've heard on the forum, I'm starting to think otherwise. I've talked to the salesman a few times and he says there shouldn't be a problem. I'm from Missouri, but go to school in Colorado. I ordered the car through a dealership in Missouri and I'm planning on picking it up while I'm home for break. If it ends up being delayed them I'm going to have to have my family trailer it and drive it out, so I'm really hoping its on time. I ordered a base GT w/ the Brembo pkg and 3.55 gears btw. Still waiting on my VIN too.
  4. Congrats on the purchase.
  5. Patience is wearing thin..

    I ordered a Premium GT rapid spec 401 on March 23rd... no Vin, no build date, and what makes this irritating, is the stock GTs appearing in local dealerships.

    I've been told the sync radio is being programmed, the wheels are in short supply, the stock wheels are "flaking".. and the irony is, I intend to roll the stock wheels into the ditch the day I drive the car home. Damned if the low mileage C6 Vette up the street is beginning to look promising again.
  6. Did the dealership make a copy of your drivers license?

    I think you probably won't get your VIN until the build date has been scheduled which generally that doesn't happen until a month after ordering. From there it can be anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to get your car, just depending on quality control and delay from accessories on the car.

    I ordered on 6/2 and still don't have a VIN or build date, but I had to go through dealer allocation and my dealership was told by their rep that it would be built the last week of June / first week of July. I'm hoping that's true!
  7. Never having ordered a new car, how locked in are you to your order? Say the same car shows up at a dealer, can you just cancel your order and buy the car on the lot instead? Or do you lose your deposit or pay some other sort of penalty?
  8. That's a good question jaybertx! I wonder about that too. I've been lurking around the many local dealership websites close to my house & haven't quite found the one I want yet. I am considering ordering, but don't want to have to wait 2 or 3 months. Anyone know?
  9. I just spoke with the dealership and finally got a delivery date of 7/17. I ordered the care on 5/24. It was supposed to be in this week, but apparently when Ford was doing the final test on the cars, there was a ticking noise coming from the engine so they put new engines in every car that was ready to go, starting with the ordered cars.
  10. to answer the other question, when I ordered my car, the dealership did a quick credit check to see i they would actually sell it to me, then went through with the order. As far as I know, I have no legal responsibility for buying the car, but that might change from dealer to dealer.
  11. It does change from dealer to dealer. I haven't signed anything at all, however I did put a $500 deposit towards the car, so if I bailed out the dealership would still get money for their work (though I'm sure if you were still buying a car they wouldn't be aholes about that).

    I've heard of other dealers not being so nice but only because they were buying the car from some where else.
  12. Ha! I ordered mine exactly one day before you and my ETA is exactly one day before you...thats a little shadey...

    I also put 500 down and if i decide to cancel i get all of it back. Im from the KC area but currently live in the Tulsa area and have the car coming down here. Our cars SHOULD arrive in KC at the same time.

    Just for your knowlege tho, my Dad is a Ford employee and has been getting shipping info on my car from a person in shippment tracking. She said that they MIGHT be under shut down at the plant right now for maintainance, machine reprogramming, ect.... if thats the case we shouldnt get too excited about our cars arriving next week. keep your fingers crossed.
  13. They ARE under shutdown right now, but it's suppose to start up again after this week.

    I ordered 6/2, build date is 7/26, ETA of 8/2
  14. I got mine

    I ordered my 11 GT on May 27, and it was at the dealership here in Arizona on July 13. Thats less than 7 weeks. It was a hard wait but worth every second. Got an ALL black 5.0, manual, 18" polished wheels, 3.73, back-up camera, and hood scoop.
  15. I still don't have my car.... something about not enough rail cars? wtf ford? oh well.. i suppose its worth the wait.
  16. 2011 on order

    Guys, I ordered mine on July 16, 5 weeks ago today. No VIN#. spoke to a fellow who got his car this week. 16 weeks from order to delivery...40 days after receiving the VIN#

    5.0 Ingot premium, manual, 401a brick, glass roof, brembo, 3:55, comfort trim pkg 5. I aftermarketed corsa extreeme exhaust and a CS front valence with lights..can't wait!!
  17. It's been 8-weeks for me. Just got the vin#. Supposed to be here next week. They said that last week. So we shall see. Hope I don't have to wait 6-more weeks! That would suck.
  18. same here I have seen the window sticker online so that helps
  19. Have you pulled up your window sticker and checked your build date? Usually after you get your VIN it can be up to 3 weeks before it's built.. then another 1-2 weeks before it's delivered.