2011 SVO

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  1. I don't know if it's real. But I like to think that ford might bring it back with the introduction of the eco boost V6. I think it's only a matter of time. Put on the suspension and brakes off a GT500 and maybe the trans (more likely the trans out of the GT). Then take the eco boost V6 that's in the new Taurus SHO. That would be one mean package. Be like the SVO of the mid 80s. Which I've owned one.

    Would you buy one if given the chance? How much would you pay for it?

    More horsepower than a stock GT, handling comparable to or better than the GT500 all with better fuel economy than a GT.

    I'd say a price range of around $30-35,000 should be about right.

    I believe that that price should be about right. Mainly because most of, if not all the parts are already produced in other cars so cost production should be relatively low.
  2. there really is not point to a new svo anymore. back in the 80's they didn't have many versions of the gt as far as motor and suspension. so the svo with its turbo four and great handling package was a little splash in the water. now there is shelby, steeda, rousch, saleen, and between this group you should be able to find whatever u want. handling and power are not scarse for these cars. i loved em in the 80's i just don't see a market.
  3. Ford would be dumb to not call the Ecoboost Mustang an SVO. It's almost a no brainer. It fits what the SVO was (+ 2 cylinders) and more.
  4. Actually I feel there is a market for it in today's world.

    Fuel economy.

    Like I said. Better performance than a GT WITH better gas mileage.