2012 5.0....CAI or Drop-In???

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  1. About to buy my SCT Tuner from A.M. and I'm wondering if getting a new CAI will be worth the money on my 2012 5.0, or if I should just get a drip-in filter of some sort???

    This car is relatively new to me. My last Mustang was an 04, 4.6L that was lots of fun. But for that motor it was widely known that a CAI offered little to no advantabe over a K&N replacement filter.

    What's the opinion on CAI / 5.0 effectiveness???
  2. From what I have been reading 0ver the past 1.5 years, there are decent gains to be had with an aftermarket CAI with a tuner. The aftermarket CAIs incorporate the MAS within and typically make it much larger than the factory so that combined with the tune to take advantage of the extra air lends to 25+ hp gains (if not more). Not too shabby for something so simple (if you ask me).
  3. Good read for sure...
  4. So, if i'm reading this right....
    It's possible that my powertrain warranty will be voided if I do, in fact, install the CAI and tune.

    I've already added my x-pipe and magnaflow cat-back....and the warranty was why i left the stock cats in place.

    Now I'm thinking that this could be a happy medium.
  5. As was said in that article, the OEM's do not manufacture the engine and drivetrains to accept aftermarket modifcations and warranty them as such. This means dealerships can use any excuse to void the warranty in matters of parts failure if the customer mods their product. That means even a drop in K&N will void the warranty if a failure occurs. You do the mod, any mod that changes the OEM engine/drivetrain characteristics in any way, it's on your dime, not theirs. The problem with this, which has been mentioned before, is why build a sports car and not expect it to be modded by the customer after it's bought by not engineering the engine/drivetrain to tolerances to handle such mods? Even the boys who engineered the 5.0 are car enthusiast of whom most belong to car clubs and racing organizations and, to be fair, did do 'some' engineering tolerance to mods. However, they do not write the warranties and make the warranty decisions and so their 'engineering' is subject to what ever Ford puts out without exception.

    The bottom line here should be obvious to everybody interested in modding their warranty covered car> You mod it, it breaks, YOU PAY!

    For the record, I have excepted this fact for as long as I can remember. To me, those who think they can get an OEM to cover their expensive ride after modding must be new to the planet!
  6. By the way, OEM's don't pick and choose what item won't be covered under warranty should that part fail after you have done modding. The whole warranty is voided, even when the engine pops and all you've done is put a cat back on. You either except this fate or keep making excuses to blame somebody else. The latter of which will be an exercise in futility.
  7. http://www.steeda.com/store/steeda-cold-air-intake-for-2011-ford-mustang-5.0-L.html

    Just to make it clear. Just because you put a part on your vehicle it DOES NOT void your warranty. For a product to affect the warranty, there must be an investigation done by the party refuting the warranty to prove that the aftermarket product indeed caused the OEM component part to fail. Just because you put a CAI on your car it does not does not automatically void the warranty. The CAI would have the be the direct cause that caused the part to fail. Also, you have to remember when installing aftermarket parts you are responsible to care and drive the car in a non malicious way - because no warranty covers "abuse" .

    When you are installing Steeda parts on your cars, please note that we are giving you the benefit of a component part that indeed will work as advertised and will not cause a direct component failure on your car. We work very closely with Ford and develop our performance parts and accessories so that they perform as necessary and will not cause another component to fail. All of our parts are engineered uner strict ISO 9001-2008 certificatied standards and are specifically designed to provide worry free operation. They carry a lifetime warranty and we have never had an instance of a Ford vehicle having it's warranty refuted due to a direct result of our parts. We have had 0 issues with our CAI/Tune causing warranty issues.

    Steed Autosports is a company that will stand by you in case something does happen. If a dealer does not want to service a warranty claim, then Steeda will provide the necessary support through either the dealer or will work with Ford Motor Company to get your vehicle serviced. Steeda has never had an issue with a warranty claim. All of our products are tested and proven not to exceed recommend testin.. Steeda backs its products 100% so you never have to worry about being left behind.

    PM if you have any additional questions or concerns with putting a Steeda CAI on your 2012 Mustang.


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  8. I like and have use Steeda products in the past so, I have no problem with ever using them at some point in the future. They're good stuff! However, you paint a picture with a very broad brush with your statements. Your choice of words for example: abuse. This, to anyone considering it's definition is an area where taking your car to the track and racing it could constitute 'abuse'. Racing in inherintly abusive. In fact, that word carries a lot of weight when an 'investigation' is going on about a popped engine and it's effect on warranty. Most people may not pick up on the wording of a claim made by a manufacturer of aftermarket parts as far as how they perceive their participation in a warranty dispute. The customer is always in the middle of any dispute with the fingers usually pointed at them. However, I'm glad that you work directly with Ford to insure YOUR part is not the cause of a failure and, of course, Ford will surely admit that it must be their failure...abuse...a word that has so many uses and explanations. Your saving grace.

    Your statement is also in direct contridiction to certain TSP(S) put out by OEMs. Ford and other OEMs will be Johnny on the spot to claim any warrantable part of their product is subject to voiding if aftermarket parts are used because the part usually changes 'the original design' of the OEM. Another use of the word, "abuse"?

    "Steeda Autosports is a company that will stand by you in case something does happen. If a dealer does not want to service a warranty claim, then Steeda will provide the necessary support through either the dealer or will work with Ford Motor Company to get your vehicle serviced." Does that mean under OEM warranty?

    I could go on about the subject but, the bottom line is still the customers problem whether you are 'their for them' or not. Very few instances will go in the customers favor if a problem happens to their new, warrenteed ride when it comes to moddifications to the OEM's design.

    It still doesn't detour me from buying and using any products Steeda makes. I simply understand the consequences if a problem arises from this subject.
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  9. CAI and tune looks like they are putting up good numbers haven't really seen a dyno on the drop ins though
  10. You can look into any statement and paint it with a broad brush. You need to remember that the Ford warranty is exceptionally well written to protect their interests - and rightfully so. While many others in this industry do not - we do stand by our products 100% and we have a proven track record that speaks for itself. To date, we have zero issues or denials with regard to a Ford OEM warranty when our products have been installed as directed on consumer cars - ZERO!

    The reason for this is because we manufacture our own Steeda brand products to an exceptionally strict ISO 9001-2008 certified standard and put them through some of the most rigrious testing possible - testing them first in computer simulation modes, and then testing on the street, track, and dragstrip so that you can have confidence in what we manufacture . The end result is that we know exactly how they are going to perform and hold up on a consumers cars. In addition to engineering the parts so that they maximize performance, we purposely maintain a focus on ensuring that the integrity of the vehicle (e.g. Reliability, NVH, and Durability) is not compromised or put to the level where one could be in potential jeopardy.

    With regards to abuse -- while our products are engineered for harsh duty on and off the street, and one must realize that there could be certain rare instances where a consumer blatantly causes severe harm or flagrantly trashes the car - in these extremely rare instances, rightfully nothing should be covered by any warranty because of the willful and wrongful neglect of the car and products. We have confidence in our products that they will perform as prescribed and will not void the OEM warranty on their own accord. Bottom line: 99.99% of us have nothing to worry about as we stand on our past record of product excellence…..you get what you pay for !


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  11. TJ,
    Standing behind your product speaks volumes.
    I like that...
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  12. I have no problem with the quality your products what so ever. The problem is using your product (or anyone elses) on a car with a OEM warranty will, in most cases, void the warrnanty. The manufacturers of vehicles like Ford, say as much in their TSPs. This is how dealers will treat it. If any OEM part fails in the drive train and you have an aftermarket part installed, they will blame the failure of the OEM part on the fact that their design has been modified. As I said earlier, I'm OK with this. I'm also happy that 99% of Steeda products do not encounter problems when applied to a vehicle. It just won't matter when it comes to honoring an OEM warranty.
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  13. That pack would keep your factory powertrain warranty intact according to the FRPP website.

    "Performance Packs and Components
    are warranted for factory-supplied material or workmanship, when
    installed on a late model Ford vehicles by an authorized Ford or Lincoln Dealer or Shelby Automotive, Inc, beginning upon dealer installation and registration of the part(s) with Ford Racing for the balance of 3 years or 36,000 miles / 60,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first, from the start date of the manufacturer's New Vehicle Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty replaces the existing manufacturer's New Vehicle Limited Warranty for engine, driveline and suspension parts when a concern is triggered by a warranted Ford Racing part. This Limited Warranty replaces the existing manufacturer's New Vehicle Limited Warranty for engine, driveline and suspension parts, when the warranted Ford Racing Part is identified as the causal part of a warrantable concern.
    Installation of these select Ford Racing parts by an authorized dealer does not nullify the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
    All engine, driveline and suspension warranty issues not related to installation of Ford Racing parts remain subject to existing manufacturer's New Vehicle Limited Warranty."
  14. I'm most likely getting the Steeda CAI and tune for my Boss. It seems their tune does not push things past the limit. There are a lot of places selling tunes and some of these tunes have resulted in catastrophic failures. I've bought from Steeda for years and have never been disappointed.
  15. The steeda cai and tune is the way to go and it doesnt void anything. I just had my car at the dealership and they didnt say anything. It is worth every penny. I had a k&n before and its good...but no where near near the steeda cai
  16. What kind of hp and tq increase do you think got? What does the butt dyno say?
  17. a noticable torque increase and hp, i could tell a great difference. It opened the car up alot. Steedas says its up to 45 hp gain and 40 torque. i dont want to over estamate but it really seems like it. In my opinion its a whole new car after. The rpms drop and raise alot quicker as well where as stock the seem to stay up and hover. They are great products and youll love your car that much more..... all in my opinion haha
  18. What kind of work was it at the dealer for? They won't mention it if it's unrelated to whatever the car is in there for.
  19. It was for an oil change and they gave me the sheet that said all of the specifics about the car and they would write the voided warentee on this. I talked to the service writers there and they said it does not void the warentee. I made sure before i did all of this. Make sure you ask your dealership before you do it tho b.c. some do not do this and will not honor your warentee. i also contacted steeda before I installed this and they said the same. As long as you talk to your dealership and to the manufacturer of the part you should be good, just do the research. Just dont go off my word because every dealership is different.