2011 V6 stang official release

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  1. Well...if you calculate the power jump in percentage, this increase is less of a % than was the increase from 1998 to 1999 (150 to 190). That's just an alternate way of looking at it...heh.
  2. Yes and no.

    With the new 6 speed trannys, the 1-4 ratios more than make up for the weaker rear end ratio while still allowing for great highway economy.
  3. This would be good...so going by this thinking, we'd see the typical annual increase in base MSRPs (maybe a few hundred bucks across the board), and we'd have a ~$21K, 305 horsepower V6 car?

    There could end up being a lot of leftover 2010s sitting on the lots...that, or some crazy deals coming for 2010s this summer...
  4. if LSD and dual exhaust is standard i can totally see me in a base model.

  5. I would love to have a new sixxer. I would just need to constantly play a CD with V8 engine noises though. :rlaugh:

    I would definitely miss "The Mustang Sound"
  6. Actually, I just did the math for the new 6 speed ratios versus the 05-09 5 speed ratios. I compared automatics since that is what I have in my 07 GT. First gear in the '11 is, indeed, much steeper. The new 2.73's are slightly steeper than the old car's 3.31's. The new 3.31's are nearly identical to the old car with 4.10 gears. So, 1st gear in the new 6 speed automatic will pull hard!

    2nd gear in the new car with 2.73's will be taller than the old car, but opt for the new car wtih 3.31's and it'll be nearly identical gearing to an old car with 3.31's. 3rd and 4th gears work out about the same.

    5th gear in the new car with 2.73's will be about identical to 5th gear in the old car. While 5th gear in the new car with 3.31's will be nearly identical to an old car with 4.10's.

    6th gear will put the new car with 2.73's at much lower revs (24% lower) than the old car (in 5th/top gear) with 3.31's. 6th gear in the new car with 3.31's, however, will be barely taller than the old car (in 5th/top gear) with 3.31's. So, looking for better fuel economy by virtue of lower freeway cruising revs alone means you have to get the 2.73's to improve upon the old car.

    So, I think first gear will pull hard, but the huge ratio drop into 2nd gear is going to feel ackward. Steeper gearing will help mask that some, but Ford really should have tightened up the 1-2 gearing better, IMO.
  7. Greg, the press release is probably right. The front will likely have twin piston calipers and the rear rotors may not be vented.

    I'm right there with you, but the Camaro V6 is around $22K something, I doubt Ford will risk going much above that, especially considering the current lackluster sales vs. the Camaro. Also, one thing to remember is that Ford probably won't be paying as much for these "upgrades" as you'd think.

    Well, this is the first non-v8 Mustang (besides the SVO) to be excited about! :nice:
  8. After seeing the new 6 I remember reading a while back that they had to redesign the hoods due to the intake on the 6 being so tall. :)
  9. I'm buy a new Mustang, but with this news I'm going to wait and see what else is coming with the V8 Mustang.
  10. Wow I hope they worked those bugs out of that 6r60! I've been reading that the explorer owners aint to happy bout em. :shrug:
  11. This is great news about the 6er, but I thought we would find out about all the engine options at the same time. Wonder when we will find out what engines will be in the GT/Boss/Shelby?
  12. The word is that we shall here about it at the Detroit show next month. :)
  13. I herd tomorrow. We will see. I hope its tomorrow and that we don't have to wait another month.
  14. For at least six weeks, the general consensus has been we'll hear about all the new engines at the LA Auto Show which as we know is happening right now.

    I hope we don't have to wait any longer than tomorrow.

  15. See, that's what I heard too. That's why I'm impatiently waiting.
  16. I'm also wondering if this motor will make it into the fusion sport?? I know the sport was originally going to have some version of EcoBoost, but this motor would be a lot more "sporty" than the 263hp 3.7L 24V 6er it has now.

    AWD 305hp Fusion, I could go for that!

    BTW, fusion sport only gets 18/27 & 17/24 (fwd and awd) mpg with it's current offering. I would think the new engine and a 6 speed tranny would improve on that.
  17. The Fusion Sport does not currently use the 3.7L. It uses the NA 3.5L. I also doubt the 3.7L in a FWD/AWD configuration would be rated at the same hp level as in the Mustang due to exhaust routing issues. But I agree that the Sport would be even better with the 3.7L.

    On the GT, I guess with the big bump in hp for the V6 there is probably no doubt that the GT will be getting its own. If the GT does get the Coyote 5.0 that could make the GT500 look dated as well. This could get interesting. Can't wait! :nice:
  18. Doh! My bad! It is 3.5L. Dang, my dreams are ruined again. lol.
  19. the gt IS getting the 5.0 that is confirmed.
  20. Ford finally figured out the 6 speed is the way to go. Good for them. I'm glad theyve finally caught up to the ls1. I can't wait to see how the gt develops. With these specs on the v6 the gt should easilly crush the camaro in handling acceleration and quarter mile times.