Engine 2012 5.0 Engine Concern

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  1. Hi everyone! New to the group. I have a 2012 GT with appx 3700 miles on it. Just over two weeks ago I began noticing power issues with the car. Meaning pushing on the gas in second and it going from 40 to 45 and taking about 5 seconds. Shortly there after it started with the rattling/knocking/ticking noise I have read and heard on YouTube. However, the noise became so much louder that it could be heard clearly 15ft away with the hood down.

    They first replaced the tensioning sproket on the timing chain (Which I believe was a TSB). After that did not fix the issue the Ford Motor Engineering department suggested that they replace the Cam Phasers. Wasn't exactly sure what those were until I looked them up. I was just told that did not solve the issue. Ford engineering said to look into the oil pan, to which low and behold they found metal shavings in my oil pan. The engine is now coming out to assess damage.

    Anyone have any ideas to what that might be? Or if anyone has experienced this?
  2. what , if any modifications have you done to the car?
  3. all the dreaded #8 cyl issue..
  4. when you get the car back and if it was your #8 cyl. go to Modular Mustang Racing's web site and on the home page they have a cooling system for that reason it might help it out a little.