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Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by oh9mustang, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. That's different dude... Some guy just slapped a supercharger on the 4.6...
    Mustang Coyote coming in 2010 - Top Speed

    Wah-lah --> Ford Exec Confirms Return Of 5.0-Liter V8 - Ford Mustang news

    +1... Except wait, wth does Roush have to do with the Cobra & GT500? Are you thinking of Eaton/Whipple?
  2. Original name for the 2007 SVT Mustang was going to be Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500. A lot of the original info (pre-production) had Shelby and Cobra in the name. It was deemed to be too long a name, so it was shortened to just Shelby GT500 by the time production started. SVT got to have their logo in a few places since they were nice enough to do 99% of its development.

    Many have argued over the past few years that if Shelby's name was kept off the 2007+ SVT Mustangs (while keeping the same 500hp beast intact), that the pricing could have been many thousands less and there would have been no crazy markups by the dealers. In that respect, I (like the OP) wish that SVT would release a Mustang w/o Shelby's name on it so that we could have an affordable step up from a GT.
  3. Ford owns the Name COBRA and maybe some mag, writter was calling it a GT500 Cobra, That sure don't mean that Ford was. When Ford and Shelby had a falling out in 1969 Shelby tried to use the COBRA name when he went to Chysler and Got sued for his trouble. I even had salesmen call that Shelby a COBRA, Just because people are dumb don't mean they are correct. The last cobra Shelby made was in 1968 the last cobra ford made was in 2004. ALL Shelby Mustangs are not cobras, They are some veriation of the GT350/500/500KR etc. Roush/Steeda/Salene are not Cobras, they are a veriation of the GT with sprinkles.
  4. What about the Cobra Saleen? Ever seen one in person? I have. I believe there is one on Ebay right now too :) (no, this is not sarcasm or a joke)

  5. That is a special edition mustang. The coyote mentioned in this thread is the engine name, like "lsx"..... TECHNICALLY speaking, GT500 isn't a cobra....ford needs to do what someone above said 'bout the 200+mpg electric car. That would really help the average. Yes it would be cool to hve the cobra back without the Shelby pric--ugh i mean name. Time will tell.

    And cobra saleens? 1) still a COBRA 2) Saleen is a third party, somewhat irrelevant from this topic

    I heard that by 2015 Ford would have successfully brought back Pontiac :p

    edit: oh and you havn't seen JACK 'til you've seen a single turbo Cobra R in person. I'll see if I can dig up a pic :)
  6. OMG some people in this thread have no clue what the hell they are talking about.

    Roush and SVT have gone hand and hand with the design of the Cobras for years. Tons of testing is/was done at Roush.

    Just because of the Shelby name on the car isn't the reason the car is so expensive it’s due to the fact that it’s a better car in general to the 03/04 Cobra. Better brakes, suspension, interior, motor, transmission, ect cost more. Now would the markups been as bad and lasted as long as they did, most likely not but the car would still have been a $40k+ car with or without Shelby’s name.

    The Shelby GT500/ Cobra was well into the design faze/prototype faze before anyone ever thought about bringing Shelby into it. The ONLY input Shelby gave was his name and that it needed wider tires.

    Tons of people **** that the GT500 is not as good as what the Cobra could have been. Those people are morons because the 2007-2010+ GT500 is the 2007-2010+ Cobra. It’s a different name but it was designed by SVT/Roush to be the new Cobra but some marketing exec thought it would sell better with the Shelby name. Guess what he was right and they are still selling very well for the economic state we are in.

    As for the motor change it will continue to be a 5.4 supposedly an aluminum block with even a little more power, possibly the TVS blower will be seen for 2011 but not 100% confirmed. As for the name it will stay GT500 till at least 2012 as ford signed another 3 year contract to use the Shelby name. (2007-2009) (2010-2012)
  7. OMG some people in this thread have no clue what the hell they are talking about.

    Jack Roush had and or has nothing whatsoever to do with the Cobra.

    SVT asked Jack to make the Bullit and he did. Jack makes Stage 1-2-and 3 mustang GTs and V-6s that he puts his touch to.

    "The Shelby GT500/ Cobra was well into the design faze/prototype faze before anyone ever thought about bringing Shelby into it. "

    I wonder just how FORD was going to pull that off? The Shelby name and GT500 are Shelby's, and there is no such thing as a GT500 Cobra, Ford doesn't get to make a Shelby because it wants to!!!

    " As for the name it will stay GT500 till at least 2012 as ford signed another 3 year contract to use the Shelby name"

    Now there's some insight.

    Corvette signed a new 3 year deal With Gm to build a 4 door car. See how easy that was.

    The new mustang motor is the 5.0 not the 5.4, unless the SVT Cobra decides to use the 5.4.
  8. In 2005, the Shelby GT500 was revealed at the New York International Auto Show, and became available in the summer of 2006 as part of the model year 2007 lineup. It is powered by a 5.4 Liter Modular V8, with 4V per cylinder heads borrowed from the $150K Ford GT supercar, an eaton M122 roots supercharger and is rated by Ford at 500 hp (370 kW) and 480 ft·lbf (650 N·m) of torque. It boasts a Tremec T-6060 manual transmission, reworked suspension geometry, 18-inch wheels, functional aerodynamic body kit, and still retains the solid rear axle. The GT500 starts at an MSRP of $40,930 for the coupe, and $45,755 for the convertible version. Although Carroll Shelby had no hands-on involvement in the design of the car, he did provide Ford and SVT (Special Vehicle Team) input on what would make the car better. Most notably, he convinced Ford to enlist wider rear tires (from 255 mm wide to 285 mm wide). This car is the aftermarket's dream ... with less than $1000 in simple modifications (smaller pulley on the supercharger, cold air intake, and custom remapping of the ECU) the car's horsepower can jump to over 650 and torque over 600.

    Shelby, in cooperation with the Hertz Corporation, produced a limited-edition Shelby GT-H in 2006. The GT-H is a special-edition Ford Mustang GT, available only for rental from Hertz. A Ford Racing Performance Group FR1 Power Pack boosts the GT's 4.6-liter, V-8 engine to 325 hp (242 kW). The car has a custom Shelby hood and black and gold body styling, incorporating a gold-plated "Hertz" nameplate on both sides of the car. The GT-H is limited to a run of 500 vehicles and is available for rental at major cities and airports across the United States.

    A consumer version of the Shelby GT-H is available from Ford, called the Shelby GT. It has a production run limited to 6,000 vehicles for 2007 and 2300 for 2008, and features the same powerplant as the GT-H, but includes more suspension upgrades and is available with both manual and automatic transmissions. White and black colors were available for 2007 models and grabber orange or blue are available for 2008. A convertible is available in 2008 also. Few models leaving the Shelby factory in Las Vegas with a supercharger are called Shelby GT/SC. All Shelby GT's are shipped with the Shelby serial number (CSM) on the dash board badge and in the engine compartment - such as 07SGT0001 or 08SGT0001.
  9. What do you need Camaro Guys for.....you guys argue pretty good without us lol

    The new Shelby ( Cobra ) looks outright amazing....540hp and gets alot of the GT500KR Stuff. Motor Trend said they managed a 12.60 out of it, but the tires wouldnt hook so theres much room for improvement.
  10. Well dude you might want to tell that to John Coletti who talks about teaming up with Roush in his book “Iron Fist, Lead Foot”. I guess he wouldn’t know anything since he is basically the brainchild behind the 03/04 Cobra and Lightning.

    Also here is a quote from a very close source in the SVT team.


    Do you think they build and design a whole car in a matter of months? These cars have years of testing and design work put into them before people even see the prototypes on the streets or at car shows. There was a reason there was no Cobra /GT500 from 05-06 its because they were working on the car.

    I don’t even know what you are trying to say here.

    The new 5.0 is going to be in the GT not the GT500 the GT500 will continue to have the 5.4 in it as I stated before.

    Like I said you have no clue what you are talking about even though you think you do.

    EDIT: An article that simply states Roush and SVT work together. Second to last paragraph.

  11. Hmm... I really don't see ANY connection between Roush and SVT!? They have nothing in common... No Roush blower, suspension, exterior or interior mods...

    Can someone please explain!? I don't think Roush has ANYTHING to do with Cobras...
  12. It could be the fact that they are right beside each other. Just becuase it doesn't have Roush parts doesn't mean they didn't help with it. The biggest thing Roush has done is helped with designing the motors.
  13. orly_owl.jpg

    I'm interested... Care to link me somewhere? I was under the impression Roush was a separate entity from Ford, just as Saleen, Steeda, Griggs, Cervinis, etc are. :scratch:
  14. They are a seperate company and are not actually part of ford. They have just worked with each other on certain projects.

    Its not something that alot of people know about or is talked about. Like I said get the book "Iron Fist, Lead Foot" and it talks breifly about it. The link in my previous post says like one sentence about it too. LOL
  15. I politely disagree: Ford was going to call the S197 SVT Mustang the Shelby Cobra GT500. I've been the SVT director for a large volume Ford dealer for the past 10 years. I order all of our SVT's, Mustangs, and Shelbys. I train our staff on all things SVT and Shelby.

    Here's a very early training memo from 2005 (from Ford corporate!) that clearly names the S197 SVT as a "Shelby Cobra GT500..."

    2005 MY Mustang Convertible/V6/Shelby Cobra GT500

    Delivery Method: FORDSTAR

    Course Description: This information packed broadcast will provide a Mustang coupe launch update,a walkaround of the Mustang Convertible, a detailed overview of the V-6 including features and benefits, and a first look at the hot Shelby Cobra GT500 that was recently revealed at the New York Auto Show. ​

    Of course, the name was shortend and simplified to Shelby GT500 by the time production started in 2006, but for about the first year after the concept car was introduced, it was known as the Shelby Cobra GT500.
  16. I'm directing this to oh9 and I think what I'm about to say has probably been said in this thread already, but oh9, what is your vision of a "Cobra"?

    For all intents and purposes, the GT500 is essentially the spiritual successor to the Cobra Mustangs of the 90s and early 2000s. It's an upscale, exclusive, higher performing Mustang much like what the old Cobras were. So maybe the "Cobra" name isn't on it but everything else about it essentially screams "Cobra" (Try doing it yourself like Cobra Commander did in the old G.I. Joe cartoon).

    So what do you see a Cobra as assuming you don't think the GT500 fits the role in either name or purpose?
  17. Umm, oh9--I think Mr. Brian there very politely corrected you. Maybe you should very politely apologize?

    Some polite advice: Whenever you start a post with "people don't have a clue" you probably better think twice and look in the mirror before you hit "submit reply".
  18. See, there you go again with the names.

    May I point out to you a few flaws in your points above?

    1) The last Shelby Cobra was assembled in March of 1967. (you are of course, referring to the 2 seat cars Shelby built using the AC chassis and the Ford engines, correct?)
    2) In 1968 Ford took significant control of the production of the "Shelby Mustangs" as you refer to them. "For the first (and only time) the Cobra name was actually applied to the Mustang-based Shelbys, and for 1968 they became the Shelby Cobra GT350...and Shelby Cobra GT500" Miller, Ray. "Mustang Does It! An Illustrated History". Bakersfield, CA: Sierra Printers, 1978.

    Although Ford never used the term in 1969 and 1970, They do display a dash emblem that reads "Cobra GT 350(or 500)". So, there are at least two instances where the name "Cobra" was applied to a Shelby Mustang--once officially by Ford (1968), and again unofficially on the vehicle badging (1969/70).

    Breathe, dude. None of us knows everything about these cars. Maybe if you take a little different approach, and stop insulting people, you'll learn some more.
  19. You need to understand that Roush has multiple divisions within the company. The original focus of Roush was as an outside engineering firm that was available to contract work with the Big 3. This is still by far the largest division of the company that has branched out into many fields of expertise that have nothing to do with the auto industry. Then came the race teams, first in Trans-Am and IMSA, then NASCAR. The third branch of the company is Roush Performance, the aftermarket division that supplies the "Stage" cars and trucks and parts like suspension, superchargers, etc...

    Read this. Just becuase you didn't know about this aspect doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  20. How about you guys just refer to it as a "Mustang" ...Im most certain you all can agree on that :)
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