2011 Mustang Leaked !!!

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  1. Well, given the power deficit of the current 4.6L Vs. the Eco-Boost, if the Eco-Boost was in the current GT, it WOULD spank a 4.6L model. Such is life.
  2. Maybe not in '11, but I would put money on it that in 6 years, we'll be lucky to have a turbo v6.

    Does anyone around here besides me know about the future CAFE requirements and why these ECO Boost engines have been created in the first place?
  3. Maybe the V6 will be faster, so what, the V8 will still be more fun. A large part of the fun in owning the mustang is the sound and the V8 torque curve. I can't imagine that the V6 is going to have nearly as much off idle torque. There is something to be said about way too much displacement. No V6 is ever going to sound as good as the V8. If the 5.0 makes it into the stang, I will buy a new car. If it is the ecoboost, I'll keep mine. I think with direct injection on the 5.0L there is no reason they couldn't get similar mileage numbers to the ecoboost. Get rid of all the bloated SUVs and trucks and then you won't have to worry about cutting the mileage on the mustang as much to meet CAFE standards. Listen to what your customers really want Ford, a larger displacement V8 motor.

    So if the 5.0L does come out, how long until somebody makes a 5.8L kit?
  4. Due to the close bore spacing of the mod motors, that may be tough unless you source a block with a taller deck, or by some small chance they leave enough room in there to accomplish it. Until we know the geometry, we can only guess. :(
  5. I still can not understand why any true muscle car/mustang enthusiast would want a v6 in their car... If they had both the option of the 5.0L with 400hp/400tq and the ecoboost v6 with 365hp 350tq which would yall take? Obviously I would go with the 5.0L. Nothing like having a modded 5.0L with bigger cams and a twin screw. ;)
  6. Is the new 5.0L engine direct injected?

    At any rate I'm excited to hear what they have to say in December. Looks like the show is December 4th through the 13th with press days on the 2nd and 3rd. Wonder what day the big unveil will be?

  7. I'm not saying I wouldn't take the V8. I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't an option. Ford has to meet the CAFE standards somehow. Have we seen any fuel efficiency numbers on the 5.0L?

    I know most people who buy a Mustang aren't too concerned with fuel efficiency, but it's possible that you won't have a choice (...initially anyway, that's what mods and aftermarket are for). You pretty much have to take what they offer or get something else.

    I think people are being naive if they think that there is no chance in hell that Ford would replace the V8 if it came to that. People can say they will just go buy a Camaro all they want, but Chevy will need to meet the same standards. If the Mustang doesn't have a V8, you can probably bet the Camaro won't either. At least our V6 will be twin turbo. :nice:

    Basically the only reason I initially brought up EcoBoost is because someone was complaining about weight. The EcoBoost is about 250lbs lighter with the ability to compete with stock 5.0L. Granted there is no replacement for displacement and all that jazz.

    All I'm saying is if you want lighter go with the EcoBoost (if it's an option). Just don't buy the 5.0L and complain about it being too heavy (that's what the Camaro is for!). :D

    Also, if they did decide to replace the V8 with EcoBoost V6 I think the world will keep turning and we will still have a pretty sweet engine.

    Finally, I think the following line up would be acceptable, (get ready to complain):

    3.5L V6 - because they use it in other vehicles and consolidation is key to saving money. Also, more HP than 4.0L. It's at a higher RPM and not much more TQ. Still way less than the Camaro. Need to do something about that.

    3.5L V6 EcoBoost - not sure if this would be a GT or something else, Mustang SHO???

    5.0L V8 - Probably call this one a GT (or Boss??). Wouldn't be surprised if it was a limited run, not too limited, but limited (maybe 40-60 percent of current GT's sold).

    5.0L V8 S/C - Shelby

    We will find out in December. I can't wait!
  8. Those option would probably be a really good idea. Get rid of the GT badging and just have a mustang (v6), mustang SHO (ecoboost), mustang boss (5.0L), and the mustang shelby. I bet those options would actually help increase the sales of mustangs.
  9. Now that I really think about it, I don't know if I like the SHO idea. Eventually the SVO will be back (2.0L EcoBoost) to replace the 3.5L V6 so it might get confusing having an SHO and SVO. That was all speculation, but I think I like the idea of just calling it a GT.

    In many cultures GT stands for grand touring. In my mind that means a car that handles/rides well, not necessarilly all out muscle car (i.e. Boss!). So the GT name would probably be fitting for the lighter weight, yet powerful, V6 EcoBoost. Hey, it is still getting an increase in power so you can't really complain about that.
  10. So they are introducing the Eco at Sema with 400 ponies so it seems so appearant that the line up is going to turn in the rustangs eventually. Looks like the f150 will get her first tho which is a good thing. I hope they keep the ranger around too. :)

    This is over at the Mustangsource

    now this makes more sense
    Ford will shift its powertrain strategy to be built around EcoBoost technology. Under the new system:
    A 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 would replace naturally aspirated V-8 engines
    A 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4 would replace naturally aspirated V-6 engines
    A 1.6-liter EcoBoost I-4 would replace naturally aspirated large I-4 eng
  11. Do you have a link? This makes sense compared to what Ford has been saying all along. Only thing is, they said the engines would be offered along side the current offerings, if I remember correctly. Also, I don't see all this happening very quickly, but you never know...
  12. 5.4 will be sticking around but will switch to an aluminum block saving 100lb upfront on the GT500. 2011 GT500 should weigh a little less than the Camaro SS. :cheers: possibility that the HP rating goes up to 555HP but nothing concrete to really hang your hat on

    As for the GT what would you think if the best GT500 mod shop in the land recently stated that it's not going to be 4ooHP, nope they say it will be 425HP!:hail2: 425 would seem like a dream but for me that's seals the deal that it will be at least 400HP without a doubt

    Plus they said it did a good bit more than that on the dyno that day:hail2::hail2:

    They obviously have the motor already through their Ford Racing connections.
  13. There is a ton of speculation on this. For example, I remember reading somewhere that the 5.0L is replacing the 4.6L and 5.4L.

    About one month until we find out what engines will be used. I hope the new explorer looks better at SEMA also. The previous concept is FUGLY!
  14. ...on an unrelated note (but a possibility later on down the road), Ford has just released its official power numbers for the new 6.2L Modular V8 in the F-Series and Raptor Pick Up trucks....

    411hp/434tq......on regular gas!!!! :nice:

    That makes it the most powerful half ton V8 pick-up to date, with GM coming in second with its 6.0L @ 403hp/417tq running premium fuel (384hp on regular).

    Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2-liter V-8 Power Ratings Announced - PickupTrucks.com Special Reports

    I wonder how log it will be before we see it, or some derivative of it stuffed between the towers of the Mustang. ;)
  15. The Raptor is an awesome looking truck much more handsome than the Fseries. :)
  16. Althought I do think the new Raptor is a nicer looking package than the current '09-up F150, I still think the design of the '04-'08 F150 is the nices Truck Ford has ever produced.

    ....which is why I bought one. :D
  17. Saw one in person at the Fall Nationals last month and it has a very aggressive stance and look :rock:
  18. Maybe sooner.
    Order banks open 11/23/09.

    I'm new here, any car dealers hang out here???
    You'd think the specs would be available for the salesman to see when the order is placed in the system
  19. I may have stumbled across a leak as to what engine will be in the 2011 mustang. All I will say is that this person works for an aftermarket company that makes performance parts for V8 engines. He was talking about a product for another car and then referred to the 2011 mustang parts being developed now and ahead in progress of the other cars part because he received the specs he needed about the 2011 mustang engine prior to the other cars.