2011 GT Shifting Issue

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  1. ???

    That is just another internet forum post, not a legitimate source, nor does it pertain to shifting but to a "leak".

    Has any one asked the ford rep here in the forums?

    I understand what u r saying about tires but if a customer makes changes that a dealer says causes a problem then the only recourse one has is to return the car to the original specs.
  2. Deysha either doesn't know anything about it or any details or she is not at liberty to divulge any details about it. :(
  3. China

    I think that the origin of these tranny problems is sub par manufacturing and or assembly/production from China. The Chinese make and assemble crap. Until Ford accepts this fact they will continue to have problems.
  4. 2011Stang,

    Thank you for your patience with your dealer. I would like to arrange for a Customer Care Specialist to contact you to discuss your concerns. If you choose to do so, please send me a PM and let me know.

    As for the quality hold, I do not have any details on it, but if anyone has a specific concern, please PM me with your VIN, contact information, mileage, and servicing dealer information. I will work with you to resolve any issues.


  5. The boss/GT have shifting issues because of the TRANSMISSION. Not because they are lowered. If you really think that the GT has problems shifting if its lowered then you should probably look around the internet more. A chit ton of mustang owners lowered there cars and have no transmission shifting issues what-so-ever, pre 2011. My 04' GT is slammed with coil overs up front and springs in the back and has ZERO shifting problems. If anyone honestly thinks the 5.0's have shifting problems because they are lowered then please do some more research.

    Adjustments in the suspension need to change when you lower a car. Not the drivetrain. I've never heard of adjustments needing to be made in the drivetrain for a lowered car. What are you talking about?
  6. Problem caused by drive train angle? BFS!! Why do service manager think that their customers are stupid? Why don't the service managers take these things seriously? It would seem to me that a problem exsist with the tranny on these vehicles with all the complaints a simularities of stories about them. Maybe a class action suit is in order here?

    I believe that there is enough evidence for Ford to do a total recall on the transmission in these cars. Find another six speed that is known to be reliable and offer to replace each and every tranny in all the '11 and '12 Mustangs. Redirecting the blame to modifications that are proven and accepted as safe and reliable is nonsense, car manufacturers seem to like to dig the hole a little deeper before they except the truth. And so it goes....

    By the way, I have had no issue with my Mustang in any area but, that doesn't mean it ain't going to happen. Ford had better own up to the problem instead of offering flimsy excuses because its not going to endear people to buy and trust their product if they can't live up to their own motto "Quality is Job 1".
  7. Natasha sent you pm
  8. mbuckcoyote,

    I assure you the concerns on this site are not an indication of an issue that affects every Mustang. I know it seems like everyone is having the same concern, and while the symptoms may be the same, the causes may be different. Due to our rigorous safety standards and constant testing, not all issues result in recall or Customer Satisfaction Programs. If you develop a concern, please don't hesitate to let me know.


    I have not received your PM yet. You may want to resend it, and I will assist in resolving this for you.

  9. yes there might be the problem....

  10. Well, I took the car to another dealer per customer service and the car shifted fine while me and tech were driving for 20 min or so. We decided to document when the issue happened to try and narrow down what is the cause. Last night I'm cruising after work and a new Camaro SS pulled up next to me. I couldn't resist the challenge so when the light turned green we both gave' em hell. I pulled almost completely past him then as I went for 2nd at 6500...no go. All I could do was watch him drive away...no I didn't write it in the little effen notepad that I keep in the console. I don't think I will ever forget the specifics of having my ass handed to me by a 20 year old punk in his daddy's camaro. Thanks
  11. Okay, I've read quite a few posts about this issue. My opinion and suggestion for ANYONE that has problem with the DEALER not fixing a issue with the new cars, is to contact the Better Business Bureau AUTO LINE. YES, I said Auto Line. That's the important dept within the BBB. Most Dealers are a member of this. A Arbitrator will make the decision. Here's the steps, First you take your car in to the service center and if no resultls, you call the Service Center and ask to speak with the Service Manager, if no results contact the Dealership Manager, if no results call the BBB Auto Line. I had to do this regarding a issue, not with Ford though but that doesn't matter. The end result was that they had to buy back the car. This is making a long....story short, but it works, if all else fails. I don't think Ford would want a bunch of bad reviews on their cars though, so I'm hoping they'll all be taken care of. If you do end up going into BBB Auto Line, be sure and have all these steps documented. Seriously, I hope you all end up getting your cars taken care of in a timely manner. I know what it's like and if my Dad was alive he'd also tell you about a Motor that Ford had to replace. That wasn't a big recall thing like this looks to be heading towards though. Oh Man!, I hope this gets taken care of quick. Ford has made big steps regarding continuous Process Improvement and quality. I hope they don't end up buying these transmission and/or linkages combinations any more. I've never had any problems with the Mustangs I've owned so It's a shock to me. I don't even have any problems with my 98 SVT Mustang Cobra transmisson, when some people are saying bad things. Some of them did admit that the people that are having the most problems are the ones that are pwr shifting at the track or where ever. They added that the short throw shifters have helped that issue a lot.
  12. Just got a '12 GT Brembo, 3.73 3 days ago and noticed 1 to 4 shift. Thought it was just me but will now be telling my dealer about it. Does'nt happen all the time, but should'nt happen at all.
  13. It's called "skip shift" and they all do it. It was obviously a well thoughout design [flaw] inclusion.:shrug:
  14. to echo mbuck said...its programmed in for certain temperatures/accel rates. You should see a message on the display before youre gated. You can double clutch out of it...at least I can.
  15. just unplug the solenoid on the tranny right top rear corner.....never mess with it again.
  16. I have never been locked out. I've seen the message quite a few times but I don't really look at the display much which driving. The few times I have seen it, it's never locked me out of second gear. Maybe mine came disconnected from the factory? :-D
  17. Skip Shift adds resistance to encourage shifting from first to fourth for better fuel economy, but it is still able to be shifted to other gears, though it is not recommended.

  18. Although i'm not defending the MT82 itself, but the maker of the transmission, i.e. "Getrag" has made some very awesome transmissions and most of the models that are in use in cars have withstood countless miles of high horsepower abuse. That comment about the chinese making crap, america makes stuff better seems pretty cynical if you ask me, even though GETRAG is german owned so that might further irritate you more about the company.
  19. 1-4 skip shift

    I have '12 GT premium, brembo 3.73 w/ 1800 mi that we purchased about a month ago. I noticed it going into 4th from 1st and thought it was just me till I read these post. I brought it to the dealer and the service manager acted like he had never heard of it. It has done it from day one and contin:mad:ues to this day. 2nd feels notchy and when it tries to skip to 4th, I override it. If it causes problems, ford will have to fix it. Either the service manager is clueless, or he is full of it. Not sure which, but eventually they will have to correct it.

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  20. This is an unfortunate normallity of this tranny. Someone noted that past Corvette models also had skip-shift. I had it until recently? Very curious. I put a aftermarket tune on my car and supposedly it also deals with the skip-shift issue so it may not have it now. However, I have not experienced this issue for sometime now anyway.

    This issue may become academic anyway as the NHTSA is looking into the shifting issues with this tranny and Ford may be forced to do a recall for a fix. This may take some time though.