2011 V6s are gonna piss me off I know it

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  1. Cant wait for the new v6's to start hitting the road in mass. Now i have to decide if i want to dpend 5k+ to match there horse power in my pretty much stock 98gt or if i should just use that money for a down payment on a new gt.... ugh:mad::notnice::mad::notnice:

    not to mention they get like double the gas milage :nonono:
  2. Lol, look at the bright side. Atleast your car's paid off:shrug:
  3. no brainer buy the new one
  4. Yes. Time for a new one 300+ HP plus really good mileage = win!
  5. 400+ horsepower with warranty is hard to deny
  6. Who in the heck wants a car payment. True they might be faster stock but, who knows how there computer is gonna react to aftermarket parts, which would make the car way more expensive to mod. Plus the payment, and you know you gonna want to mod the thing but wait, you know the dealerships are gonna look for any reason to void the warranty. My guess is those motors are not going to be as easy to work on like there previous generations. Every generation, the emmisions get tougher and the computers get more advanced and tempermental. I say if your obligations are low, then put you cash into your current stang.
  7. Your dealer can install Ford racing parts and can retain factory warranty. I have warranty on my gt and haven't had problems with bolt ons
  8. Again, if you havn't had your car fully paid for, the payments plus dealer prices on parts and or install. I still say work w/what you got, don't try to get the latest new thing. Those cars are gonna have bugs, just wait and see through all the hype.
  9. Honestly, you had to worry about alot of cars on the road with a stock 98 gt before these v6's hit the road.:rlaugh: I thought my 98 gt was so [email protected]#$ when I first got it but began to realize it was the total opposite. Don't get me wrong I love the 96-98 gt's but they certainly need alot of help to be respectable. I'll never get rid of mine but wouldn't mind adding another stang to the garage (03 cobra still:nice:)
  10. I would love a a new 5.0, but I dont want a car payment, nor would i buy a new car because they deprecate so much its a damn waste of money...I will just wait 5 years and buy a low mileage used one

    But yeah the new v6 will piss me off, kinda like the v6 camaro....but I guess it really doesnt matter, I dont drive my car much, and I have a bike thats a hella lot faster then my car.
  11. Man, the aftermarket support is unbeleivably huge. Not as much for ya' Toyotas, Acuras; Hondas big but not as big as for your stang, or Subarus etc. Just save and take your respect from the Six bangers. Trust me that won't be hard.
  12. I agree!
  13. A stock 96-98 gt is like having a stock fox or a stock 94-95.. By todays standards they are slow in stock form but who the hell would keep it stock anyways.

    Just mod your sn-95 and you will always have the advantage over the V-6 11's because you have a V-8 and a large aftermarket

    Plus V-6's sound like ****
  14. I expect my car to be inferior to anything new..its 11 years old. If it wasn't then I would say Ford is doing a crappy job :shrug:
  15. Interesting way of looking at that. But from time to time you have to say to yourself, "This car is mine, there are many like it but, this is mine so therefore there are none like it because this car is mine," For some reason I get the impression every gear Honda owner thinks there car is the fastest in the world, kinda like "Think therefore, you are," concept. Whatever keeps people happy.:shrug:
  16. Buying a new Pony car in the past 10-15 years is like buying the most badass laptop you can find right now. With technology continuing to be advancing quickly, next year your just going to go "F***********ck this is old school."

    With that said, I love the HP numbers here, just stating that keeping up with ever-changing and increasing HP number is fighting a losing battle. Even if you make it faster, the newer car will be more refined and efficient.

    Basically, what you have got to ask yourself is if your are pleased with your current platform, or you feel you want a new car. Personally, I am partial to 99-04 and always will be. I see no reason for me to upgrade, I will swear by the new edge cars til the end of time. Doesn't mean I'm right, but ultimately what I like is all that matters. ohhh....

    ... and huge car payments FTMFL!!:notnice:
  17. I priced out a 2011 V6 with the handling package, etc. and had to upgrade to the deluxe basic to get what I wanted on the car like bigger wheels. It came to $28,800 + tax + $500 dealer prep with my AMEX discount.

    Nearly the base price of the GT.

    So I just bought a clean 86GT Conv instead with 114k for less than the tax on the 2011. The full coverage insurance on the 86 is $500/yr. No payments as I could afford to pay cash.

    The top drops and a used supercharger will make the HP the same if so inclined. I won't be buying any new cars for the rest of my life. Too old for payments to young to ride the bus.
  18. I beleive that...I bought a 94 civic to get back and forth to work in 07 b/c it got 40mpg...it was completely stock but every riced out car wanted to race me....I never would mod my honda because its 102hp engine is good for one thing....gas mileage:D
  19. Yeah it sucks...i love the 2011 stangs and all the cool gadgets but my mind tells me NO!!! Wait for the price drop. Just like all the people who bought the V6 chargers and V6 05 mustangs, the dealer hella rapes you!
    I still say to each his own though. I see it all the time here where i live in california, guys live in crappy ass apartments but drive chevrolet caprices with 26inch rims that cost more than the car!
  20. The problem is the hp war keeps going. Soon we are going to have 500+hp mustang GTs and 650hp GT-500s in 2014 (just a guess). Heck the 5.0 actually puts out close to 450 crank hp and it only cost 29k. Soon we will all have 1000hp cars getting 30+mpg. What the car manufactures need to do is make the cars lighter. I think the HP wars need to stop.