Electrical 2011 Window Glass Mount?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Need quick advice. On the window regulator there are these little plastic clips that hold the mount to the rails. anyone know if we can get just the clips or need to order the whole she-bang? lol. i had someone break in to my car a year ago and the window hasnt fit right since, and that is the issue so i am just trying to get all the small kinks worked out so shes perfect haha

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  3. so the issue looks to be either with part number 22380 or 23208. on 23208, it is just one part on it that broke. so im assuming i have to buy the whole assembly. the window doesnt move THAT badly, but it is noticable when opening and closing the doors. is part # 22380 more of a guide or a pressure plate? anyone know this much detail?


    it is the part that connects the gray box to the rails in this photo that i know 100% is bad...