For Sale 2011 Mustang GT Premium coupe white/black / 86k miles


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Sep 11, 2018
Hey all, located in San Antonio, TX.

My wife and I are eagerly expecting our first addition to the family and it’s tjmr to move on to something else (hoping for an E55 AMG).

Car is decently clean, shows typical age for the mileage but no major dents or scratches. I will link to my craigslist ad in lieu of rewriting it all here. There is an issue with a battery light on; I posted the question on the forums but got no help. Took the car in and was told I needed a motor craft OEM alternator to feed the ECU correct data? Sounds silly, I’ve done all work myself and never heard of this but the alternator and battery are absolutely fine. I will consider replacing it if it’s a deal breaker.

Update, replaced the alternator with no change. Still driving fine.

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