2012 5.0....CAI or Drop-In???

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  1. Was the tune easy to install?
    Did you get a choice of tunes like 91 octane, or 93 octane?
    What if you install headers and a full exhaust?
    Will Steeda send another tune for other add ons?
  2. Steeda offers the unlimimited free tunes so when u get new stuff they will update it. I have 93 octane gas in my are so i run the 93 agressive. The tune is super easy. You plug the tuner up under your drivers side dash and follow the instructions on the screen. The most time consuming thing is putting the new cai together but its very strait forward. Its super easy. you just gotta be prepared to take your old intake off which is cake. The new one fits in very easy and it looks great. The new filter is huge!
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  3. Do you have that they won't void the warranty in writing? I just wouldn't trust the word of anyone at a dealership, especially once a multi-thousand dollar engine pops.
  4. If im not mistaken steeda sends you somthing, it has hookups for your maf and eveything so your not modding anything, just putting a bigger filter on it basically.

  5. Tunes are very easy to install. Steeda will load the SCT device with the custom tunes before they ship it. All you do is plug it into the OBD2 connector and follow the directions (super simple)... takes about 15 minutes for it to download/upload.

    They can write a tune for whatever octane you want. The SCT holds 3 tunes, so they can write you 3 if desired. I had them write an 89 tune and 92 octane tune. 93 isn't real hard to find, but most stations have 92 around here. The Steeda tune keeps the knock sensors turned on, so if you have to use 91 octane with a 93 tune, its not going to be the end of the world.

    When I bought mine, I asked about updated tunes when I add more goodies... I was told as long as I buy my performance parts from Steeda, they would be happy to send an updated tune.

    Oh... and, its like driving a different car with a tune. Throttle response is amazing! You'll love it.
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  6. They are the best! it really does justice to the 5.0. And steeda is great to work with. all you gotta do is call and they'll tell you about everything you need to know!
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  7. Thanks to Copentreygen5oh and 642mx for the info on installing the Steeda tune. I think I'm going to have it dyno'd before and after. I just got to finish putting on a new rear spoiler and the CAI & tune is next.
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  8. Your making a great choice, you wont be disapointed!
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  9. Glad I could help. Steeda is a fine company and the SCT is a cool device. Let me know if you need any help with loading the tune.
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  10. Wow guys, thanks for all of the Steeda compliments. We definitely appreciate it! Glad you all are enjoying your Steeda products!
  11. Thank You for making awesome stuff!
  12. We would like to clarify TJ's comments regarding warranty. Our parts are manufactured under ISO9001:2008 certification, which basically means we have been certified to consistently make high-quality parts. The vast majority of our parts are made right here in the USA. Our parts do carry a lifetime warranty. If an issue arises with your Steeda part, please contact us and we will resolve the issue to the best of our abilities. We, in no way, claim that our parts will not void your vehicle's manufacturer powertrain warranty should an issue arise that the dealership can attribute in some way to our part. Warranty voidances are conducted at the individual dealership level, and as such they vary from dealership to dealership.