2012 5.0 Auto Into A 1969 Ford Ltd

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  1. HELLO ALL...
    I am currently restoring my 1969 LTD. I had a local shop that was going to restore the car with my help. We ordered the motor and the 6spd auto trans from a wrecked mustang and started tearing apart the car. We got the front end rebuilt, the rear axle done and all the brakes done. We now started to place the motor in and one of the techs came up to me and told me we were going to have problems using this transmission. I brought it up to the owner and he told me he was hoping Ford would find a fix for the problem, but they have not come up with a solution yet. I know the basics on how motors and transmissions work but do not understand the problem. We have the complete motor and transmission out of the wrecked car. The motor and trans only had 11k miles and the wrecked car was running and would drive before the motor was pulled. I have all the wiring for the motor and trans as well. I was told that the transmission will not shift and the motor with the transmission attached and in the wiring harness will not even start. I was not very happy upon hearing this news and asked what the next step. I want to use this motor and trans setup not only because I have a lot of money in it, but because I think it would be a great setup. Basicily I could sell the auto 6 spd trans and put in a 4 spd auto trans and redo the ECU and wiring harness or wait and see when Ford comes out with a fix. I am trying to be proactive and find a solution before we get to that point.

    I am asking for any advise. I have always had great luck when running into a problem, to go to forums for advise. This is my first time on this forum, but I am sure there are very knowledge people that know what I need to do. Thank all of you for your help. I am stuck in a really bad spot and appreciate all the help more than you know.

  2. You may have a few concerns. First off you may have problems because the factory ECU may be missing the PATS security feature that is in the SJB and/or BCM. 2, What style fuel system? Factory fuel system is designed for returnless, what is your set up? Either way best thing to do is Honest Charley Speed Shop, they tossed a 3.5L Ecoboost into a 51 "Shoebox" with a 6sp Auto, they might be able to help with wiring. I know they got a cuistom harness and a separate driver for trans, that might be your only choice.

    Honest Charley
  3. Sparta thank you for the referral. I sent them an email. Thank you thank you.
  4. You're welcome, hope it works out. Keep me posted