2011 V6 Test Drive ... AWESOME!

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  1. Really? It depends on what criteria you use for "the best"!:rolleyes: I think you are missing the point that with rebates and incentives from dealers to get the 2010's off the lot you can get a bigger/better (or at least with proven reliability and not a completely new unproven design) motor, and probably better resale down the road for about the same $$ as the 2011 V6! Also, you're NOT buying a year old car from a warranty perspective...I believe the timer starts ticking when it gets titled and you drive it off the lot; not the date of manufacture.

    But I understand if you need to have "the best" most hyped 2011 V6:D
  2. gearbanger - i agree except for the part where you say some people think that the V6 can be on par with the 5.0 with a few mods. nobody is that dumb. yeah, its just a bigger motor but thats a LOT of bigger motor.

    well here's the problem with that logic is that the duratec family is over a decade old and the new V6 mustang engine is just a tweaked CX7 engine that mazda borrowed from ford's technology. so mazda borrowed form ford, built an engine, then ford tweaked it and put it in the new mustang.

    1. i like the duratec engines
    2. 6spds are nice
    3. 30mpg
    4. cheaper
    5. lighter higher reving engine

    if its the same price i'd still take the 2011 V6 over the 2010 GT even with the GT being slightly faster. im a big fan of the duratec engines. that isn't to say its better, obviously a blower on the GT will even take the 5.0 down. just for me i want the new V6. i like it a lot. a lot.
  3. I finally saw under the hood of a 3.7 v6 today and what I found interesting is that lil v6 is bigger than it looks in pictures. Parked the wife infront of a Race Red 11 and I swear if there was leg room in the back seat she would have been biten.
  4. I live in Florida and just went to a ford dealer yesterday to see if the price difference was only $5k. When I priced the base 6cyl ($22995) to the base V8 ($31995). It looks to be more like a 8-9k difference and that is about $20 for every thousand on a car payment. I also ask the salesman if they were base models just for this thread. If you think about that is I would think pretty spot on. I doubt for would price it that close for base vs base, otherwise they would never sell any V6 cars.
  5. The $5,000 difference was between the premium models. The two cars are equipped nearly identically with the exception of the power trains. The base models on the other hand aren't, with the GT coming standard with a lot more features.....which is why the gap between the MSRP's is so much wider.
  6. I know the two base cars are pretty much the same options except for the drivetrain but I will agree that it is pretty dumb to spend almost $30k on a loaded V6. When you spend that kind of money on one it's not a good deal at all anymore. I plan on buying one of the base model V6 cars and upgrade the suspension myself for my everyday driver. I know the premium comes with the GT suspension, wheels but even the GT guys take there stock stuff off and up grade, so why pay more in interest? I'm also a little surprised about all the hate talk between fellow mustang drivers. When I'm driving my car I will wave and acknowledge a fellow mustang enthusiast whether or not a GT in my 1989 5L coupe. Everyone will have there own opinion about everything. Words of wisdom from my grandfather ( opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one) lol. Now that **** is funny I don't care who you are.:rlaugh:
  7. After looking at the options some things are not optional on Base models. Like the My Color and Ambient Lighting. suks now the bases are 7500 difference.
  8. well, the 2010 v8 only dynos roughly 260rwhp stock too, so I don't know what that has to do with anything. Most of the "muscle cars" of old didn't make that kind of power either.
  9. yeah if you told a guy in 1970 that we'd have 250hp 4 cylinders running around he'd say you're quoting science fiction.
  10. :nice:

    Exactly. Probably THE best bang for the buck basic muscle car platform out there right now. Just picked mine up today. It replaced my 98 cobra. That speaks to the value I place in it as a muscle car.
  11. The reviews I read show the Premium V-6 out handling the GT on the skid pad. Pretty impressive! I also live in Hawaii (Oahu), where every tourist rents a Mustang. The rental agencies have them before the dealers lol. Looks like some fun times for the tourists. I would call the V-6 a "muscular" car, and the 5.0 is a pure muscle car :) :nice:
  12. just drove the v-6 stick 2011 mustang today, its a lott faster then my wifes 2009 accord v-6 271hp, MUCH. but i still will by the new 5.0.
  13. I've been a mustang fan, and a fan of fast cars in general for a while now. I'm not old enough to have much experience with 'real' muscle cars, whatever that means. However, I do remember a time when v6 muscle cars were the also ran's of the pony car race. The kind of car a dad bought for his 16 year old daughter 'cause she brought home 'A's. Times have changed, and I'm damn proud that an American automaker made a pony car with two legitimate power trains. You can take your hard earned 20k and buy a legit 300 horse dual exhaust car that will never embarrass you between stop lights, the track, or the car show. Muscle car this, sports car that, 350 vs 5.0, chevy vs ford, NONE of those conversations would have naturally included the v6 'stang, until now because no one would have cared. FINALLY the base mustang is worthy of more than rental car duty. It's fun to drive and has power comparable to the gt's of yesteryear. So I'm happy the v6 stangers finally have a choice that doesn't smack of a peon swinging from my nuts. I also applaud Ford for reaching a little higher with their pony car and creating a vehicle that is a legitimate sports car. I can't remember a single time anyone consciously and seriously bothered to compare a mustang gt to a bmw m3. Again, go Ford! You've got the v6 doing battle in the trenches with stellar economic numbers and speed worthy of consideration for all but the most expensive of yesteryears sports cars, and the gt growling at cars twice it's sticker. I say to hell with the old muscle car moniker. Todays go fast car has to do all things well, and for the money, v6 or gt you're going to be hard pressed to find a car that performs as well. So that said, using the outdated term 'muscle car' i think both qualify. They both go fast in a straight line, but they both also go quick in other ways too.
  14. horsepower is horsepower. you can talk all day about the number of cylinders but the reality is that power is important, not engine configuration.

    the number of cylinders is a ridiculous detail that (at the end of the day) doesn't really matter in terms of track performance. displacement does but with so many options these days even that is subject to being thwarted by the infamous driver mod.

    schumacher could put that V6 around a track faster than a normal guy in a 2010GT.

    thats the point. if its NEGLIGABLE arguing as if having a V6 is some kind of travesty only reveals how little you know about the subject.
  15. Completely false.

    Displacement isn't the be all, end all deciding factor. Multi-cylinder engines are always more desirable in a performance application. For comparison sake, take two engines with the identical displacement. One with 6-cylinders and one with 8-cylinders. Even though the displacement is the same, the 8 cylinder engine promotes more cylinder surface area. This for starters not only aids in more even cylinder temperatures because of the smaller diameter pistons ability to more quickly dissipate heat, but also has the additional advantage of two more cylinders worth of intake and exhaust ports....thus increasing volumetric efficiency.

    Couple this with the fact that because of the additional two cylinders, the V8 uses a shorter stroke, and that a powerstroke occurs every 90-degree's (unlike a V6 where a powerstroke only occurs every 120-degree's), you've got a more rev happy engine, with greater horsepower and RPM making potential.

    The V6 in this case with its longer stroke will have greater low end torque potential, but will sign off much earlier in the power band than the V8 will.

    Ever wonder why exotics are always utilizing small displacement V10 and V12 engines, yet pulling astronomical horsepower figures from them? Now you know! If it were just as easy to extract those kinds of power levels out of only a V6, don't you think they would have gone that route?

    It's funny you mention Michael Schumacher. These Formula 1 drivers all drive small displacement V8 engines making beyond 700hp with 2.6L of displacement spinning upwards of 19,000RPM. Coincidence? ;)

    It’s commendable that Ford has been able to extract the kinds of power levels they have out of the latest V6 for certain….but let’s not go getting ahead of ourselves. All displacement being equal, the muliti cylinder engine will always produce more power.
  16. you're probably right if two IDENTICAL engine configurations are used. however with direct injection or not turbo or no sc or not bore, stroke, piston diameter, cylinder head design, tuning and ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of that comes out DIFFERENT your argument is buried under a mountain of other variables THEN channeled through a squishy human to punch all the right pedals, pull all the right levers, and turn all the right knobs at the right time in order to use all of that effectively renders your perfectly logical argument practically pointless.

    i get what you're saying and i dont believe you're wrong.

    im just saying it doesn't matter at the end of the day.
  17. It does matter at the end of the day.

    If your not talking about two similar engine configurations (or drivers for that matter), what's the point in even debating? They can't be accurately compared. You can dump a ton of money and tech on a 6 cyl to make an extremely quick car, but you can also do the same with a similar displacement 8 cyl for even more potential, all else being equal.
  18. thats why it doesn't matter. that never happens. ever.
  19. Sure...I guess if you want to change allllll the variables, then no, it probably doesn't make a lot of difference. But variables work in both directions. You can't be in favour of said variables when it works out one way, but not in favour of them when it doesn't.

    In the end, the facts are still the facts and my post was based on your blanketed statement....

    You made no mention of driver mod, differences in engine configuration, etc, etc. You can't put the greatest driver in the world behind the seat of the less powerful vehcile, then the worst behind the seat of a more powerful one and base your opinions of the vehicles themselfs on the end result. Comparisons are always done with all factors being equal. A crappy driver behind the seat of one vehicle, could be just as crappy behind the seat of another.

    In the end, it still doesn't prove your initial statement any more correct.
    Now that the air has been cleared and the facts set strait, there probably isn't.
  20. V6's suck! V8 juice!

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