2011 GT Shifting Issue

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  1. Second Gear Crunch

    Same issue as others are having; 2000 miles. Seems like a 1-2 shift when cold requires a pause between the shift and it seems okay. Not normal though based on other manuals I've driven. When it gets warmed up, seems better but still seems to grind some. The 3-2 shift works fine it's just the 1-2 that seems like an issue. Also have a 2-3 grind sometimes. Probably take it in at Christmas to have them keep it over night and drive it cold. I drove an '08 stick and it didn't do it.
  2. Hi galbak1,

    My name is Deysha from Ford Customer Service. I recommend you contact your local dealership and make an appointment to get this vehicle diagnosed as soon as possible. Also, I would like to see how I can be of assistance. Please private message me your VIN, dealer information and your contact information. I would like to help.:)

    Ford Customer Service Division
  3. There is another post on this (or another site, not sure) where a ford dealer put "friction modifier" in the transmission. The same type that goes in the rear end. I havent checked the post lately, but it reportedly seamed to smoth out the shifts. Can you advise on this and should we just put some in ourselves? I dont feel like schedualing time at the dealer
  4. Hey guys, I don't have a new 5.0 but thought I might have a fix for the shift problem:
    If it is caused by the 1st to 4th skip-shift function, why not get a hand-held tuner/programmer that eliminates that feature? I know FRPP has a ProCal tool that eliminates this function and I would hope they would release at least that element of the program in a future TSB to dealers to get rid of the problem, but I would shop around different manufacturers to see what kind of tuners are out there that can get rid of it. Heck, youd even reward yourself by adding more horsepower with the tuner (as if you new 5.0 guys need any more)
  5. Hi redcandystang5.0,

    I do not recommend this friction modifier to be added by any consumer, as it is up to the dealer to determine if this is what your vehicle needs. I am not a technician or an engineer and can not say this is the fix for all transmission concerns being mentioned. While the symptoms may be similar, the vehicle must be diagnosed first at one of our dealerships so they can find the cause of the problem. They would be able to determine the appropriate fix according to the diagnosis. If your vehicle is having a concern, please feel free to pm me your VIN if you need any further assistance.

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  6. I have the same issue, 1-2 shift notchy with occasional grinding and sometimes missing the 2-3 shift. The transmission also has a noise while in neutral. I took it to my dealer to have it checked out. They said they could not reproduce the grinding either hot or cold. I was told by the service manager that the GT Premium has a Hurst shifter, and the other models had a different shifter. That statement caused my BS detector to go off. He went on to say the "Hurst" shifter had a different feel to it, and changing the shifter to the non-Hurst one may correct the feel. I had them to keep it an extra day to check it out more. Got the call today that there was nothing wrong other than the different feel of the "Hurst Shifter". They advised me to drive it more and they would check it out again later. I have 900 miles on my Mustang. If the dang thing had a Hurst shifter, it would shift better, not worse!
  7. 2nd Gear Issue

    I have not heard that the GT Premium had a different shifter; seems like that would be a selling point, but regardless, the grinding is in the transmission, not the shifter. I was driving yesterday and had the "hard to get into second" issues when cold. I had the 1-4 shift light come on several times but that really dogs you down so I made a point of being above 2000 rpms on subsequent 1-2 shifts. I now have 2100 miles on mine and it seems better when its warm, but I still don't think its right for it to grind when cold. I'm going to take it to the dealer during Christmas week and let them have it overnight so they can drive it cold.

    I had ordered mine in April; it was built in May and held for "quality checks" until July. I wonder now (really wonder) if this was the issue. If so, obviously it didn't work. Anyhow, love the car - runs like a scalded cat!
  8. I know that an interior upgrade comes with a different knob. I like the feel of the stock knob better myself. My issue is starting to piss me off the car is real fun but when its cold and I shift slow it grinds worse. I have my first oil change coming up and I will be asking them to address that at that point.
  9. Roush Shift Knob

    I have the base GT and switched the shift knob to a Roush (retro) white shift knob. It was $75 (Blue Oval Ford) but I really like it; I think the Shelby has a similar knob. It comes with a new boot, spacer, lock nut and white (or black) six-speed knob.
  10. This is sounding like a common problem on the 2011 5.0. I am looking at buying a 2011 Premium GT with 3.73s and when I test drove it, there was a little grind from 1st to 2nd. I don't want to spend 30K+ on a brand new stang with issues straight off the lot! Although the new 5.0 does have some good power. Maybe all the bugs will be worked out by 2012.
  11. 1-2 issue - similar to 2001

    Hey, I'm new to these forums. I picked up a 2011 GT premium manual with 3.55 and the Brembo's. It has about 500 miles on it. I'm also having the 1-2 grind issues. For those thinking this is a big thing, it really isn't. My 2001 GT with the tremec 3650 had the same exact issue. It's not really broken, it's just not smooth. Try it at different rev's going into 2nd. I bet you find it's smooth at higher rev's. It seems that mustang tranny's don't like the cold. It's just something that goes with the car. If you guys find that something is really wrong with the car please post though.
  12. Hey Todd95GT,

    It's Deysha from Customer Service. If you'd like to PM me with your VIN, dealer info, and contact info; I can try to help you with this concern.

    Ford Customer Service Division
  13. This shifter/tranny/skipshift thing really is a pain! Are you shifting into 2nd gear or is it going to go into 4th. That should be my decision!
    And why should it feel like your going to break something if you shift a little quick?
    I think part of the problem might be that nice QUIET, NO VIBRATION, NO NOISE shifter. Its like trying to move it into gear with a piece of rubber. The syncros are just bouncing off the gear teeth instead of going into them.
    I also noticed this problem (although not as bad) with my new 2001 GT.
    I didnt even shift the car hard untill I got a Steeda Tri-Ax for it. After that is was much better.
    In fact, Id bet I was the first 2001 GT owner with the new mid year tranny and a Tri-Ax shifter!
    When I bought the Tri-Ax I didnt know about the new tranny. But I found out when I tried to install it!
    So I made a 3/8 spacer plate out of aluminum and it went right in.
    I have purchased a Tri-Ax for my 11 but, I dont know when I'll get under there to do it?
    Anybody with aftermarket shifters notice any improvement?????
  14. 1st Gear Grind - Ford Response - Known Issue

    I took my 2011 5.0 six-speed to the dealer last week (12/28/10); here is their current response - service manager printed it out for me:

    Special Service Message: 21661 2011 Mustang - MT82 Cold Shift Effort
    Some 2011 Mustang vehicles equipped with a MT82 6-speed manual transmission may exhibit increased shift efforts in cold ambient temperatures. This is usually most noticeable in 1st and 2nd gears but may also be noticed in 3rd through 6th gears. Engineering is investigating this concern and no repairs are recommended at this time. The use of friction modifiers or other fluid additives is not recommended since although they may provide some immediate improvement in cold shift effort. They are likely to result in long term degradation of the synchronizers.
    Effective Date 12/20/2010.

    So the problem is known, but they don't know what to do yet. Mine is fine (for the most part) after it warms up; still not the best shifter I've shifted but definitely the best sounding car I've ever had - added Roush over-the-axle exhaust - awesome!
  15. Unplug the skip shift plug on the top, rear passenger side of the trans. No issues except more enjoyable driving. 5 min job.
  16. Has anyone tried replacing stock transmission fluid with Royal Purple fluid? I was thinking of trying that if the shifting didn't start to loosen up (just got my car Christmas Eve). Don't know if it will be a waste of money, though.
  17. I just picked up my '11 on 12/30/10. I have a 401A premium with 3.73s, and the ice cold aluminum shift knob :).

    Right now in Detroit it's 23 degrees. When the car is cold and I'm shifting from 1-2 at a moderately slow speed, I get a slight "crunch" as it goes into gear. I had the same "problem" with my 2007 (with Hurst billet shifter).

    After the car warms up, everything seems to be much better. I only have 280 miles on the car so I'm not beating on the thing (I also have the Brembo package with summer-only tires. Not ideal for 20 degree weather.). Sometimes there is a very slight crunch going into 3rd. I have not tried to shift very quickly through the gears, but going with a slower movement from gate to gate (when warm) seem to be ok for me. I do not have the increased effort difficulty some of you are mentioning on the 1-2.

    The skip shift "feature" is a little puzzling. I see the display telling me when it will happen, but it doesn't always happen when I see the message. Does anyone know if there's a specific RPM range when this "feature" will come on?

    I thought it would bog the car quite a bit on a 1-4 shift, but it actually can drive away from 4th without much problem. Today, I accidentally shifted from 2-5th...and it was no problem there either. I suppose the gates are pretty close. LOL

    Not happy with the rubbery feel, however. I might look into a Barton shifter come summer time.
  18. Yes, the car does an amazing job at low speeds and a higher gear. There is not much need for down shifting on corners if traffic is moving good.

    I found on my '11, the skip shift hit between 1500 and 1800 rpm. It also seemed not to happen if it was a bit of an aggressive run to that rpm. You really have to granny drive it to see it happen a lot. I just got tired of it catching me off guard.
  19. I test drove a 2011 GT today with about 800 miles on it, brembos, 3.73's etc and I must say I'm incredibly impressed with the car.

    However, the reason I'm posting in this particular thread though was because 3rd gear proved to be a bit elusive on numerous shifts. the car was plenty warm and it's about 65*F out also so I think that rules out the temperature causing it. It seemed that even with the clutch fully depressed, it was still grinding 3rd every so often. If I let the clutch out then pushed it back in, it would then go into 3rd without any trouble.

    It was doing this under both normal cruising as well as when I was really pushing the car and when I'm really getting on it, the last thing I want is for 3rd to be a debbie downer. The salesman didn't really say anything when it happpend though.. I'm sure he was sitting there thinking "geez this noob can' shift to save his life" :D

    I did ask about the skip shift before I got behind the wheel and dude didn't know anything about it... either the previous owner had disabled it or something because even when babying the RPM's, it let me into 2nd without any issue.

    Oh and the 1-> 2 shift was butter smooth.
  20. Hello all, even though this thread died somewhat, I couldn't help but reply and say i'm sorry you all are having issues with the tranny.

    I am new here and I picked up my '11 GT on 31 December 2011. I have not had any shifting issues that is not related to my getting used to the six speed. There was a learning curve their. I have been driving strictly manuals for more than 30 years so, I am somewhat familiar with them. I think I've run into the 1-4 shift thing once or twice but, at the times I did, I just thought it was me miss shifting. Since I'v gotten used to the shifter now, I have had no problems. The shifter in this car is much smoother and less notchy than my Bullitt was although I didn't have an issue with it being that way. I put a Steeda Tri-Ax in it and made it more acceptable.

    Anyway, I have found that shifting this thing is pretty easy. When I was learning the ins and outs of it, I was being harsh and direct with it and that's not what you want to do as I found out. Now, I shift using two fingers to second and just a push into 3rd (shifter finds it's own way to 3rd), a kind of throw back into 4th and a somewhat forced and angled push to 5th and 6th. This pattern seems to work for me. I have not had any issues with grinding, until yesterday when earlier I was thinking I haven't chunked a gear in this thing yet. Well, low and behold I did yesterday by not depressing the clutch far enough to get a smooth shift. However, I have not done any aggressive shifting as of yet and this all may change. We'll see.

    I find it somewhat laughable that a dealership mechanic would say that a premium package has the "Hurst shifter" in it. Maybe the shift ball? :rolleyes: At anyrate, I will leave that up to some research to present itself

    As far as adding different fluids and such goes, I go with not doing so to protect the warranty. If you have an issue it's probably best to take it in. Also, by doing so, I would do a test drive with a tech with you driving to get the full effect of what ever the problem may be. Don't leave to them to 'give it a try'. 9 times out of 10 they are going to come back with a "we can't find a problem" deal. Good luck to you'all in finding the solution. :flag: