SOLD 2011+ Rousch axle back mufflers (5.0 & GT500)

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by whutever202, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Roush axle back mufflers part number 421127. These fit 5.0 engines and also Shelby GT500. Constructed from 409 stainless steel for a durable long life, the Roush axle-back exhaust system features two unique chambered mufflers with 304 stainless steel 4" tips. The 4" tips are finished with a new chrome flashing process that is resistant to discoloration due to exhaust heat. On car for 2500 miles before selling vehicle. Perfect condition and have an aggressive sound to them. Paid $479 sell for $375. IMG_1995.JPG IMG_1995.JPG IMG_1996.JPG
  2. are these the revised set?
  3. I'm sure what makes them a revised set or not so its hard for me to answer your question. What was the revision? I bought them in August 2011 so if the revision happened after that I would say no they aren't.
  4. weeep holes in the exhaust in order to get rid of the built up condensation.
  5. I'll check tonight
  6. No they don't have the holes. I read on some sites that you can drill the holes yourself as a fix
  7. Thanks, selling my jba's to see if I can get a roush set....price shipped to 01089
  8. Shipping is $30 to your zip. MA right? I'll cover half the shipping so $390
  9. Is that the best you can do on price?
    reason i ask is because a new set is 70.00 more from
    if you can come down some i'd be interested. pm me if you are willing to come down a bit
  10. The best I'll do is cover shipping so you will get them for $95 less than american muscle. They only have 2500 miles on them.
  11. $350 shipped if you are still interested. I have another buyer lined up if you aren't interested
  12. i'd say go ahead and sell them, they seem to be barely chasing 300 on other forums, so i will hold out for a bit.
  13. Well it turns out that the exhaust I was selling was defective because it had a cracked weld. I have a brand new set coming to me from Roush in 2 weeks so those will be for sale. Price is $420 shipped. Anywhere else is $470 new with shipping. I can provide pics when the mufflers arrive.
  14. Also... Please post item location (city/state) per forum guidelines.

Thread Status:
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