2011 GT on Order

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  1. How do I look it up?
  2. Thank You csledd!!!! I appreciate your help.

    That is freaking awesome!

    My car was built on 8/5/2010, so it may actually arrive next week like they said. Then again, it may not, but at least now I know it's actually been built. That is sweet!
  3. i have a vin # but the web sight to check the number does not work, been waiting 12 weeks, ford needs to make an a statement on these cars!!!!
  4. Wow is this stuff still going on:notnice: I've had my car since 7/5 and I ordered back on 4/17.It was built on 5/14 and the wait was a little over the 8 weeks the dealer told me to expect.

    unless Ford has changed things,you should be able to get daily updates from Customer service when you call.

    I was able to do this with my ordered car.I'm talking from order date untill delivery and everything inbetween.I could call CS and give my Vin# and they would give me up to date info on my car.

    When it shipped they gave me the railcar# and I tracked my car across country to California.I hope you guys get your cars soon.
  5. I was trying the above link also and it doesn't work, at least for me. :mad: I would like to check this out also because I finally got my VIN# yesterday. Any help would be great.
  6. Did you put your vin# in after the " = " sign correct?
  7. Yep, still came up as the web site didn't exsist or it was down, tried it numerous times.
  8. Sorry it didn't work for you Ultrablue. I don't know why it works for me but not for you. Maybe it's not loaded into the system yet????
  9. Thanks csledd for your help. I got my VIN last Friday. I put in the number in the program but it didn't recognise it. Maybe too soon
  10. You can also try Untitled Page

    Same thing put your VIN after the "=" sign

    And yes, your window sticker will not show up as soon as you get your VIN, just depends on your build date. It shows up about a week before the build date. It was 3 weeks after I got my VIN until the window sticker showed up. Sometimes they take the sites down for maintenance as well.