2011 may have a Cobra

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by oh9mustang, Jun 7, 2009.

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  2. GT350's in 65-67 offered much better performance than their "standard" Mustang counterparts. But, when Ford took over "Shelby" production in 1968 things changed and they became more luxury than fast - as you pointed out.

    And you are 100% correct that SVT made a very good car (07+ GT500) that is only a Shelby in name (except that he suggested wider tires on the rear - big deal). The car should have just been an SVT Cobra, IMO, as well.
  3. There is certainly a market for cars in between a regular GT and the SVT Mustang (whatever name they give it). Mach 1 and Bullitt are very good, recent examples.
  4. Most recent contract that dealers signed was for 2010 & 2011, IIRC< so there should be two years minimum on this body style.

    And you are correct, us dealers don't always know everything - mostly because Ford keeps us in the dark, too!!!!
  5. No you are wrong because you are WRONG.

    Like I said before just because you THINK you know what you are talking about doesn't me you do. I actually do know what I'm talking about because I've read about it and know a few people that work for Roush and SVT. My brother-in-law being someone that worked on the prototype GT500/Cobra.

    Read this you might learn something.

  6. Yep. Very Wrong...

    I was going to mention the fact, which is shown in your image, that there is a Roush facility in the Fairlane complex right across the street from the Detroit Lions training facility about a 1/2 mile away from Ford's VO (Vehicle Operations) Building down in Allen Park, MI. It's right around the corner from my former employers (Siemens PLM Software, Inc.) Ford Product Office.

    From what I remember of the S197 program the higher performance version was originally internally always referred to as the Cobra.
  7. Yellow
    Would you mind telling me that I'm rich. Seems that all you have to do is say stuff and to you it's true. Come on, Your rich.
    I would imagine that if I looked I could probably find some old Article that says GT500s are not Cobras, But,,,,, I don't care.

    Why did you want me to read that article. I said Jack worked with SVT, But it was for the Bullit and the BOSS. I even put up a link that jack tells about Bullit 1.

    Five Oh Brian
    What's the problem with ordering of the Shelby's? Are you a SVT dealer? Why do you guys mark up the Shelby over invoice, Because you can? Friend of mine marks up the GT's and the Shelby's to a point were you just go, Huuuuh.

  8. Are you really that stubborn and dense or are you just plain dumb? It says that Roush worked with SVT on the terminator along with other SVT products.

    That’s out of a book written by John Coletti, do you know who John Coletti is? He was the head of SVT from the beginning he was part of every SVT produced.

    It’s unbelievable that you are that ignorant that I give you written proof from the HEAD OF SVT and you still say it’s false. You seriously need too pull your head out of your a**.

    You need to grow up and admit when you are wrong instead of acting like a child.
  9. Yellow
    Listen , Little boy, You may find it easy to talk to a computer screen that way but I doubt you would say those things to my face. I live in Houston. Come visit, we will discuss it. After you pull your head out of the nearest trash can you may go back to where ever it is you call home. The Moderators here seem to find it fit that you call people names. So I guess it would be ok If I called you a name. Ahhhh, No thanks. Think what you will.
  10. Oh I almost forgot
  11. Cool! Thanks for posting that... I never shoulda doubted you! Well, we all gotta learn somewhere! :nice:

    I just never saw the resemblance because as far as parts and styling goes, the Roush and Cobra look like 3rd cousins, not 1st cousins. Cool cool!! :)
  12. Ok we are done here.. This has to be the most childish argument I have seen in awhile..


    the GT-500 is a COBRA... It even has snakes all over the thing
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