2011 V6 Test Drive ... AWESOME!

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  1. At the end of the day, a V6 Mustang, 300 hp or not:

    --Sounds like a V6
    --Lacks torque like a V6
    --Sinks in value like a V6
    --Has limited potential
    --Isn't desirable looking to the future
    --Is a complete oxymoron
    --Doesn't get all that much better fuel economy over a GT, and if you care so much about gas mileage why are you buying a Mustang anyway?
    --Looks like junk sitting next to any V8 car because at the end of the day it's still a crappy base model with its tape stripes, etc.

    Sorry, but I'd take a 225 hp '98 GT any day and every day over a new '11 V6.
  2. actually i did, genius:

    want some salt for that foot?

    you can go back to your benchracing now.
  3. Salt for my foot? You mean for when makings statements like “the number of cylinders an engine has, has no bearing on performance”. Shall I pass you over the salt shaker for that one? Oh....no, right you don't need it because you think the "driver mod" excuse give you the easy out. :rolleyes:

    Damnit...my new favorite car just got beat. Oh, don't worry...it's just because there was a bad driver behind the wheel. It has nothing to do with the other car being the more powerful, or superior of the two.

    Love the blanketed statement. :rlaugh:

    Make all the other excuses you'd like. The fact remains. Lousy drivers come and go and are an inconsistent fact of life for every kind of car. But the more powerful machine, is always the more powerful machine.

    And if you want to call cold hard facts bench racing, so be it, but I'm not the one who's making all of the excuses why my favorite econobox only hangs with the big boys when the competition has some sort of deficiency. Jesus kid, are you sure you don’t drive a Civic?
  4. lets just recap:

    1. you apparently live in some fictional reality where engines have ALL THINGS THE SAME except for number of cylinders.
    2. you're incapable of reading things in context even after being corrected.
    3. you have no idea what the difference between "practically irrelevant" means

    yeah... no. have fun with your bench racing.
  5. Spoken like a true, know it all teenage ricer. When your arguments have been crushed, your supporting facts proven invalid and you're left alone treading water, instead of showing an ounce of character by just sucking it up and admitting you were wrong, all you've got are insults and the three D's....deflect, disregard and downplay. :nice:
  6. look chuckles, i've built fuel systems that are worth more than the car you drive for vehicles that make more power than any sane person would ever want on the street.

    so you can take your condescension from ignorance on down the road to somebody that hasn't been there and done that enough for supercars to lose their sex appeal.
  7. Wow 13 letter words is over my head but is interesting reading. :)
  8. :rlaugh: sure you have. Supercars have lost their sex appeal, but a V6 econobox has you drooling. Now I've heard it all. I’ll give you this Makoto, if nothing else, you certainly are entertaining. :nice:
  9. You seem to always drag other people's cars into an argument and try to bash them :notnice: How about you actually post up some pictures of YOUR car so we can see it? If you won't do that, then how about you lay off other people's rides... It's a car he's proud of, he provides a LOT of good info here on stangnet, don't bash his stuff. I don't drive some 700 hp exotic, but I'd still get a little pissed if some cocky guy like you decided to take a jab at my car that I pour a lot of myself in to when he won't even show wtf he drives...
  10. the guy was talking down to me with zero knowledge of my history so i felt the need to educate him. it wasn't a rip on his fuggin car, it was to illustrate the fact that i've been in the industry in such a capacity that most car nuts would envy (which was actually a nightmare, to be honest) so he can be educated in where he can file his ignorant snot nosed teenager rips.
  11. For that matter, tell it to the Canadian in the 15 year old (lightly modified) Cougar that just showed you his tail lights. :rlaugh:
  12. I don't know if I'd refer to that car as "lightly modified"
  13. Don't want the label, don't play the part. You've got a habit of conduction yourself with very little tact when you end up on the opposing side of a debate with someone. Show a little mutual respect for your fellow forum members and you won't have to worry about people getting the wrong idea and talking down to you
    Hey, it's still a stock displacement 4.6L ;)

    It does have a lot of parts on it, but it didn't need anywhere near the amount of work I put into it to perform the way it does. It was originally built to handle a LOT of power, but I ended up going with a smaller blower because the one I was looking at when I originally started the car, wasn't being built anymore. :(

    Now it’s just a very overbuilt, very tough, daily driver. 400+hp, mid 12-second ET’s, full independent suspension, 25mpg, room for 5 and enough trunk space to move a small apartment. It may not be pretty, but it’s at least semi-practical. :D
  14. :panic: Here we go again.....:fight:
  15. :dead:

    Makoto will nut-hug a V6 all day since he no longer likes the supercars he "used to work on" but will never post pics of what he actually drives.

    Everybody else will still state that the new V6 is great as a way to be a part of the mustang world and still have a car that does great on gas mileage and with cheaper insurance in case a teen is on the policy. 99% of those people will also state that the car will never compete with the S197 GT's from a performance standpoint but will rightfully maintain that the new sixer is still a great car and will keep the Mustang alive and well for many many years to come.

    Astro, we know you hate anything and everything not V8 lol

    :lock: thread
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