2011 V6 Engine

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  1. The Z also has a different gearing ratio, better aerodynamics, and weighs about 200-300 lbs less than the current V6 car. With the new V6 car, sure, it will be getting 90 more hp, but what else is it going to be getting; additional weight from a 6 speed transmission as well.

    FWIW, the 370Zs run in the low 13s, with the automatic models actually being quicker than the manuals! While most of the new Zs are running in the 13.40s, some have been reported to be hitting on 13.20s.
  2. I agree with some of the above posts. I don't think you can get 300rwhp with those few mods, maybe 275 at most. Let's say you start at the 305hp and only take off 15%, which is being nice. You get down to about 260rwhp and let's say you got 20hp out of exhaust, CAI and 93 tune. Only 280rwhp giving it the best chances. Prolly end up around 18% loss, so about 250rwhp + 15hp from the mods = 265rwhp with more accurate estimates.

    I could see it getting around 13.9-14.3 quarter mile runs though.
  3. As long as it hands that ugly new Camaro and the ricers their a$$es, who cares how much hp it's making? :)
  4. That it will... As far as the V6ers go. Almost the same engine/output in a lighter car. Though I must say, even as a Ford only kind of guy, those Camaros do look pretty darn good. :rolleyes:
  5. They do look good...if you're stranded in the middle of nowhere and it's the only car in sight! :rlaugh:
  6. lol :D
  7. Looks to me that v6 has a new mod cross bolt block w huge main caps and head ports w 2 cylinders cut off. I'd put a 100 wet shot on it and waste some s/s camaros. Been a while since I've posted on here so if this link isn't kosher well cut it off but it shows v6 internals pretty good. In more info spells out more details...
    YouTube - 2011 Ford Mustang V6
  8. So the new GT's in 2011 will come with a 400hp 5.0. Now that makes it a really hard choice. I want that V8 even more as a 5.0 @ 400hp, but the 305hp V6 is both pretty powerful with some great gas mileage for going to work all week. Guess the deciding factor will end up being the money and a test drive on both...
  9. Ford will also offer customers the option of purchasing a high-performance package for their V6 Mustangs. The package, which will become available in August of 2010, includes the following:

    •A 3.31 rear axle ratio for quicker off-the-line acceleration (This is only available with the 6 speed manual trasmission)

    •Firmer Mustang GT suspension

    •19-inch wheels

    •Summer performance tires for improved grip

    •A strut tower brace for increased chassis rigidity

    •Unique electronic stability control calibration with sport mode for performance driving

    The GT has a 3.55 or a 3.73 limited slip on the manual transmission only otherwise you get a 3.31.
  10. Might be cheaper to add your own gears and 19 inch tires cost more. :)
  11. FYI:

    You can order JUST the 3.31 gears on ANY 2011 V6 right NOW:

    order code "453" ... $395 MSRP.

    2011 V6 Base Suspension from what I've read is basically the "2010 GT Base Suspension", which is much better than anything Ford ever supplied on a V6 Mustang in the past.

    Get either the Pony or MCA Pkg. and you upgrade to 18" wheels with the GT's UHPA/S Pirrelli P-Zero tires.

    My 2004 V6 MT with it's 3.350 1st gear, 3.27 axle, & 25.74" tall tires is plenty peppy off the line, so much so I had to add a T-Lok and better tires the moment I got it home (1 wheel peel was real embarassing) with 75 MPH cruising RPM's at 2246.

    A 2005-10 V6 MT has a 3.750 1st gear, 3.31 axle, & 27.16" tall tires (7.4% more RPM off the line compared to 1999-04 V6 MT) and 75 MPH cruising RPM's of 2282.

    The 2011 V6 with std. 4.236 1st gear, 2.73 std. T-Lok axle, & 27.25" tall tires will be within 1% of the 1999-04's RPM's, but will be running at MUCH LOWER RPM at 75 MPH (1823 RPM).

    If you go to the 3.31 gears, you will have more RPM off the line but your cruising RPM's will increase to 2211 (similar to '99-10 V6 MT).