2011: No California Special and Brembo Pkg!?!?!

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  1. I was building my fantasy stang and noticed that you cannot have the Cali Special and the Brembo Brake Pkg!?!?

    What should I do when I order mine, I like them both but for different reasons.
  2. Doesn't the Cali pkg include the larger brakes and wheels already? :shrug:
  3. It has a similar wheel pkg, but the brakes are standard size.
  4. Yeah... that sucks. I'd prolly have to have somone about that to see if you could still get the brakes you want.
  5. Rapid Spec 402A (California Special Pkg)

    -Unique chrome billet grille with body-color surround and Tri-Bar Pony badge
    -Unique side stripes
    -Unique lower fascia with fog lamps
    -19-inch argent painted machined aluminum wheels
    -Unique decklid badge
    -Unique instrument panel applique finish
    -Unique door panel Carbon inserts
    -Unique front and rear leather seats with Carbon inserts
    -Premium carpeted front floor mats with embroidered logo
    -Rear diffuser-style lower fascia
    -Pedestal decklid spoiler
    -Decklid tape applique

    Brembo Brake Pkg:

    -Front 14" Brembo Vented Rotors with Brembo 4-Piston Calipers
    -Rear 11.8" Vented Rotors with 2-Piston Calipers
    -Unique Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Tuning
    -19"x9.0 Dark Stainless Painted Aluminum Wheels
    -Tire Mobility Kit (replaces spare tire)

    Top: 2011 GT/CS
    Bottom: 2011 GT (w/o Brembo Pkg)
  6. i just want that GT bumper + front valence. that sucker is HAWT.
  7. The GT or the GT/CS???
  8. Agreed!

    My alternative pick would be the grabber blue (or whatever they call it for the 2011), the larger brakes, then aftermarket the rest.
  9. Do ya'll think the Cali front bumper or the Stock GT bumper is "HAWT"???:shrug:
  10. I thought the whole thing was HAWT. That grill section of the Cali edition made me sacrifice an awful lot of other bells and whistles while I was sitting there building the car on the website.

    I can't get Adobe Flash to run at my current location or I would go through and do it again. hehe
  11. ^^^ now that is the Cali Special
  12. The GT/CS front bumper cover and chin spoiler looks much better up front than the stock GT. Additionally, I like the pedestal spoiler and likely would get it on a 5.0.
  13. I wanted a GT/CS at first as well, but then I noticed a few things. For example there are no 5.0 badges on the fenders and I think the badges look freaking hawt. My plan is just to change out the grill eventually, I went with the GT 401A with Brembo Brakes
  14. Good choice...I like the CS, but I don't like the Billet grille or the wheels. And the pedastal spoiler is borderline rice to me. I have the Brembo pkg and love it.
  15. im not a fan of the pedastal either
  16. You can get the pedestal spoiler outside the Cali Special but the front grill and grill surround and front bumper is Cali Special exclusive

    Also the Pedestal spoiler is two-tone. The bottom have is black plastic and the top is painted to match the car. Saw it in real life and noticed that, I actually liked the black on the bottom.
  17. Borderline rice!?!?!? No way man! Pediastal spoiler are as muscle car at it gets. My dad's 70 Mach 1 has a pedastal spoiler and it is about as far from a Ricey civic as they come.

    Not Rice!


    Got it now?
    I think what it is, is does the spoiler attempt to fallow the body lines of the car or does the spoiler blatently disregard the lines and do whatever it wants. A good indicator is if the spioler says something like "Universal" in the title, then you don't want it. But if the factory made it for that specific car, it will most likely be OK on that specific car. (excpetion: anything from dodge with the word "Daytona" on it)
  18. Saw a C/S and they have GT on the wheels...sweet.
  19. i believe the bumper is just the GT bumper with a front valence. could be wrong.. but i doubt it. its the same shape.