2011 V6 Test Drive ... AWESOME!

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  1. Not all too exaggerated, considering it's a stage 1 and the last time he went to the track he couldn't get a time faster than a 14 flat. There are videos online already showing the new six bangers running quarters faster than that. Either way, i would way rather appreciate it rather than argue about it.
  2. First let me say that is no way intended to say which is better or faster. (400HP will always beat 300 HP).

    I have been doing a lot of the build and price on the ford website and would like some feedback on what you all think.

    1st car: Premium V6, 6 speed std..................2nd car: GT Premium, 6 speed std
    202A (pony pkg)...........................................3.31 gears (STD on GT)
    3.31 gears...................................................Security Pkg.
    Security pkg.

    Total $28,480................................................Total $34,090

    With the pony pkg. you get the exact interior that you get on the GT, same stereo, ETC.
    Body is the same.

    I am not going to be going out on Saturday nights and have to go buy new tires Monday morning. Also I will not be playing 'Dukes of Hazzard' with the local sherrif. There are still speed limits and you can only go so fast on the streets (at least until you're caught)

    So, to finally get to my point.
    The price difference is $5,610.00
    So the question I keep asking myself is: What am I getting for this extra 5K? HP, that unless you go to strip all the time you will probably never use?
    I can save the 5K and still have a nice mustang with 300+HP. I guess my main concern is the 5K difference. If it was about 2 or 2.5K, then I would for sure have to go the GT route, but 5 just seems to much. I just can't see 5K to have a V8. :shrug:
  3. I like the way you are thinking.

    Unless you are of the "gotta have the BEST LATEST V8" catagory (and there is nothing wrong with that), the V6 is a good alternative. *Most* of the fun for a lot less sticker and a noticable savings at the pump each fill up, and at the insurnace agent's office too.

    It really is a GREAT car .... in its own right. It is NOT the latest greatest V8, but it does BEAT most of the latest greatest v8's of the past.

    Great power no matter what year model it is, interior equal to the GT, exterior similar to the GT, perhaps better handling & braking compared to the V8, cheaper to buy and continue to own than the GT.

    IMO the GT has gone up to where the SVT's of old were at (and probably all around BETTER than the old SVTs), and the V6 has stepped into the "Bang for the Buck" slot that the old Gt/5.0's used to be.
  4. If you could go back in time and had an opportunity to buy any of your dream muscle cars brand new, would you apply this same logic. Would you forego a Pontiac GTO and get a Tempest instead? Ford did make this harder on us because the v6 is a winner. There is nothing wrong with it, and it's going to be a fun mustang to own. That said, the 5.0 spoils the fun and I will almost feel sorry for those v6 owners when I pull up next to them and let them hear what they are missing.

    If I'm going to be spending the money on a new mustang, I'm getting the rip snorting 5.0 V8. It is worth the extra five Gs to me.
  5. You get an addition 120+hp, with the throaty rumble of a V8 making it all happen.....to many people, that's enough. :shrug:

    And trust me....speaking from the perspective of someone who owns a vehicle making over 400hp, you'll always find use for it! :D

    ...but yes, you could save the 5K and still have a nice Mustang. No arguement there.
  6. I definitely love having the V8 in my car, but why are we trying to drag down the status of other mustangs, V6 or not? Does it really matter if they consider it a "muscle car"? Just be happy with what you have and if somebody else is happy with their V6, then why not welcome them to the Mustang community, not rail on them for buying a V6? Sorry, but there have been a bunch of posts about this, I don't see the point. Yes, the new V6 seems pretty sweet. Yes the V8 puts out more power. All that should matter though is that it's a Mustang. And the new Mustang V6 beats the Camaro V6. So guess what, let's keep our focus on beating the Chevy guys and not beating our own. Just my .02
  7. There are options you can get with the GT that you CAN'T w/ the V6 though. Bigger wheels, shaker 1000 stereo, striped leather seats, etc.

    I'd go (I did do this) the 2 or 2.5K route and take advantage of the current discounts, incentives, and desire for dealers to get rid of last years inventory to get a great deal on a 2010 GT if you have to get a new Mustang right now. No doubt, the V6 cars are great...and the new 5.0 V8...but the 4.6 is a reliable and proven engine that's fun to drive and there are deals to be had on the 2010s.
  8. I tried making the cars as equal as possible for this, with both having exactly the same options (except engine of course). I'm not talking about about adding more extras.

    From what I see the 2010 GT has only a little more HP than the 2011 V6 and I would be buying a car already a year old (value wise)

    Ok, let me put it this way since a lot of you are hung up on the V8 thing.
    You walk into a dealership, two identical mustangs are sitting there side by side, both 2011 models. Identical in every way except engine. One has the 4.6 V8 in it with a little over 300 HP (which is what the 2011 V6 has), and the other one has a 5.0 V8 with over 400 HP. You look at the stickers and the 5.0 is 5 grand more. Would you pay the extra 5k?

    Look guys, I'm not trying to start a war here. I'm just trying to understand why only a engine upgrade costs 5 grand. :shrug:
  9. You'd be buying a year old car...with a V8 and GT options ;-)

    The upgrade costs 5 grand because it's a V8...it's a premium engine...and it's the fastest GT Mustang made to date. The 5.0 will hold its value great for years since it's the hottest new thing right now...the V6 will depreciate and drop like a rock the minute you drive it off the lot.

    I understand your point of view but personally believe the 4.6 GT V8 will have better resale than a V6 regardless of the date of manufacture...and I like V8's. I also like my HP/torque and the way the 4.6L sounds. Better yet, wait a year and a half and buy the V6 (or V8) used with low miles...there's your 5 grand savings (and more) right there! Plus, you have a year to see how the new and unproven engine designs are holding up reliability-wise.

    But...it sounds like you're already "sold" on the V6....and you want one now...so GO BUY ONE!!! :D
  10. Nice to see this thread back on track.

    The new 6 is a HIGHLY impressive car for the money but I still would gladly spend the extra coin for the new GT. When price enters the picture it becomes a matter of personal preference so there's really no wrong answer. No sense in me trying to devalue someone else's choice. I just can't give Ford enough credit for what they've done with the Mustang. Stock GT's running door to door with, and beating in some cases, the Camaro SS and a v6 that will have it's v8 predecessors looking over their shoulder. Great time for Mustang fans.
  11. What I really look forward to is seeing the new 6 smacking down v6 imports.
  12. chicks buy V6's and Automatics. Bottom line.

    Yea yea...so it might smoke my 08, but at least I'm not driving a chick-mobile.
  13. Ha Ha...last time I checked I wasn't a chick...and I drive an auto...albeit a V8! FWIW, I had a manual in my 08 and prefer the 10 with an auto. I talked to the guys at Bama and was told a bone stock Auto GT with custom tune will absolutely kill a bone stock GT Manual with custom tune...and I tend to believe it.

    Something to consider though...pesj's boneheaded statement is a good example of the common mentality when it comes to V6 vs V8 cars...and it affects the resale value accordingly. V8's are worth more period. In other words that $5K difference might be less in reality if you should decide to sell the car after a couple of years.

    There's a lot of talk about HP, V8 vs V6, Muscle Car manly status, etc on this thread; what really makes a great car in day to day driving however doesn't have THAT much to do with HP/Torque but more to do with driveability and features. I've had very limited opportunities (1?) to drag race my car in the 3K miles I've put on it since new...but I've really enjoyed the way it looks w/ 19" wheels, premium interior with matching color stripe, the Shaker 1000 stereo (much better than the shaker 500 in my 08), heated seats, and the audible rumble and sound of a V8 engine. One of the great things about the V6 is that they've put dual exhaust on it, offer decent interior, and features that are closer to what is offered on a GT. -Still need the GT for the really cool interior and Shaker 1K though.
  14. and only mulletequipped jocks that love vanilla ice purchase mustangs and camaros.

    oh, i thought we were just making sweeping generalizations based on blind ignorance.
  15. Well, let’s look at it this way. Most guys go out and buy that Mustang, then drop an easy $5,000 on a blower and/or bolt-ons to make up that 100hp+ deficit. Guys with V6 cars I've notices will also go out and spend an easy $500-$1,000 on a dual exhaust system in order to imitate the look and that throaty V8 rumble. A rumble and look which is standard equipment on the GT.

    Spending that $5,000 up front ensures you're ahead of the game and you retain the full balance of you factory warranty along with it. So yes, IMO it’s worth it. :nice:
    Tell that to the 18-year-old kid in the 370Z that just showed you his tail lights. ;)
  16. Originally Posted by Toms_2003_Stang
    It still beats the 190 hp and the 200 V6's from the 99's to the 10's....as well as all V8 powered LX & GT Mustangs built before xxxx 2010

    Fixt. :)
  17. I dunno....I'd probably put the '99-'04 GT's on par with the '11 V6 S197's. They both run low-14's and will dip into the 13's with some fancy footwork and good track conditions.

    ...and I don't think they have the steam to handle the '05-up GT's.
  18. Bill, are you saying the new V6 Mustang is faster then the 05+ GT's? I remember not to long ago when you were doing your 5.4 build you were saying torque is what matters and that you wouldn't give 10 lbs ft of torque for 50 hp, or something like that. Well the 05+ still has more torque then a new V6.

    Don't get me wrong, the new Mustangs coming out are sweet, I'm jealous that I don't have a new 5.0 and the new V6 is impressive. But I'll keep my 08 GT over a V6, no offense to anyone, but I want the V8 for obvious reasons(sound, proven motor, etc.) 05+ GT"s are mid 13 to high 13 second cars, 99-04 GT's can run high 13's to low 14's, the 96-98 Cobra runs low 14's. The new V6 Mustang is a low 14 to mid 14 second car.

    It might have the same HP, but not the same torque. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I bet the trusty 4.6 has a broader power range to.

    On to the OP topic, I haven't driven one, but I might have to go take one for a drive.
  19. isn't that built on the false assumption that most people who buy V6's end up supercharging them to make em faster? i'm one of those freakish americans that isn't addicted to having "the best". until the 5.0 came along 305hp was plenty, what changed? well nothing, except the fact that some folks just can't take not having the top dog AND some folks will invariably stretch their means and sacrifice in other areas to have the bigger motor.

    for me i see the big picture. a base model 3.31 gears optioned car will be had for roughly 21K. 300hp, 30mpg, 6 spd, LSD, warranty. to get the GT i'd have to spend another 7K and tack on another 150-200 bucks a month on a car note. for what? a bigger motor. a really sweet bigger motor but at the end of the day i'm not concerned with running 12's in stock trim, i just want a cool fast fun car to drive and the new V6 does that.

    the old V6 wasn't even in the running. no duals, no power, no LSD, no fun.

    yeah, if you HAVE to have 400hp and can afford it then go for it but i'm not that guy. im just stoked that the base model stripped down lowest end mustang is fuggin COOL now! :)
  20. I’m not claiming that there’s anything wrong with going with the base V6. I've stated many times how impressive I think the new package is. And you're correct....many won't ever touch them and will be happy with their performance. I was merely answering his "what do you get for the extra money" query, on the GT and what you would have to spend on the V6 in order to duplicate the results on the base model.

    I think some here are under the mistaken impression that a couple of engine or suspension bolt ons on the V6 might put you on an even keel with big brother and in the end you’ve have spent less money (including the cost of the car) for the same results. But a 100-120hp jump is a big gap to swing and basic bolt ons aren’t going to get it done.

    Basically what I’m saying is, that for the additional $5,000 price hike, you get exactly what you pay for. :shrug:
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