2011 V6 Premium, Manual, Navigation, 22K Miles. Thoughts on price?

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  1. I'm considering buying my first Mustang (unfortunately from a dealership) and was hoping to get everyone's opinion on the price. The dealer is asking $20.8K.

    2011 Mustang V6 Premium
    White w/ tan interior
    Black over-the-top racing stripe
    Exterior sport appearance package (adds deck lid spoiler and side stripe)
    Electronics/Navigation/climate control package
    rearview camera
    Coupe accessory package (adds deck-lid panel, side scoops, louvers)

    In excellent condition, 22K miles. Asking $20.8k.

    what's everyone's thoughts? too high? In the ballpark?


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  2. Just from doing a quick search, the price seems to be in the ballpark.

    The price will be dependant on what amount the dealer has in the vehicle, service, reconditioning etc., but you might be able to squeeze a lower price out of them...

    On the plus side, the Accessory Package will save you $5oo plus in having to buy and paint the parts:nice: