2012 5.0 parts for sale. CHEAP!

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  1. Hey guys, i hate to say it but new baby means, sell the toys. I just sold my 2012 5.0 GT Premium Automatic.

    With that said i have a SCT Tuner with Livernois motorsports 475HP tune. Paid $499.00 for new. Asking $250 1 year old the tuner you can use on many 1999 and newer fords.

    Also i am selling my Magna flow Competetive axle back exhaust. Sounds Amazing! was used 1 year and store in winter. new for $510.00 NEW.....Selling for $300.00 OBO

    Lastly i have a 1 year old STEEDA High flow air intake. Black tube (more stock looking) New is $389.99..I would like to get about $200 OBO.

    I have attached pictured, and can send actual photos of the kit, but i assure you it is like new, without damage.

    Thanks for looking and please help me out.



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  2. SCT tuner is sold, Friedn of mine bought 2011 F-150 raptor (sick!)

    Any reasonable offers will be discussed on the exhaust and CAI. please let me know, my loss can be your gain!