2011 Mustang 5.0 Stock Dyno

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  1. Can someone post their stock dyno numbers? I am not interested in numbers from online magazines or automobile magazines. I want your dyno numbers for your car. I am looking at possibly buying a 5.0 but want to compare it to my current car (G8 GXP) that makes 354HP/347TQ to the wheels with only a CAI and no tune.
  2. What brand dyno did you run your car on? Dyno Jet will show higher numbers then a Mustang or Dyno Dynamics dynomometer.
  3. I am almost sure it was dynamometer and my numbers are pretty consistent with a auto G8 GXP.
  4. I can tell you what Ive seen other's post in different forums (dont have mine yet).

    Im seeling 365-375 to the wheels BONE STOCK, and about 40 more with CAI and the SCT tuner. So for about $700 more you get a good tune with CAI and over 400 to the wheels. These are not mag numbers. These are what Ive seen others post about their own cars, some of them had the dyno sheets posted too.
  5. Impressive numbers, but just not sure how accurate the numbers are. From the factory, the 5.0's make 412hp/390tq. Your dyno resulted in 399hp/379 tq. That's only a 13hp loss. I highly doubt these cars are that efficient.
  6. If it makes you feel better I doubt the numbers you posted also.
  7. One person wanted to know what the weight was input into the computer, and I know I saw 3,600 in there all day. I went down to a certified scale a couple nights ago and, with 3/4 tank of gas in the car and me in it showed 3,860.

    I also called the shop back and told them there were plenty of naysayers around my run. He acknowledged that, and said although MOST new 5.0's do indeed show 365-375 at the wheel, he's also seen a few in the 380's. He said he'd seen one other car that ran close to mine, and it was the first one they ever dyno'd over a year ago; it laid down 395.

    The shop owner said he's experimented many different things on the dyno, and changing the weight doesn't do much for change. He said he'd tried inputting a 3,600 lb car at 3300 and 3900 and didn't get enough variation in the #'s to significantly alter anything. He also said the only true way to make any difference on a Mustang dyno is to mess with the barometer readings, but even then it only changes single digits.

    A Boss 302 was there the same day as I was and put down 403, which was "dead on" from what they've seen with other stock Boss's on their dyno.
  8. Bone stock vs Airaid CAI, Magnaflow catted x-pipe and tune. For a comparison my previous car, 2010 Camaro SS M6 put down 364/364 hp/tq bone stock, and 400/400 hp/tq with a Roto-fab cai, Kooks long tubes/high flow cats and complete cat back Magnaflow and tune on the same dyno.

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  9. I think Ford is pulling the old trick car makers used to do in the late 60's to early 70's in under rating hp numbers to fool the insurance companies and federal regulators.

    Last week Inside Line exclusively put this 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 on a chassis dyno to see if Ford's power ratings for the new 5.0-liter are believable. They're not. This thing makes way more than Ford is admitting to. On our chassis dyno it recorded 395 hp at 6,600 rpm and 365 lb-ft of torque at 4,350 rpm. AT THE WHEELS!!!!!!

    2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Full Test and Video
  10. You could be right but Ford has been known to under rate there horsepower numbers from time to time. The 03-04 Cobra were rated at 390hp but when people dyno'd them stock most were were seeing 370-390 rwhp, and there were e few with over 400.
  11. That was with a 4th gear dyno pull.... But yes, it's definitely making more than 412hp at the flywheel.
  12. I had my new Boss 302 on the dyno after I did a 500 mile break-in and oil change. I'm completly stock and this was on a DynoJet and we did 3 pulls.
    temp: 80
    humidity: 20%
    max hp: 376
    max torqe: 338
    wide band A/F: 12.5 to redline

    Seems low but that's what it said.
  13. Mine was done in 5th gear; did it myself
  14. SAE? Or uncorrected?
  15. My dyno sheets say: CF:SAE Smoothing: 5
  16. Any idea what stock GT's were making on the same dyno?
  17. No I don't. I do know that I was the first Boss 302 that they dyno'd. The place that dyno'd my car was a Mustang hi-po parts and install place called: Dallas Mustang. Their shop was full of Cobras and older GT's. The dyno expert there said their dyno results are about 15% lower than manufactures flywheel hp. He said my Boss dyno was right on the money.
  18. My numbers are in my sig. The baseline stock pull was done only to 6k rpm. Both runs were done on a Dynodynamics dyno. It is a truer number than the 'standard' DynoJet numbers although you can get simular numbers if the DynoJet is equipped with the 'load bearing' option.

    The baseline was done with the 5.0 being completely stock and running 87 octane and as stated above, only run to 6k rpm. It equates to higher numbers than is advetised. This, however, is not uncommon. Advetised numbers are usually low balled.

    The only mods I've done are mentioned in my sig. I have not added a aftermarket cold air and only plan on replacing the stock air filter with a K&N. The 5.0 puts out enough power for my needs as I don't track it. Right now it's in winter hybernation until probably March.
  19. That is a pretty generous dyno. My '06 GTO (same LS2 that's in your G8) made 318hp/315lb'. Having owned both, you'll miss the low end grunt from the LS but the mid and top end charge of the 5.0 is considerably stronger. The power band is extremely linear and is far easier to launch.


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