2011 Mustang GT. Windshiekd Wipers will not turn off.


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Jun 30, 2021
Eleanor, WV 25070
Help. New member here. If I am doing this wrong please forgive me and lead me into the correct place.

Back in early summer the wipers refused to turn off. I looked on line and there seems to be quite a few blaming the wiper motor electronics. I went to my local Ford dealer and he said they had the problem on an F150 and it was the switch. I don't know. I am taking it in a couple weeks to see what they can find out. If anyone has any information before I go there it may save me some money.
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Jan 19, 2020
Sioux Falls, SD
Just happened to see this post on the home page. I had this problem on my '13 F150 as well, when you turned the wipers off it stayed on the lowest intermittent setting. Replaced the multifunction switch (blinker/wiper stalk) on the left side of the column, $150 for the part and can be done yourself in about 20 min. Not sure if Mustang is similar but I'm sure there's a video somewhere online about it. Just be sure you take old one out and match up the part # exactly when ordering new one.