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  1. Sure some of you have heard by now of the new V6 they're gonna put in the 2011 Mustang. I've always been telling myself that I HAVE to get a GT once in my life because I'm tired of having the "low end" model and I want to own a V8 for once in a sports car. However, this new engine is making me question that statement, as long as it hold true of course (especially the MPG). What do you guys think?

    3.7L V6 @ 305HP 280TQ
    Estimated 30mpg
    Also comes with a CAI and Dual Exhaust

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  2. I think in 10 years, we are going to look at 2011 the same way we looked at 1996 for the V8's, with the introduction of the modular engine. This vamp up is no doubt in response to the other manufacturers spitting out 300hp v6's as well. Nissan has been doing it for a while now. And with one of Mustang's biggest competitors coming out with over 300hp in the v6 (camaro), it was likely to see the jump.
  3. I have been pondering over the new 6 and what would the numbers reflect under the belt driven power steering instead of the new electric asist system. I would guess in a 20-25 hp chunk, tho Im just guessing. If they can give us more hp I'll take it.
    I do feel as you tho So it'll be interesting to see. Oh and the exhaust will be under scrutiny imo performance and sound wise. :)
  4. Well, I dunno. Having stock dual exhaust on a smaller engine seems like it would be easier to upgrade sound wise and might be less restricted than our bigger engines on a single pipe, but who knows. To get that kind of horse power out of that small of a FORD engine, lol. Pretty good IMO. Just seems like they have to be utilizing every bit of the engine to get the numbers that high. From the CAI, to the cams, to the exhaust.
  5. It is pretty obvious that this V6 mustang will perform like no other in the past. But as someone else mentioned, the engine is probably maxed out from the factory with respect to bolt on's that an enthusiast would want to add on his own. If you want to add more than 15 hp my guess is you'll need a supercharger or turbocharger and who knows how this block will hold up to that. If the engine can handle a modest amount of boost you could probably get a car with 350hp that gets 30mph while cruising. That is unheard of.

    This V6 will be a very desirable engine but so will the new 412 hp V8 that get's better mileage than the current 4.6. Bottom line to me is that you can't go wrong with a 2011 regardless of engine choice. I hope to get a 2011 GT in early spring.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if you could slap twin turbos on the 3.7 liter like that new Taurus and still get some where around 400hp with 30mpg.
  7. its a quad cam 3.7L V6.

    the sucker ain't maxed out from the factory, ford is just finally making engines that are on part technologically with european and japanese companies :)
  8. The nice thing about this V6 is that it puts out more TQ then the 332hp V6 in the Nissan 370z.
  9. Though I am a few weeks late, you beat me to it. This motor isn't maxed out. It's just utilizing cam technology, among other things, unlike the past v6's. I'm ready to see some bolt on 300rwhp v6's now...
  10. This motor runs on 87 OCT from the factory. If you get a CAI, 93 OCT tune and high flow exhaust you will probably be over 300rwhp. This v6 stang may be more impressive then the gt. The other good thing is that it seems the only difference between the GT and the V6 is the motor and that the V6 is under 3500lbs. I can see a bolton V6 running in the 12s getting 30mpg.
  11. Just read about the new 3.7L in Hemmings Muscle Cars. The V6 will also have an optional GT suspension, which hasn't been mentioned. Look for the V6 to out-handle the GTs because of less weight up front.

    My biggest concern will be what type of weight gain is in store for the Mustang. If it winds up weighing 3900 lbs like that pig of a..."Camaro," then whichever type of hp gain the Mustang receives will only be in vain.
  12. This engine has 300 hp, which isn't including the 15-20% loss at the wheels. You're not going to see anywhere near 300 rwhp with nothing more than a high-flow exhaust, tune, and a cold air intake.

  13. Well I heard a new V8 engine is on the way to make up for the V6 being better or equal is almost every department. Otherwise, they won't be selling many GT's if the V6 goes nearly as fast, better gas mileage, cheaper, and better handling.
  14. People aren't concerned with hanging the fastest corners in a Mustang. The last of the 1998-2002 Camaros with the V6s regularly out-handled the V8 models. The V6s were the ones to have for Auto-X.

    Laws of physics; less weight up front will equate to better handling. Pe
  15. I think it will. Stock is about 260rwhp (that’s with an 18% loss). I have seen a lot of the 05-09 GTs with the same hp as this v6 make very close to 300rwhp with CAI, 93 Oct tune and exhaust. I say this new v6 will make at least 280-290rwhp (340 crank HP) with these mods.
  16. I have an LT1 in my Camaro with a Hot Cam, heads, long-tube headers, 9.7:1 forged pistons, cai, etc. and got on a Mustang Dyno and dynoed out 290 rwhp. The engine was rated at 275 hp from factory. Granted, the compression ratio I chose was lower than normal (doing forced induction...) but regardless, nice parts are present. I also take into consideration that a Ford and GM engine don't have anything in common, but whatever the case...

    Now, there's a 300 hp/280 lb-ft Ford engine. Given the figures I've used for my Camaro, you're telling me that a cai, exhaust, and tune are going to net this new V6 at least 70-80 hp.
  17. I think 300rwhp is might be a stretch with just those mods listed above....but if I remember correctly the LTx/LSx engines always responded better to N/A mods than mustangs.

    I think 275rwhp is more correct for cai/tune if they react like 05+ GT's. At least, exhaust isn't going to do very much if it's already a "free-r" flowing dual exhaust. I wonder....

    Waiting for someone to step up to the plate now....
  18. Maybe I missed something....but 18% of 300 is 54.....so rwhp is closer to 246. I really don't know if a cai/tune/exhaust is going to net over 50rwhp.....here's hoping, but probably not.

    On top of that, a 2006 Mustang v6 with 210hp will not react the same as a 98 GT with 225hp mod for mod. First hand experience with that, and was a little dissappointed.
  19. True, but then there are the torque figures. Stock are going to be about 280 lb-ft, but once you get to the rears, probably about 225-230 lb-ft. While I think it'll certainly be quicker than the current V6 Mustang, I don't think it's going to be as quick as the current GT. I'm going to hypothesize and guess it will run a mid 14 second 1/4 mile. My guess is 14.4 @ 96 mph.
  20. The 370Z runs 0-60 in about 5 seconds and the 1/4th in around 13.7 at 104mph. That's with less tq then this V6 mustang. Granted the mustang will weigh about 100lbs more then the 370z but I still think you should be able to run high 13s with this car stock.