2011 GT Shifting Issue

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  1. Hi bbb455,

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I believe you are referring to Skip Shift, which locks out 2 (Second) and 3 (Third) gears for improved fuel economy. It uses vehicle speed, RPM and load on the engine to determine the ideal time to shift. If you are still concerned about your shifting, please let me know. Have a good afternoon!

  2. I unplugged mine. Easy job, no more skip shift.....tranny is operating great. I do a test shift nearly every time I drive it.....works as it should all the way to....well, into 5th at high rpms.......and 10,600 miles now.
  3. Just wanted to update.
    Car is at 17k now and it had been grinding into 2nd and 3rd since I got it. 2 weeks ago it started grinding in 5th and steadily got worse. Eventually I couldnt use 5th at all. Took it in to dealer and the tore it down . Lots of metal shavings, doing a rebuild. The dealer is being very helpful but it would have been nice if it was taken care of last year when instead of being told that it was normal operation.
  4. Just unplug the skip shift and be done with it. I did that to mine and have had 12,000+ miles trouble free.....
  5. Started having the same problem a couple hundred miles ago. Have a Hurst short throw installed and it makes no difference.
  6. Found this thread through google... I know it's old, but just wanted to chime in that I have a 2014 and it still has the same problem.

    Sometimes second grinds for no apparent reason. Seems to grind more consistently when making a left hand turn.
  7. I was having the same problem and did A LOT of research and could not find just one direct fix. So I took it to 2 different dealers and they said it was OK. I decided to research what Ford uses for their shifter bracket and found out it is a cheap flimsy metal bracket that is REALLY zip tied together from the dealer. So I decided to order a Barton 2 post shifter bracket and the Barton short throw shifter package (you have to unbolt the shifter bracket to install the short shifter so might as well do them both at the same time.) now I am not getting anymore grinds from 1st to 2nd and I am not missing 2nd to 3rd. The only downside to the 2 post shifter bracket is the reverse is much harder to get into and switching gears is a little louder. I actually like the sound. They say it gets quiet with time. You can see plenty of videos on YouTube about this. I'll be posting a video review of before and after to my YouTube channel soon.
  8. Check his sig. He's got the barton bracket already.

    I would say that the whiteline transmission bushing insert may help. I noticed an improvement when I put that in mine.
  9. I had the same problem. The hydraulic line is plastic. Replace with mcleod braided line. Also removed the clutch assist spring now works perfect.
  10. That was actually the next thing I was going to try. Saw this one in an AM magazine:
    SR Performance Braided Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line

    Did you install it yourself or take it somewhere? The install guides say it can be a bit tough to get your hand where you need to due to clearance issues.
  11. I replaced myself was very easy. If you don't feel comfortable with something like that definately take it in. It only takes an hour to do.
  12. I'm definitely no mechanic, but I can follow directions.

    I was just a little hesitant after reading about the potential clearance problems.

    I installed the Barton shifter bracket myself in the garage after the shop had already install the aluminum driveshaft and x-pipe. (both are much larger in diameter than stock)

    Clearance was a HUGE problem and it ended up taking way longer than I had anticipated. I've never made so many tiny turns of a wrench in my life to get a bolt tightened. HAHAH.

    It sounds like you didn't run into any major issues.....

  13. I had a 2011 5.0 with the MT82 & 3.73's. Until warm mine would grind going from first to second and then from second to third. I had the TSB done and then my local Ford dealership replaced syncos and some other things which didn't help one bit. This was my third Mustang and left me very disappointed. My old '91 GT and '93 Cobra never had any problems.
  14. Judging by the age of this thread and the fact that the problem is still ongoing, it's about time a fix has been offered. The Blowfish Racing bracket is now available to fix the 1-2 grinding, 2-3 nibble and 5th gear lockout. My Blowfish Racing bracket is still in transit to me but ALL Mustang owners who have installed it have reported 100% success if fixing these issues.

    I've already had 3 trans rebuilds and a trans replacement under warranty for these issues without success. I have also installed an MGW shifter and Whiteline bushing with no effect. It's been a long and troublesome journey with my Boss 302 so far. I am highly anticipating the proper shifting that the Blowfish Racing bracket offers. It's about time I got to enjoy my Mustang for what it is (or should have been).
  15. I watched the installation video on Youtube from CJPonyParts I think it was...

    Clearance looked like it may be an issue in my case... I'm definitely intrigued though...

  16. Not sure what clearance you are concerned about? I just installed the BlowFish bracket this past Saturday. By far.....this is the best upgrade to address the inaccurate shifting issue. Under hard acceleration I can now switch gears with ease and without guess work......it feels like a real shifter and not something vague and rubbery. I also have an MGW shifter and the Whiteline bushing. Both of those upgrades improved the shifting...but by very minimal levels.

    Can't recommend the BlowFish bracket enough. The shifting issue has been the single largest complaint I had with my Boss. The situation has now been addressed and I'm extremely happy



  17. I had an extremely difficult time installing the Barton due to the increased diameter of an aluminum driveshaft and after market x-pipe. Particular, I had a hard time getting a socket in there to tighten down the clamp that clamps on to shifter housing. I ended up having to use a wrench and make tiny turns.

    But now that you have it installed, on to the real questions!

    Does the bracket:
    • Get rid of the 1-2 crunch (commonly occurs while making left hand turns)
    • The 2-3 nibble?
    • The random "bucking" from the shifter handle that can be felt sometimes when shifting
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  18. I had problems with 1-2, 2-3, 3-4. All under hard acceleration. I had nibbling, hunting for the gear and lockout. Some of the lockout may be related to the clutch and shifting above 7000 rpm. I can tell you that I went through the gears shifting at 6500-7000 rpms and never had a hint of my previous issues. The bracket truly keeps the shifter and tranny aligned....so shifting occurs as it should....no variation in locations of the shifter versus the transmission.

    As far as fitting around your aftermarket driveshaft....I would highly recommend that you email Steve.....owner /inventor of BlowFish Racing to see what diameter the bracket will fit. Here's a link to contact him by email: https://www.blowfishracing.com/contact-us

    In any event.......The shifting issues,prior to the bracket, had me contemplating the installation of the Magnum XL transmission. Now I think I can live with the MT-82. I have no vested interest in Blowfish Racing...except for the fact his stuff that I've purchased is well engineered and manufactured.....and they just plain work. They also don't break the bank!

  19. Senderofan, you have convinced me to purchase the Blowfish Racing bracket; once funds permit:nonono:

    I installed the Steeda improvement bracket/bushing, which helped somewhat, but still had some MT-82 issues...