2011 Shelby With Super Charger and NOS

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  1. Gentlemen,

    New to the site, but have come here to ask questions from guys with more experience than me when it comes to Mustangs. I have recently purchased a very slightly used Shelby GT 500 with only 2k Miles on it. This car has a 4.0 super charger with NOS among the many other mods done to it.

    My real question here is about the NOS, especially how guys who know how and when to use it? I have experience with a sand quad that had NOS, but to be honest none of the experience was positive. So I do not want to have the same experiences with this car.

    Could some of you guys help me out and explain the procedures involved in using the NOS? From how to get it ready to go and when it is best used?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. Welcome! Good to see some other Shelby owners here. This is a GREAT Mustang forum, but the Shelby population hasn't found it (which sometimes is a good thing...).

    The guys that are running NOS are going to tend to be on the other subforums, mostly the 4.6 sections.

    I can't help you with NOS, I've always been deterred from running it by the (perceived) downside of doing some serious damage very quickly.

    Not knowing what your other mods are, but assuming that the person that threw a 4.0 (Whipple) on a 2011 did all the requisite supporting mods to the engine, I can't imagine why you'd want to run NOS. That thing has to be a beast without it!

    You might find some folks on SVT Performance that have experience with the 5.4 and NOS... Check Revan Racing. They seem to be one of the most knowledgeable on the new Shelby, and best customer service you'll find. Very good at tech support, even if you haven't bought anything...
  3. Husky,

    Thanks so much for the meet and greet! I am very appreciative for the information you have given me here. I will look over at the other forums you mentioned and see what guys are doing there.

    Yes the car is a beast without the use of the NOS, just over 825 HP on the Dyno! But you know how it is, if you have it, you got to try it! I just want to be damn sure I do not so anything stupid while giving it a try!

    Thanks again for your time.
  4. 825? That's insane! I do understand the "gotta try it" but honestly can't comprehend it. My 13 is insane, and not always in a good way. Can't get it to hook, but hope to do new tires and some suspension mods before spring. Having the rear end kick out in third at near triple digits is not something I want to do often.

    Definitely check out Revan. The guy is a genius with these things. Has built last couple of "fastest Shelbys" at the Texas Mile. He also runs them on the road courses, and knows how to get that much power to handle.

    Post up some pics and a mod list!
  5. 825HP, must have a good bit of work done to it....or those numbers are with N2O.

    What system is on the car? Dry or Wet? Where do they have the nozzle installed? How much is the shot?

    N2O with the roots blower can be a blast but there are some things that are very important, bottle pressure should be around 1050lbs (may need a bottle heater to achieve a consistent temp), timing and plugs and weather also make a huge difference. I assume the car has some type of tuning done, programmer, reflash etc? The one issue with the N2O besides tuning is filling the bottles all the time, it gets expensive quick and it isn't DOT legal so if you get caught fines are hefty. You may want to look into a meth kit instead, gains can be similar and the $35 for 4 gallons of fluid goes a long way, one 10lb N2O bottle will run you at least $50-60 and only last about (5) 1/4 mile passes with a 100 shot.
  6. Do NOT run a dry kit, you will blow the motor.

    Get yourself a good wet nitrous kit. A 50-75 shot should be fine. All the safety stuff....WOT switch, bottle heater, colder plugs, etc

    PS- I hope your rods and pistons are super strong !! lol