2011 V6s are gonna piss me off I know it

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  1. i know what you mean man, im always drooling over the prices people on this forum are getting there gts for and when i look i would be paying like 10k more here in canada even though the currency exchange is about 1:1 lol. One good thing is my car is worth a lot more then the same car would be in the states if i were to sell it now. :D
  2. Remind me again why I haven't locked this thread yet? :scratch:
  3. Because gearbanger you like the bickering back and forth brushed
  4. What's the law about buying a new car in the states and driving it across the border? What about a used car?
  5. I looked into this once, IIRC it was several taxes and inspections that make it not worth it... I believe you have to pay an import tax...
  6. Bringing a vehicle over from the states is legal, and in some cases cheaper however... Once the vehicle gets over the border it has to go to a canadian tire and have an inspection done ( like a safety but it's called something different that not many shops can do) It will then garantee to fail because of no daytime running lights. So now you have to buy the DRL module and pay to have it installed in your car. Then after the safety, duty, pile of paper work and tonnes of headaches, you can have your car, and you saved $1000. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong:rolleyes:
  7. Imo I think Puma got a good deal. I mean he got the car with the options he wanted, low mileage for that year, and it looks great! Why must everyone be so negative about if he got the best deal or not? Hes an adult and its his money...:shrug:
  8. It's because he pretty much told an entire forum (V6 people) they overpaid and wasted their money so a few people turned it around on him. I'm not a V6 fan, but the new one puts out some pretty good numbers, especially at the track.
  9. No, that's actually not it. I disagree with corporate Ford's pricing of the new models. Not to mention, on the new models you have full choice of options, unlike on a used car where it may be more difficult to locate exactly what you want since you can't order it like a new car.

    I certainly didn't single anyone out, personally attack them and tell them they got ripped off/screwed, then offer up a bunch of bull**** unsubstantiated anecdotes about getting mint SN95s years ago for less than the 2011 trade in value, or far less than anything being sold on the market (I saw one cheap SN95 posted and nobody else could put up) or getting a car for half of the book value while only later admitting it was actually a repo.:bs:
  10. :lol: It was a really nice day today so I drove the Mach on afew errands. A newer Camaro pulls up behind me at a stoplight. We both turn left and he takes the inside lane. All of the sudden I hear this deafening mosquito sound as he floors it past me. Wow, those 6 bangers look bad, and sound even worse. :nonono:
  11. Not to mention that fact that most US dealerships will not sell new vehicles to Canadian residents. Such bull****. :notnice:
  12. ya getting a used car is easier, minus the headaches of importing it, getting a new car is just not worth it unless you can get a US mailing adress.