2011 Mustang Leaked !!!

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  1. So it will be interesting to see the price tag on the new engines. If a base 6r is now 21k @ 210hp so what will a 315hp 6r be worth. I thought it was rated at 275hp. :) we'll see
  2. ^^^ thats a big concern I think, ive had these discussions with others on here, if Ford drops new high powered engines in the mustang, albeit you see a 3-4k dollar increase. Making it comparable to that of a camaro. If these are going to be the base engines, I can gaurantee a 23k min and 31k min on the V6 and GT models. Will it be worth it.......yeah..I think it will :)
  3. Someone with 0 posts posted it on an internet forum therefore it must be true.
  4. I'm not holding my breath. I'll wait until FORD releases specs on the 2011 Stang.
  5. This is not confirmed! Way to spread the rumors. :lol:
  6. Should have put the ? mark instead of the !!! mark lol..like the post. Anywho.....whats the harm in hoping :)
  7. I'll wait to hear it from Ford...
  8. Dont hold your breath :)
  9. I'm still screwing off about whether I should go with the tried and true 4.6L or should wait for the 5.0L. I wanna see what's happening with the V6s first, because if they're going to be making 315 hp like this "source" claims, I'm not going to be real happy about my purchase.

    I've gone 35 years without a Mustang. I can wait a little bit longer. I'm still leaning towards going with the trusty 4.6L.
  10. I wouldn't necessarily be all that unhappy. If all goes as planned I'll have a blower under the hood by this time next year and my little old 4.6 will make more power, granted it's with FI, but you have to realize that for a few years who knows where the 5.0 will go and parts for it will be expensive, and I'd rather have an engine with readily available, and affordable parts to mod it with. I'm waiting til the next refresh after everything is worked out with the new motor and more parts are available before I buy one. It will be nice to have a stock GT capable of walking all over an SS though :)
  11. Well, you do certainly make some fine points, and besides that, if you're like me and like to keep warranties intact, it'll be a few years, and normally, when I buy a car, I don't get around to modifying it for a few years, anyway, other than with simple things like a CAI, exhaust, and tune/chip. Since I can get a Roushcharger covered under warranty and make 435 hp, I guess I can deal with that.
  12. Not quite sure even with 400hp your going to "Walk" all over a 12.8 13.0 running car. Albeit the new GT weighs in around 37-3800lbs with the new motor and trans. It sucks, but im sure its going to gain some weight. Ill bet its runnin around the same times as the SS. Just being realistic

    As far as modding goes, the whole Mod motor has never been easy to mess with. You can expect more expensive parts for sure, along with labor. Either way I think it'll be great to see the 5.0 again.
  13. Well just keeping all things in perspective here, the GT with track pack is running 13.5, and all the runs I've seen the SS is pretty consistent 13.0, so add 85 HP and 75 TQ to the equation and still most likely the weight advantage will go to the Mustang. It's not going to tromp all over an SS, but it'll certainly be more of a driver's race in a straight line, since we already out perform in the twisties :)

    A difference in 26 HP, assuming the SS is standard and not auto, is not much to make up for how much the SS weighs.
  14. This thread sounds like Fast and the Furious. You guys living your life a quarter mile at a time? :lol:
  15. At least I'm not driving a blown 4 banger with a metal wing and exhaust pipe big enough to stick my head in that sounds like a lawn mower :D
  16. :rlaugh: :nice:
  17. I'm with you on that one. I didn't start modding my last stang for quite a while, and didn't do anything that would have voided the warranty while it was still under the 36k. I'm going to start with simple stuff on this one, like flowmasters and a short throw shifter. I'll wait a while on the big toys.
  18. The GTs are weighing in the 35xx lb range; still lighter than a '03-'04 Cobra, which is good.

    I'd agree that with 400 hp, it's not going to tromp a new SS. But, here's the thing; is it 400 "Ford" horsepower, or is it 400 "real" horsepower? I don't wanna bring up cars of yore, but if I'm not mistaken, Ford had issues back in 2000 with the Cobra and it turned out that all of the horses were not in the stable, so to speak (Remember "the Fix?") The same thing happened with the Mazda RX-8. In fact, the RX-8 was so down on advertised horsepower that people were returning them, from what I understand.

    And then there's GM. The LT1 was rated at 275-285 hp in the F-Bodies, but was making closer to 300-305 hp at the crank. And then, there was the LS1 that was rated at 305 hp, but was making more along the lines of 345 hp at the crank.

    ...So, how much power is that 426 hp LS3 really making? Hmmm, I dunno; to motivate a 3900-4000 lb car down the track at 110 mph, I'm gonna guess that it's making around 450 hp.
  19. The LS3s with 6M are dynoing in the 385 Rwhp range, which means your right....although the L99s are hitting around 290-310Rwhp.....THEY ARE GETTING KILLED by Torque managment. Its bad when a Tune gets you 20-30 Rwhp....somethings wrong, There running so rich its off the charts !!!!

    Also...and this is just through the grapevine, Fords dropping in the 5.0 because the mustang is gonna have to be adjusted before 2012 to meet the 2012 safety standards, which will add some more weight. If what I've heard is correct that it currently does not meet the 2012 requirements (but the Camaro and Challenger do).

    We'll see.