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Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by oh9mustang, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. I am sure you are aware of this but I just want to make it clear.. they are not bringing back the 5.0 this motor has NOTHING in common with a SBF I don't even think it's modular based either.. probably part of a new family of ford V-8's
  2. Hmm... Interesting! I didn't see anything on that link relating to "Ford" or "SVT"... But whatever you say... :shrug:
    I don't doubt the relation between the two. I'm pretty sure they were more involved with the actual engine (block) than anything else however.

    Read this... I posted this earlier. Ford Exec Confirms Return Of 5.0-Liter V8 - Ford Mustang news

  3. I think what he was referring to is that it’s not like the original 5.0. Yes it’s a 5.0 in size but everything else is different.

    Either way it's going to be one hell of a motor. (I've already seen it)
  4. You don't get it. I'm not even saying that Ford did contract work to Roush with regards to any Cobra model. Just trying to point out that what others have posted is quite possible and realistic.

    It's a modern DOHC V-8. It has nothing in common with the 5.0 that Vanilla Ice sang about other than displacement. That's the point others are trying to make. This is not an extension of the Ford small block family that originated in 1962 with the 221 and progressed through to the 302 and 351 Windsor.
  5. With the new 5.0 just over the horizon I'm not surprised if SVT will upgrade the GT500 to a worked up version of the 6.2L V8 engine that the Raptor is supposed to get. Supercharged or not there isn't much of a displacement difference between the 5.0L and the 5.4L engine. So they gotta do something bigger to justify the different trim levels.

    Also I'm fresh from test driving the 2010 model at one of Houston's oldest and most reputed dealers and the salesperson (which will all remain anonymous to protect the innocent or the ignorant) who has been with the company close to 20 years said that after getting a sneak preview of the new Taurus SHO he poked with the Ford personnel and asked what the Mustang will do and they said over the next few years the car will get significant performance updates on an almost yearly basis. This of course will last up until the new fuel economy standards will hit in that case most performance models will become even more rare then they already are.

    This as I said is what I was told. Seems to support the GT going to the 5.0L and the GT500 possibly going to the 6.2L but you be the judge.
  6. Yeah... I know that! :rlaugh:

    Yeah yeah yeah. I know that. :rolleyes:

    I just realized that Vanilla Ice song is about a Mustang. :p Thanks haha, now I have a good nickname for my uncle!!! :lol:
  7. Yellow 04

    Please stop telling me I don't know what I’m talking about, That just makes me want to recant with a FU.

    Your link that you put up and said to look at the last paragraph had this comment.

    "outsourcing more work to Roush Enterprises, Inc., which has helped on past projects"

    Like I said before, Jack worked with the SVT on the Bullit That’s all, He has nothing to do with Cobras or Shelby.
    Here’s jack with Bullit 1.

    YouTube - Jack's Toys Episode 2: Bullitt One

    "See, there you go again with the names. "
    I didn't call anyone a name, Unless you may consider yourself dumb and then all I said was "Just because people are dumb don't mean they are correct."

    The quote
    "people don't have a clue"
    Came from Yellow 04 post, I just cut and paste it with Quotation marks around it.
    Here’s his whole post.

    " 04YELLOWGT
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    OMG some people in this thread have no clue what the hell they are talking about.

    Roush and SVT have gone hand and hand with the design of the Cobras for years. Tons of testing is/was done at Roush.

    Just because of the Shelby name on the car isn't the reason the car is so expensive it’s due to the fact that it’s a better car in general to the 03/04 Cobra. Better brakes, suspension, interior, motor, transmission, ect cost more. Now would the markups been as bad and lasted as long as they did, most likely not but the car would still have been a $40k+ car with or without Shelby’s name.

    The Shelby GT500/ Cobra was well into the design faze/prototype faze before anyone ever thought about bringing Shelby into it. The ONLY input Shelby gave was his name and that it needed wider tires.

    Tons of people **** that the GT500 is not as good as what the Cobra could have been. Those people are morons because the 2007-2010+ GT500 is the 2007-2010+ Cobra. It’s a different name but it was designed by SVT/Roush to be the new Cobra but some marketing exec thought it would sell better with the Shelby name. Guess what he was right and they are still selling very well for the economic state we are in.

    As for the motor change it will continue to be a 5.4 supposedly an aluminum block with even a little more power, possibly the TVS blower will be seen for 2011 but not 100% confirmed. As for the name it will stay GT500 till at least 2012 as ford signed another 3 year contract to use the Shelby name. (2007-2009) (2010-2012)"

    And finally, A Snake put on a car by Shelby or any V6 owner doesn't make it a Cobra, The last AC Cobra was indeed made in 1967 and in 1968 (November) I almost bought one that had a 1968 title.
    Shelby Putting Cobra on a Mustang means about as much as a Mag writer stating the Gt 500 is a Cobra, Nothing, it's just a badge and it's just a article.
    When is a Cobra a Cobra, When FORD puts Cobra on the Car and more importantly as an option in the Sticker and like the Bullit, will have an identifying vin number that will indicate COBRA.
    This whole debate goes on for years , even when Ford was making a 140 HP Fox Cobra, They were slow and pathetic and didn't deserve the Cobra name, But they were and are Cobras and the Shelby's are GT, Gt500 etc. Not cobras.
  8. So that means the original AC based cars the Carroll built weren't Cobras?
  9. CBus 06 GT
    No,, That means when Shelby was making AC Cobras, He owned the Cobra name. There was nothing else but a AC Cobra. When Ford and Shelby had a falling out in 68 , Ford owned the name Cobra. And being the OWNER of anything, has the right to the distribution of that name.

    Shelby AC Cobras were the original cobras. But after Ford acquired the Cobra Name, It was up to Ford, what cars were and were not Cobras. Shelby at that time was out of Fords fold and had no influence with the Cobra name. Heck, In 1968 Ford put the Cobra name on a Torino. It was far from a AC or A Mustang but it Shirley was a Cobra. Because, FORD, Put the name on the car.
  10. You can call a dog a lion......but it's still a dog.

    I see a snake in the front, one on each side, and one on the back.
    You do the math. Name was shortened. Obviously it confused some people. Like five oh brian said, the car was originally marketed as a Shelby Cobra GT500. My dad has a pamplet somewhere with that on it, but wait a sec, oh, he has one too. It's no coincidence they put cobras on all sides is it then....hmm. What happened 40 years ago isn't going to happen again today the same way. Shelby was more like steeda back then, taking regular mustangs and transforming them. It doesn't mean it is going to happen the same way today. Especially with Ford being all touchy with the COBRA name lately.

    This car is, in and of itself, a cobra. Shelby "collaborated" with SVT. That means he is getting paid for putting his name on it and calling it exclusive. Don't think that's true? Look at how many suckers paid way way way over sticker price. I love SVT cobras don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't buy anything from that greedy old man right now. Disappointed that my dad did, but it's his money not mine. And he's "reliving" his childhood, lol.
  11. Justin
    What five oh brian said was
    "Ford was going to call the S197 SVT Mustang the Shelby Cobra GT500"
    The Key words here are ""WAS going to"", Ford was going to make a Boss, and a Whatever, but they didn't.
    Putting a Snake on a car , just like calling a Lion a Dog don't make the Dog a Lion or the Car a Cobra. If it did then a Viper, (That is a snake you know) would be a Cobra.
    Shelby has the Mustang world caught up in some old BS that for what ever reason has Mustang guys drooling. Except for his AC Cobra, I just never got the Shelby thing, his mustangs in the past were not very fast, The Mach 1 and the GT in 68-69 could beat the Shelby's easy. His cars were more luxury that fast. His new GT500 is kind of fast but a GT with a Procharger would be just as fast and $15,000. cheaper. Personally, I will be glad when the Shelby is gone and the Cobra is back, For what it's worth, SVT made a very good car and Shelby put his name on it. I would love to have one without "SHELBY" on it. But thats me.
  12. Then we are on the same page. But Ford isn't going to bring out a cobra for a while. I can't see them competing with the GT500. There is no market inbetween the GT and the GT500. Well, sort of, steeda, rousch, saleen, etc. But even still, I am pretty sure it will not happen. Fun to dream though, at least you know down to it's roots that this car was built by SVT.

    So you are essentially getting a SVT car and a Shelby price. (<----raped)
  13. Justin
    Friend of mine who owns a Ford dealership told me that he doesn't think the Shelby will be available in 2011. He is a SVT dealer as well an there is some deal with the ordering. He also said he has heard the Cobra will be back in 2011. Granted, dealers don't know everything and I told him if they do make a Cobra in 2011, I want one. Maroon with Dark Charcoal please.
  14. Then get a clue because DUDE YOU ARE WRONG!!!

    Whether you want to believe it or not you’re wrong. Like I said read John Coletti’s book, I’m pretty sure he knows/knew more about what was going on at SVT or who they work(ed) with than you do.

    Good god get a clue.

    The GT500 is the Cobra. You’re another one of those people that think when the Cobra comes back(even though it never went away) its going to be a way better car. I’m sorry to disappoint you but it wont, it will be the same car you see today. It won’t be any cheaper and it won’t be any better.

    As for the procharger comment that’s a joke. At the end of the day you will still have a GT with a smaller, weaker, motor, weaker rearend, weaker transmission and a resale vaule worth nothing.

    They are and its going to be called a 2011 GT500. Like I previously said Ford signed a contract with Shelby till 2012.
  15. If you look at the termi's and what the GT500 has been and still is....It's essentially the same thing with a few upgrades due to the model and chassis switch: 5.4L DOHC motor, blower, 6spd, and snakes all over the car.

    I think the only thing you are getting hung up on is it doesn't say cobra anywhere on the shelby.
  16. Double post, sorry.
  17. So based on your logic, the 94' and 95' Cobras were in fact not cobras at all, because they did not start putting COBRA on the rear bumper until 96'. The 94' and 95' only said mustang on the rear bumper.

    If the new GT500's did not have any thing to do with the SVT cobra, then why put the snake badges on it, even more so than came on the previous generation cobras? (they only came with one on each fender and a pony on the front grill).

    I know Shelby whored his name out for the newer cars, but to me it was made by SVT, and the SVT edition of the mustang since 93 has been and will continue to be the "Cobra"
  18. Ah, but you did call someone a name (you didn't specify whom, but you certainly left the impression that you considered the "dumb" label appropriate for anyone who doesn't agree with you.

    English-lesson time: In the phrase "People are dumb", "are" is the verb, and "dumb" is the predicate adjective, which refers back to the subject, "people". It would be equivalent to saying "People = dumb."

    Sorry, but the quote didn't come through, so it certainly appears that you wrote it...my apologies.

    That's great, but your statement was "the last Cobra Shelby made was 1968", which is incorrect. The last one sold (brand new) was in August 1968, but the last on made was in March 67. You're quick to correct others on fine points, so I thought I'd help you out a little.
    You seem to be missing the point--as I stated earlier--In 1968 it was a Shelby Cobra GT 350/500. That's what Shelby/Ford called it! (I say Shelby/Ford, because in 1968 Ford had significant input into the production of the 1968 Shelby Cobra GT). So Ford DID call it a Cobra in 1968: Is this enough evidence for you?

    And in 1969, they DID call it a Cobra on their own badges (not just the image of a snake--that would make it a Viper--, but with actual text here on the steering wheel and here on the PS dash (see far right). And the 1969/70 cars were built by FORD--CS was out by that time.

    And back to the original discussion--Ford, did, for a time, call the new car a Shelby Cobra GT500. See their press kit here, on the official Ford media website. Yes, they dropped the Cobra later, but when FORD originally introduced it with the Cobra name included, it might be plausible that some of us "dumber" folks around here picked up on that.

    SVT built it. Heck, if you wanna get your panties in a knot, you ought to be torqued that Shelby got to put his name on the new SVT Cobra!:eek:
  19. This has gone into a lot to do about nothing.
    Some may think I called someone a name, Don't care, Some may think because they say I'm wrong that I am wrong, don't care, Some think I should read someone’s opinion, don't care. If Shelby owners want to think they have a cobra, think it. The AC Cobra I test drove and almost bought in November 1968 must not have existed because someone said the last one sold was in August and they must be right. I think I will go take my daughters V6 Cobra for a ride and when I get back I will put some snakes on my motorcycle. A Kawasaki Cobra, do ya think Ford will mind?


    That makes this post a Cobra
  20. Sweet! Post pics of the cobra bike:p
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