2011: No California Special and Brembo Pkg!?!?!

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  1. I think you'll agree that a 70 Mach is not a 2011. Since I see that CS spoiler everyday, it's ricey. It doesn't really follow the lines and kind of sits at an odd angle. Additionally, it looks NOTHING like that original 70's pedestal.


    No, the front bumper is completely different. Lower and upper part are different. I like the lower part, but hate the upper billet with the "pony" badge. I also like the fogs in the lower portion. I'll be putting a black billet in my grille with no fogs and pony and a small "5.0" badge in the corner for a similar, but more tasteful look.

    Any classic Stang guy knows a CS was just a strippy Shelby back in the day anyway. ;)
  2. You're right. The bumper covers are the same, just the grille & lower valance are changed. Also the CS, they painted the part around the grille body color instead of black. Pretty easy to put the CS valance on a GT. The whole swap takes about 45 minutes; we just did this swap on our in house 2011. Hopefully we'll have the writeup on the install completed next week.
  3. JMHO, but I'd rather have the Brembo package anyday over the C/S package. Not too keen on the pedestal spoiler either. I prefer the lip spoiler myself, but looks are a matter of personal preference. I would rather have the braking performance of the brembos personally. I like the 19" rims that come w/ the brembo package as well.
  4. IMO, I like the billet grille, as long as its not polished!
  5. Yeah, black grilles are where it's at!

  6. Was that front as it shows there ordered special? Option package, after market.

    To the ORIGINAL THREAD POSTER: GET what YOU WANT and LIKE, dont listen to other opinions. The brakes are much easier to upgrade later than the cosmetic stuff. I know the stock brakes are nice on this car anyway, even though I love the Brembos.

    Myself: I dont want to bother with the stick, so the Brembos are out for me anyway. I wanted the Sterling Gray, but that does NOT come in the CS package either, so it would be Silver if I go with the CS package. Also, the CS package will separate your car from MOST of the others. Remember too that the interior pieces are nicer to on the CS, along with the seats.

    Just whatever, do what YOU LIKE!
  7. I want Auto, so the brembos are out for me anyway, so Im just going with the CS package, and for $150 you can add an after market black direct-fitting front grill.

  8. Brakes are an easy swap. The front end and specific CS seats are much harder to swap. It was easy for me.
  9. Do they make a less expensive Brembo package (like the optional ones on the 2011)?
    I looked at Brembos site and I could only find the $4000 ones with the 6-piston calipers..VERY nice but also extremely $$$..

  10. Ford Racing offers the M-2300-S GT500 style Brembo brake kit that would be a direct bolt on for a 2011. The calipers are powdercoted black, with white lettering where the 2011 style is cast coat with red lettering.

    This kit includes calipers, rotors, hoses, & dust shields for under $1200 shipped, not bad at all!
  11. So they are the same ones...4 piston?
  12. One in the same, just a different color.
  13. Nice..I'm getting black on silver..so sheet.. THANKS
  14. That kit is listed for 2005-2008...No problem with it fitting (DIRECT FIT) for the 2010 or 2011?
  15. Thats exactly how I'd like my car to look eventually. I have a Sterling Gray GT with Brembos and I just ordered the Roush Black Billet grille. Eventually I'll put this CS Valence on. Thanks for the info and pics! I was very interested in trying to figure out how it would look.

  16. According to our research, yes, a direct fit.
  17. You are quite welcome!